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When an electric current passes through a person’s body, this is extremely dangerous to life and limb. These are not your typical premises liability cases. They often involved severely damaged or dead victims. High voltage power lines, or some other overhead power lines snapping can leave the individual paralyzed, burned, electrocuted with lifelong breathing, numbness, seizures, and smoke damage to the exposed lungs.

In severe cases, your family may be facing the decision to make a wrongful death claim against government agencies, public utilities, and other companies for various reasons. Surviving victims face accompanying grief, suffering, and complexities.

This fatal type of injury damages the internal organs and the external skin upon an electric shock and accompanying electrical burns. Our professional attorney will discuss your rights and all the details you need. We will assist you or your loved ones involved in a California electrocution claim against all liable parties.

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These parties include a product manufacturer (defective product) and anyone else responsible for your safety. We can help you through your pain and suffering on the road to justice in an overhead powerline case and others.

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  • Why Should You Select Us?
  • What Qualities Must You Seek In Your Attorney?
  • What Types of Electrocution Cases Does Ehline Law Firm Handle?
  • What Makes Live Electricity So Dangerous To Life?
  • Alternating Versus Direct Current?
  • Why Did My Whole Body Feel That Electrical Shock?
  • What Is Amount of Current?
  • What Is Path of Current?
  • What Is Time Duration?
  • What Is Body Resistance?
  • How Much Compensation Can I Receive?
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Electrocution, electrical injuries, and wrongful death, can be a traumatic incidents for the surviving victim. If you suffered an electrocution injury or lost a loved one(s) due to the accident someone else caused, contact Ehline Law and our California electrocution injury attorneys immediately for central California legal representation.

We can help with workplace accidents, car accidents, and any serious injury by offering free, formal legal advice. If you wish to pursue compensation for your electrical burns, you’ll know by the end of our free case evaluation.

If you or your family members retain us to seek compensation, we’ll work on a no recovery no contingency fee basis. Call us today to discuss your electrocution case when you are severely damaged and feel hopeless. Dial (833) LETS-SUE.

Why Should You Select Us?

  • Our Northern California electrocution law firm maintains a strong attorney-client relationship with every client resulting in over 3,000 happy clients and more than $150 million in compensation for them.
  • Our Northern California electrocution law firm has more than 15 law offices across California providing a lot of convenience for potential clients.
  • Our lawyers have led a legal campaign on creating awareness on different legal issues across several media channels. We also contribute to the California Bar Journal.
  • Michael Ehline, Founder of Ehline Law, was a former C-47 contractor having advanced knowledge of construction regulations and electrical laws. This specialized knowledge is what you require to ensure the best legal defense.

What Qualities Must You Seek In Your Attorney?

The biggest critique a victim has is that their burn injury lawyer does not have the right communication skills. Insurers will avoid giving financial compensation and you need a qualified Southern California electrocution injury attorney who has the right communication skills to negotiate with the insurance company. This is how we get you maximum financial compensation for things like nerve damage, brain damage, issues with electrical current related peripheral nerves recently lost. We’ll even consult with life care planners and accident reconstructionists to win your electric shock accident.

Your lawyer should take care of all the legal processes from investigating property owners and assisting any other dependents with understanding their legal options. The case to determining the damages, proving the negligent party liable, collecting evidence or medical attention, construction industry standards of care, and filing claims within the two years (statute of limitations).

Even after having all the paperwork in place, insurers might decline claims or refuse to negotiate and in such cases, your lawyer should be ready to take them to trial on behalf of the severely damaged victim.

Ehline Law and our California electrocution injury lawyers are ready to take on your case and provide you with the best possible legal representation.

What Types of Electrocution Cases Does Ehline Law Firm Handle?

We compassionately assist Los Angeles electricity accident victims in a myriad of legal cases. Here are some of the types of electrocution cases we help our clients with:

Your electrocution injury at work or your home may make you eligible for compensation, so get in touch with our California electrocution lawyer for an evaluation of your case.

Below we will answer some questions more commonly asked by our newer personal injury clients.

What Makes Live Electricity So Dangerous To Life?

Electricity is a vast, moving array of physical phenomena associated by scientists/electrical engineers as presenting electrically charged properties. Electricity and magnetism remain closely associated with marvels of electromagnetism. (See Maxwell’s equations). Experts have identified various universal phenomena related to electricity.

Observers have described the effects of galvanism as lightning, static electricity, electric-powered heating systems, electric discharges, etc. Electricity remains at the heart of flourishing, modern economies, and remains primarily powered by coal and oil fuel. Thomas Edison made the first commercially viable lightbulb in 1879 and now we have Tesla, an electric vehicle making headlines.

