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Date Modified: July 2, 2023

This is the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Sacramento County Tort Claims and More. Below, Los Angeles-based personal injury attorney Michael Ehline goes into what victims need to know to get back on their feet physically and financially.

Sacramento County Negligence Claims?

Many have heard about personal injury lawyers at least once, but not everyone knows how helpful these lawyers can be.

Need a Lawyer?

You may not need a personal injury attorney now. But having one you can contact at any time could come in handy in the future. No one wants to slip, trip, fall, or get into a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence. Still, if it were to happen, you would need superior Sacramento personal injury attorneys to get the compensation you deserve. This is money awarded to cover any economic or non-economic damages the accident may have caused.

Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, CA? Call the Ehline Law Firm now! Your compensation and comfort are our top priority. We understand how stressful going through personal injury cases is, so you can always count on us to give you all the legal assistance you need.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation as soon as you can, or keep reading to learn more about our award-winning results and prompt, diligent legal services!

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Hiring Sacramento personal injury lawyers is the best thing you can do after going through a car accident or any other situation in which you get a personal injury due to the negligent actions of another person. When someone, for example, crashes your car and hurts you, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against them to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and even legal fees! You can’t do that yourself, so you need a Sacramento personal injury attorney to help you.

Not everyone is as kind as they should be, and the negligent party for the accident may not want to pay for your personal injury claim. Therefore, you need to prove they are liable for the crash and injuries to you or your family members. An experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer knows how to collect evidence that will prove you deserve compensation for what happened.

Insurance Companies DO NOT WANT YOU TO WIN!

Moreover, they can legally file a personal injury claim and handle all the paperwork you need to take care of to get the lawsuit going. Asking for compensation could lead to negotiating with the negligent party or an insurance company.

The problem with that is insurance companies and the defendant’s legal team or defense counsel may try to deceive you into receiving less than what you deserve for the accident. They may succeed if you don’t have a Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

Why Choose Ehline Law Firm?

Our multi-million dollar, award-winning Sacramento personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law are experienced in most cases involving loss of life and catastrophic personal injuries. We are loved by peers and clients, having received multiple awards, accolades, and 5-star client reviews.

Our experts know how to get what’s best for injury victims when trying to negotiate fair settlement dollars with other at-fault parties in their interest from the insurer. Nevertheless, if the case goes to trial, we can also help you win it and get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills or any other accident-related expenses.

Understanding personal injury law may be complex and overwhelming for victims since not all parties involved in an injury matter use all those legal terms. Fortunately, we are also here to address any doubts you have about your personal injury case or how to deal with your insurance company.

You can call our personal injury law office anytime you need to set up a free consultation of your case, so don’t hesitate to do if you want to get fair compensation after an accident. We can even help you find a doctor to work on a lien basis until our Sacramento office gets you an adequate award in a timely manner.

Your friends at our law office will fight hard for justice and a fruitful outcome. We will pursue litigation and go to trial if we can’t settle for the injuries you or your loved one suffered. Simple as that! We are also convenient to San Francisco and other nearby cities. Speak to us today by dialing (833) LETS-SUE toll-free to learn more.

How Much Compensation Can I Get from a Personal Injury Case in Sacramento, CA?

This is one of the main questions victims have when they get into a personal injury case since, even if they receive compensation for what happened, they are scared they won’t get enough funds to cover all medical expenses and lost income.

Nonetheless, there’s no specific formula used to calculate a fair settlement, so everything depends on what your law firm asks in the lawsuit or what the insurance carrier determines. You often get compensation after studying general damages, special damages, and pain and suffering. Our dedicated professional legal team will explain everything to the plaintiffs over the phone during their free consultation.

Here is a brief explanation of each of those:

General Damages

General damages include physical injuries and mental anguish the accident may have caused California residents. Thus, the law office you hire needs to include your medical treatment in the lawsuit for the other party (negligent business owner, etc.) and the court to consider it promptly.

Compensation after motor vehicle accidents is often expensive since they tend to cause serious injuries to both victims and the liable party. Getting a serious injury, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or permanent physical damage, leads to high medical bills. Because of this, you need a lot of money and compensation awarded to pay for their pain and suffering, property damage, and the full extent of any lost wages.

Our best personal injury attorney at our world-famous law firm is ready to put our proven results to work for them for any plaintiff. Find out about your injury case worth as we work diligently on your Sacramento, California claims.

These are some of the most common personal injury practice areas after an accident in Sacramento, CA:

Most personal injury cases lead to mild or catastrophic injuries, so you should go to a hospital as soon as possible if you get into an accident.

