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Riding With a Child on Back of a Bicycle

For a parent, keeping a high mounted child safe while traversing the roads on a bicycle is paramount. Most of our attorneys are also parents. So we set up this site to give adults and caretakers a better idea of proper child safety when riding. So it covers both safety, prevention, and trauma care.

Low Center of Gravity Child Safety Carrier for a Bicycle
Child bicycle trailer.

Table of Contents:

Using a Child Safety Seat?

Once you’ve secured an approved child safety seat on the back of your bicycle and you’ve appropriately equipped your child with a snug-fitting helmet, you’re ready to hit the trails of Orange County in Orange, Huntington Beach, and Santa Margarita.

Child Riding High – Why is this Safest?

Important: Riding with a child high on the back of a bicycle, rather than in tow (See picture on the left), is very dangerous, no matter how many precautions you take and is a known cause of many childhood injuries. So this is the safest way to go.

Important: Straddle the Bike When Loading and Unloading the Child. When you place your child on the back of a two-wheeler, or when you are taking them off, be sure to straddle the bike and stabilize it with your legs slowing or stopped. Trusting the kickstand to keep the cycle up is a mistake.

Important: The kickstand supports the weight of the bicycle ONLY (about 20 lbs. or less on average) and not the additional weight of your child.

Peddle Slow When First Riding Away. If you’ve never ridden with a child on the back of the bike, take some time and start slowly. Get used to the additional weight before you set out on longer rides. Or try it out first using a sandbag or similar weight. Be safe. A child is a fragile thing.

Why Should Child Passengers Not Wear Loose Fitting Clothes?

Finally, avoid dressing your children in loose-fitting clothes like scarves, mufflers, and don’t let them play with anything while riding on the back. The last thing you want to happen is a toy or juice cup getting caught in the wheel. Still worse, you don’t want your child to reach into the spokes for something he or she has dropped. Still worse, you don’t want to suffer the wrongful death of a child from them falling from the bike.

Why is it Better to Use Only Paved Trails When a Kid is On Your Bike?

Important: Stick to the paved trails while riding with a child on the bike to prevent bike injuries to children. Going off-trail will make for a bumpy ride and can cause damage to your child from the jostling and jarring they will become subjected.

Why Should You Avoid Riding at Night?

Finally, avoid riding at night with a child on the back. You are more likely to be involved in a collision while riding at dusk and evenings.

If You Are Hurt, After the Hospital, How Do you Contact The Best Lawyer for Your Bicycle Injuries?

When injured while riding a bike, contact experienced fluke mischance on velocipede lawyers at our firm. Do so by calling 1-213-596-9642. Ehline Law has recognized champions in obtaining monumental and decisive outcomes for those marred by setbacks while journeying on recreational transports.

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