However, with all these positive advancements possible with electricity, there are certainly consequences for abusing electricity or not handling it properly. The severity of the consequences depends on the type of electricity you are dealing with:

  • Alternating current
  • Direct current

Let’s look at the two and go over which one is the most dangerous (electrocution remains a grievous, sometimes fatal sort of injury).

Alternating Versus Direct Current?

Alternating current (AC) consists of an electric current periodically reversing its circuit flow, whereas direct current (DC) flows uni-directionally. This does impact the damage the current delivers.

Which Current Presents Humans With Most Dangers, AC or DC?

Several studies conducted on men and women (some professionals from the industry as well) point out why each of the current is dangerous.

Let’s look at the different arguments to get a better idea of what you are dealing with when getting electrocuted.

Is DC More Dangerous than AC?

Since DC flows continuously, it is very difficult for injury victims to pull themselves back from the electrocution shock. While on the other hand, it is relatively easier for injury victims to pull themselves back from an AC when it goes to zero since AC has an irregular flow.

Is AC More Dangerous than DC?

When DC flows, it delivers continuous muscle contraction which is relatively safer than a series of different muscle contractions with AC currents. This can further damage muscles and tissues resulting in a deeper internal injury.

Since AC voltage changes rapidly, it increases the current exponentially giving a serious electric shock to the victim. On the other hand, more DC is needed to deliver the same amount of damage

Why Did My Whole Body Feel That Electrical Shock?

Although the skin is made from keratin, a protein that has higher resistance levels to electrical currents, the blood vessels, and sweat glands contain ions that are good conductors of electricity. This low resistance from blood and sweat glands offers an easy passage for the current to flow. It is the capacitive effect that allows the current to easily pass through the body and the more voltage fluctuates, the more current passes through the body.

The severity of the current depends on the following factors:

  • Amount of current
  • Path of current
  • Time duration
  • Body resistance

What Is Amount of Current?

The voltage amount of current lets an individual know how much current is passing through. An individual can get away with pain and some injuries with 15 to 20 milliamperes but slowly crossing that threshold can result in serious injuries. A 100 milliamperes current has enough power to kill a healthy individual.

What Is Path of Current?

The path of current plays a role in how much damage a current delivers. For example, an electric shock victim may survive a current that flows from the hand to the leg although it might be painful. However, a current that flows through the heart is fatal and a person may not survive from it.

What Is Time Duration?

Even the tiniest amount of current for long periods can become painful. A rubber band on a finger does not hurt at first but after a few minutes, it might result in pain. The same is true with an electric current.

What Is Body Resistance?

Body resistance is how much your body provides resistance for flowing current. A wet body will have lower body resistance than a dry body as liquids are good conductors of electricity. Most people react to fight the current and survive before a full circuit entraps them to die.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

We’ve discussed the first element of a personal injury claim, which is the severity of the injuries. Besides the injuries, lawyers need to know the current and future medical needs and whether you can continue working with injuries or require off to determine the value of your claims.

However, there are other elements like pain, suffering, and more a qualified Southern California electrocution injury attorney will take into consideration.

After filing a personal injury claim, the amount of compensation you receive depends on your lawyer, their track record, reputation, and experience.

An insurer will most likely sit on the negotiation table if a qualified and experienced lawyer with a great track record gets onto a case but they might refuse claims if an inexperienced lawyer shows up and litigates your business with carelessness.

Insurers do their research on the lawyers assigned to cases to help them avoid bad publicity. A lawyer who settles cases short opens room for settlement negotiations but those that are willing to go to trial and have experience in it is a huge trouble for the insurance company.

Attorneys with trial experience can settle cases for more money and often much faster than those without any experience of going to trial. Ehline Law and our electrocution accident-injury attorneys have vast experience in going to trial and we are not afraid to take insurance companies to one for your burn injuries, or other neurological disorders.

Let us offer you some guidance today. Call us for more information and counsel at (833) LETS-SUE and describe your case and get protected.

Speak To An Injury Attorney Today

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have a positive track record and the right legal experience to get you the maximum compensation on your case. We understand that an electrical injury can affect your entire life.

Money won’t get it back. But it gives you the ability to pay for assistance like medical expenses to get you back up to the highest financial support you would have received but for your forced loss by electrocutions and secondary fires/explosions.

Let us help you get out of this darkness by holding those that caused your injuries accountable. We are always fighting for your rights while you recover from your negligence electric shock injuries.

Contact us at (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation with our injury attorney today. You can also use our convenient online website contact form by adding the requested information presented to the lead lawyer on your behalf. Put out client commitment to work for you today.


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