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Do I Need To Sue the City, County, Or State Government Near Me?

Michael Ehline [Content Updated 04/15/2021] I am a tort claims act attorney with vast expertise and skill suing government agencies and agents for negligence and violations of people’s fundamental rights. My law firm has won millions of dollars from negligent and even corrupt government agencies and officials. I wrote this page to help injury understand their legal rights and obligations under the California Tort Claims Act against California, including Los Angeles City and County. So how do you sue Los Angeles or another California based government agency?

Quick Reference:

  1. First of all, if you seek to sue a government agency (like the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, or a city), you must:
      • File a written claim, lodging your documentation with the official, designated agency’s office. Some authorized agencies require lodging plaintiff’s official claim papers with local City Clerks or another public servant at some specific physical location.
      • Moreover, some cities will require parties seeking damages to use the agency’s specific claim forms or have their matter thrown out based on some absurd technicality.
      • Complaining victims must look at the local rules, including online, municipal codes, spending time learning. Telephoning the agency in question may help you discover your rights and obligations, but you can never ensure your claim will be proper with no legal representation.
      • Even when you follow the government’s Draconian rules, almost always, your claim will be denied within six months by their “letter to sue.” Sometimes your damages claim won’t even be officially rejected, but that does not absolve you from sleeping on your lawsuit rights.

TIP: Second, the statute of limitations inhibits most suits against public servants unless your official claim form was filed within six months from your injury or loved one’s death date. And your claim’s rejection, you still won’t be afforded the standard two-year statute of limitations customarily granted for personal injury claims in California.

Skilled Lawyers Can Help Injured Victims Fight The Power?

Yes, this is true. Sometimes your only tool for receiving justice from the state will be your skilled lawyer. After all, facing a severe accident or injury is hard enough, even with help from a decent lawyer. The experienced injury attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm have received above-average training against government agencies, standing ready to help people with their government claims during this challenging time. We have experience with tort claims against metro defendants for things ranging from potholes damaging car suspensions, causing automotive chain collisions, scumbag police harming or killing the citizenry.

And the same goes for bad lighting or inadequate warning signage. And lawyers can discover other factors that could have caused an injury. LA City has its form here, as does the County for making a grievance. And this is just how you start the govt claims process. Once the claim gets rejected (almost always the case), then you have limited time to sue, or you surrender that right and get nothing. But our attorneys are familiar with the local court structure and government agencies. And we stand ready to fight for your rights in such matters.

Tort Claims Act Specialist

Personal injury cases frequently involve a reckless or negligent party working for some out of municipal control agency, like bad cops or a scumbag government bureaucrat living off the taxpayer, Soviet Style. In these types of cases, the city, county, or state is sovereign, usually immune from lawsuits unless an exception applies.

But if your case involves civil rights or a related issue, you can still sue an agency beyond six months by using Title 42 U.S.C. Section 1983. And no one has our knowledge of the law and civil rights violations. Our superior attorneys will take steps to preserve your rights anytime a rogue agency or agent thinks they are above the law.

What Is A Government Tort Claim?

If California or LA’s agents were negligent, harming you or a loved one, these agencies and scofflaws under their employment would remain immune from suits unless your politicians passed a tort claims law allowing you to sue them. Otherwise, the state is sovereign, letting the government step all over you. And suing your servants is no task for novices. Before you can file your lawsuit in your local Superior Court, you must gather evidence, identify liable parties, and do everything else right, including working within unforgiving time and claims service restrictions for your lawsuit. No matter what, the skilled attorneys at Ehline Law Firm can work through this myriad of public servant created roadblocks, fighting all along for your decisive victory against the deep state.

Why Must You Retain A Government Claims Attorney?

Need a savvy, specialized tort claims act attorney? If so, Ehline Law stands ready to be your double ace. Our fierce reputation was by built fighting and winning for clients, scoring kills, winning hundreds of cases across California and the United States. We can take on the city of LA, or state agencies, suing them if they violate your civil rights or harm citizens injured using poorly maintained public property. Our top-notch civil lawyers will work within or around the statute of limitations, and we have won cases for our clients in the most precarious cases.

Contact Tort Claims Act Lawyers In Los Angeles Today

We consider these consumers our friends and our partners. Let us make sure Big Brother accepts your claim rather than rejecting your concern based upon some technicality. We don’t win a penny unless you do. Victims can reach our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys now at (213) 596-9642, or they can use our convenient website contact form, tell us about their case.

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