Special Damages

Special damages include any property damage apart from injuries, and that includes car repair, loss of income, attorneys fees, funeral expenses, travel expenses, unpaid care by a family member or any other person, and other costs you may need to pay for after the negligent act of another person.

When you hire a law firm to handle Sacramento personal injury cases, you need to tell them any expenses you may need to cover after the accident for them to see if they count as special damages or general damages since this is an essential part of the legal process.

Out-of-pocket expenses can also be special damages, so don’t forget to mention them. You can and should tell everything about the accident to the trial advocates you hire since that makes it easier for them to help you with your legal options.

You can always rely on the attorney-client relationship when paying for legal representation. Don’t worry about your Sacramento injury attorney using your information for anything unrelated to your legal claim. Law firms must take that seriously, and not doing can make them face severe penalties.

Pain and Suffering

Although some count pain and suffering inside general damages, you must know what it means as an individual concept due to how much it can add up to your compensation. Getting the maximum compensation you can in a pain and suffering claim often means receiving a lot of money.

Pain and suffering represent any pain, emotional distress, and suffering the accident may have caused you. The problem with pain and suffering is that it’s difficult to calculate it since it doesn’t involve things with actual monetary value, such as medical treatments or car damage. There are some ways to calculate it, though.

You can choose between the per diem method and the multiplier method. The former consists of establishing a specific value to each day you suffer from the accident, which is often a day’s pay from a standard job. Then, multiply that value by how many days you suffer from injury damages caused by careless actions.

Regardless, insurance companies and law offices rarely use the per diem method after auto accidents since most injury claims are taken to a United States district court using the multiplier method. This is because it’s easier to do and more straightforward than the per diem one.

In a nutshell, you need to give your pain and suffering a value from one point five to five and multiply that by the total amount of compensation you would get apart from pain and suffering. Most victims after an auto accident take three as the value for their pain and suffering compensation.

How Can I Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento?

Do you want an injury legal counsel who can handle insurance claims best and explain each part of the case to you? We recommend you go to Ehline Law for the job. We have experienced lawyers to take wrongful death cases, car accidents, and any injury case you need us to help you with insurance for a jury trial.

Our law offices can help you in many other counties in California apart from Sacramento, so you can call us to see if we work in your location or visit our website to check out the services we offer. We work on a contingency fee basis with a no-win-no-pay policy. That means you don’t need to pay us if we don’t win your case. Any injured party in legal malpractice cases looking forward to filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party can also schedule a free consultation today with us.

Our lawyers know how to deal with insurance carriers, so there’s no need to be afraid to fall for their tricks. As injury lawyers, we want the most to seek compensation for your physical pain and any non-economic damages you may be suffering. We will pursue lost future earnings, pay for a copy of the police report, handle the entire process while you mend your wounds, and receive the ongoing care you need to recover your health and wellness.

Here are some of the cases our Sacramento law office can take:

We do not handle medical malpractice or medical negligence cases, as California politicians have destroyed those cases for more than four decades. The combined legal experience of the legal experts working at Ehline Law assures you the financial compensation you need, so don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you need us! Let us recover the maximum amount on your behalf using our extensive experience.

Don’t Blow the Statute of Limitations

You must be aware that a two-year statute of limitations exists in most California cases to make your claim with a court. Claims against an employer, cruise line, or government agency may mandate you file your legal action sooner.

Contact Michael Ehline, Sacramento County, CA Injury LawyerOur team of expert witnesses could help victims in West Sacramento and the entire Sacramento area civil cases if an accident resulted in serious injuries or death.

We will explain how legal liability works and ensure you comply with all the time limits to make a government or cruise ship accident claim. We have recovered millions, and many consider us the best attorney in the U.S.A. Call for free legal advice to get your claim reasonably settled today.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer from Ehline Law in Sacramento, CA!

No one should face the defendant’s insurance company by themselves, and what an injury victim deserves the most is to recover compensation for the accident they went through. Ehline Law is available for you all day in case you have any questions for us, so you can find our contact number on our website to recover fair and full compensation.

We are here to help injured victims find evidence, such as medical records or witnesses, to win their case, and that’s essential when seeking compensation for economic and non-economic damages. We will do everything we can to recover maximum compensation on our client’s behalf, do or die. Injured people can rely on us on a contingency basis.

You can also find testimonials from our past clients on our website. Hire experts in California law and schedule a free case evaluation with us! Call us any time 24/7 at (833) LETS-SUE to discuss our no upfront fees promise, or use our email contact us form to discuss your Sacramento, CA injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries

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