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  • NCTD Ridership Survey: Can it Help Prevent Bus Accidents in San Diego?

    NCTD Ridership Survey: Can it Help Prevent Bus Accidents in San Diego?

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    NCTD Ridership Survey: Can it Help Prevent Bus Accidents in San Diego?

Traffic accidents occur every day, but what happens when they are related to public transportation? Can a bus company be held responsible if a person is injured in a crash, for example? The truth is that any San Diego bus accident can become quite complicated and even go to court, especially if there is proven negligence by the bus operators.

However, most bus companies have taken measures to improve their fleets and guarantee safety in their transport lines. North County Transit District (NCTD), the agency responsible for public transportation in North San Diego County, California, has designed a survey to evaluate and improve its service in order to prevent bus crashes and other incidents.

What Is the Transit Ridership Survey?

Circulate San Diego, a nonprofit organization that creates and develops community engagement programs, has teamed up with consulting firm Deloitte and the NCTD to develop this survey. It was designed to collect and assess data, including travel patterns and the use of NCTD services, to improve BREEZE, FLEX/LIFT, COASTER, and SPRINTER transit systems and make smarter investments in the future.

The survey targets anyone residing, working, or visiting the North County region, San Diego area, California. There’s also a shorter version for those who don’t use the NCTD transit services but may be potentially encouraged to do so.

Why Is North County Transit District, San Diego, Doing This Survey?

NCTD is conducting this survey to learn what it needs to improve its vehicles and services, hoping to offer a higher safety level to riders in San Diego.

The move comes after the agency saw a significant decline in the number of passengers boarding its buses and trains in the fiscal 2020-21. Most of the drop was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but people also stopped using services amid increasing fears and concerns about bus accidents on the NCTD’s transit lines.

In recent years, NCTD has been involved in several bus crashes and other traffic incidents. These have been some of the headlines related to the agency:

  • A DUI collision involving an NCTD bus leaves four injured (2019).
  • A 19-year-old Poway resident was killed by a train in Del Mar NCTD-owned right of way (2016).
  • NCTD Sprinter commuter train struck and killed a pedestrian in Vista, San Diego (2022).
  • A pedestrian was hospitalized after being hit by an NCTD Coaster train near the intersection of Cassidy Street and South Meyers Street in Oceanside, San Diego County (2022).
  • North County bicyclist was killed by an NCTD bus while riding near Camp Pendleton, California.

What Can I Do If I Was Injured in a Bus Accident in San Diego?

A bus accident can change people’s lives forever. However, accident victims can seek support from reputable law offices to initiate legal action against the bus driver or common carriers.

If you or your loved one has been injured by city buses, you can seek help from a specialized attorney to build a personal injury case and hold at-fault parties responsible for their actions.

A bus accident case is different from a regular car crash case. Therefore, it should only be handled by a professional lawyer with experience in vehicle accidents.

Can an Attorney Hold a Bus Driver or Bus Company Responsible for a Bus Accident?

A common carrier has specific obligations, including holding the utmost care when operating vehicles. Therefore, if a bus company fails to comply with its duties and injures any passenger, pedestrian, or other drivers due to negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing, an attorney can help them understand their legal rights and fight for compensation in a timely manner.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

As mentioned, many bus incidents are caused by negligence by a bus company or its drivers. Some examples of these cases are:

  • Distracted driving: Drivers cause accidents on a busy highway by taking their eyes off the road for five seconds.
  • Driver fatigue: Bus drivers drive long distances without breaks and can get so tired that they end up making driving mistakes.
  • Errors while operating buses: Whether because they are tired or inexperienced or due to inclement weather, bus drivers can make errors such as getting too close to the sidewalk when picking up passengers, accelerating too much, or veering into oncoming motorists.
  • Speeding or aggressive driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Bus mechanical failure due to poor maintenance
  • Failing to comply with traffic regulations, such as using seat belts.

What Types of Buses Can Cause Personal Injuries?

You can take legal action against any common barrier that is liable for any injury you suffer in a San Diego accident, including:

  • Tour buses
  • School buses
  • Guided buses
  • Intercity buses
  • City or transit buses.

Ehline Law Is Here to Help You!

Did you or your loved one have a bus accident in San Diego? Don’t worry! Our law firm has a team of lawyers specialized in personal injury that can accompany all bus accident victims. At the same time, you walk the legal path to obtain the compensation you deserve.

One of our experienced attorneys can handle your San Diego bus accident and assist you in fighting such cases.

Lawyers Working in Our Law Offices Can:

  • Provide legal representation
  • Help you in recovering damages
  • Establish communication channels with insurance providers
  • Seek compensation that includes medical expenses and other costs related to your injuries
  • Recover lost wages
  • Fill lawsuits if needed
  • And more!

Contact Ehline Law and Get a Free Consultation Today!

Are you seeking support to build a solid San Diego bus accident claim? We can give you a hand! Ehline Law has a group of knowledgeable attorneys who can immediately help you start the legal process to obtain the compensation you need.

We know how devastating bus accidents can be. That’s why we offer a free consultation to all our new clients. With our help, you can regain the peace you deserve after your vehicle was damaged or you sustained injuries due to the negligence or mistakes of others.

We care about our clients! Therefore, our firm’s personal injury attorneys are willing to do everything possible to help you emerge victorious from this bad experience. Contact us today and receive a free consultation.

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