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There are many questions you will have before and post-car crash besides how much money you can get after a car wreck—for example, simple things like getting a rental car, the closest hospital.

But you may want to avoid traffic altogether and don't know what apps or what website best discusses all these items of information.

Here, we will provide you what our law firm thinks are the top car accident resources for LA motorists. We think these can help you before or after a car accident. Please browse around our resources and tell us what you think?

Pre Car Accident Apps and Websites:

Injury Lawyer, Michael EhlineOfficial, Fillable Contact Us About Your Personal Injury Insurance Claims Form.Below are some of the best apps and websites dealing with traffic accident avoidance.

  • LA City Traffic Reports: This amazing website by the City of LA covers traffic in major LA cities so you can hopefully avoid traffic and associated fender benders. We rate this as a beneficial source of information for you and your family.
  • NAVBUG is a website that offers: "Traffic and Accident Reports in Los Angeles California, and road condition live updates from the news and police records."
  • CHP Traffic Incident Information Page: Provides real-time updates of traffic conditions, wrecks, and SIGALERTS on the freeways, highways, and other roadways like Fast Track under the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol both in and out of Greater Los Angeles County, CA.

Post Car Accident Information:

The reported facts show that in the U.S., at least one human passes away from some injury every 3 minutes. Deaths from vehicular accidents claim the lives of many victims each year. But when the injuries are not fatal, there are financial consequences to society as a whole.

So this can impact everyone around you when you are a victim. For example, think about the costs involved in the treatment of personal injuries alone. No matter what, trauma care from a bad wreck can pose enormous burdens on our hospital emergency departments (EDs).

No matter what, prevention of traffic injuries on the surface streets, highway, bi-ways, sidewalks, and freeways should be the ideal. However, people and machines can fail in many ways. So vehicle collisions still occur daily, and mostly without warning.

Until our entire society takes steps, it is up to you to mitigate your losses from automotive wrecks. The goal should be to enhance your life as much as possible after the calamity of a bad crash.

The main consequences of bad crashes remain disability death and loss of livelihood. The more severe the possible injury, the less the chances are at a full recovery. Limiting suffering means getting immediate care to the survivors.

Reintegration into society means a lower burden to taxpayers and family member care providers. So we have provided some great resources dealing with pre-hospital, hospital, and rehabilitation after a bad car crash.

  • Delivering post-crash care - World Health Organization. A critical factor in a crash involves the qualities of those who first arrive or who are already at the collision scene. So this great paper covers, among other things, first responder duties and obligations, traumatic care, organizing help, and setting up evacuation perimeters at the crash scene. Also, you will see how to streamline getting helpers to the scene. Also discussed are the fastest ways to take the person hurt to the best local hospitals as well.
  • What to Do After a Car Accident: Although we dislike most insurance carriers as a source of reliable information, we think State Farm Insurance hit a home run with their auto liability insurance "to-do" list. Here you will learn how to nip the insurance process in the bud. Webpage covers setting up and processing a claim. The cool part about this site is that it isn't just for their insured crash victims. Nope, this is a free access page that can help you or anyone else interested in getting dents, scratches, and even obtaining a rental car with no charges to you.

In closing, Los Angeles County and City are not the only ones responsible for safety on the roadways. Our society as a whole must be ready to prevent road traffic injuries.

Beyond that goal, post-accident personal injury mitigation is shown to enhance those injured persons' quality of life.

Additional Citations, Statistical Journals, and Educational Materials:

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