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Answers to Your Questions About Bike Accidents

Hello, I am Michael Ehline with Ehline Law Firm. As a parent and avid rider, I knew that victims injured while riding could never possibly be able to interrelate with a non-riding attorney.  And this is why we set up this blog. We are the bicycle rider’s friends.

The Ehline Law firm has recovered money damages in the multiple millions of dollars for victims of serious injuries. We are not just lawyers, though. Our staff is into physical fitness.

We feel what our clients go through when they are down and out due to a tragic wreck they did not cause. Hence, we set up this landing page to answer some of the most frequently asked questions injured riders have. Enjoy.

Child Run Over While Auto in Reverse
BMW runs over the bicycle with training wheels


Got Questions?

There are some common questions that many cyclists have after an accident on a two-wheeled vehicle, which most often need answers. Contact a bicycle attorney to answer more questions, but read the comprehensive list below first.

What Will it Cost to Speak with a Legal Advocate About my Bike Accident?

  • The initial consultation by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney is usually free of charge. And if there is a legal case, the attorney works on a contingency fee basis.

What is a Contingency Fee in a Bicycle Case?

  • Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee. In other words, a percentage of the monetary compensation goes to the lawyer instead of paying the lawyer upfront. The rate your advocate will typically get is between 33 1/3% to 40% for the services they provide. Learn more about contingency fee agreements and pay structures here.

How Much is My Bicycle Injury Case Worth?

  • Each case is different. And the injuries always vary depending upon the victim. As such, so will the length of time it takes to heal. The damages awarded depend on several things. The injuries themselves are categorized based on whether there will need to be ongoing care or surgery. Such is the case with broken bones, head injuries, and spinal injuries. Some injuries cause permanent scarring and even torn cartilage. So all of those factors into the compensation awarded. More severe injuries will include loss of earnings and possible disability that can be permanent.

How Long Will My Case Take?

  • Important: As many as 90% of Ehline Law’s cases become resolved in the client’s favor within nine months from the accident. Of course, this sounds like a considerable amount of time. But the claims that proceed to trial can take three years or longer before finality.

  • But the property damage portion of the case takes much less time. It remains possible this part of the case will resolve within six weeks. Most of all, this allows the cyclist to replace their damaged bicycle.

Will it be Necessary to Testify in Court?

  • Testimony is heard when claims end up in court. However, most personal injury cases for injured cyclists get settled before filing a lawsuit. So it remains important to investigate the bicycle accident as soon as possible. Most of all, you must monitor the insurance adjuster. Staying on top of things now will help to build a strong claim. Also, it encourages the defendant to settle the claim without going into court.
  • A bicycle injury claim can get resolved in “Mini-Trial” or “mediation”/” arbitration.” So if it is heading toward a court hearing, this may end it. This is a process where a retired judge or practicing attorney hears the claim. In most cases, testimony is received from key witnesses. Other evidence can be submitted in documents. So this means items such as medical reports and other personal records typically.
  • This does not permanently settle a claim, and some will proceed to a full trial. But most applications can be resolved this way and avoid court. They may take between two and three hours, as opposed to possibly four or five days in court.

Can Attorney Ehline Represent an Injured Cyclist in Another State?

  • Yes, bicycle accident attorney Ehline works in association with lawyers outside of California. And this is lawful, even though his law license is only valid in California. Some laws allow attorneys to work in association with attorneys from other states. As a personal injury lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq., has participated in claims in Florida, Nevada, Washington, and other conditions.

Why is it Important to Hire this Law Office?

  • When injured, it is essential to have the representation of an experienced cyclist who also represents victims as counsel.
  • Ehline is a lawyer who rides a bicycle down the Venice Beach bike path in California at least three days per week. He understands how accidents can occur from the rider’s point of view rather than from a motor vehicle driver’s point of view.
  • The experienced traffic injury lawyer, Mike Ehline, has a proven track record in representing bicyclists.

Hiring A Legal Representative

Call now to contact a bicycle lawyer. Our attorney hotline is (213) 596-9642. Get justice now. Never delay in getting help for injuries on a bike.

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