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Date Modified: August 18, 2023

We all should know what dangers a rainy day holds for drivers. Sadly, our Los Angeles-based bad weather car accident attorneys often find that Californians don’t seem to get it. Hence, California drivers fail miserably when it comes to driving safely for the overall conditions on the roads.

Los Angeles Rain Crash LawyerAnd while it is always a great experience to enjoy rain at home when driving, you have to pay more attention. So your driving requires a higher level of care. Contrast this with going on regular, “epic,” sunny days.

It Takes Longer to Stop in the Rain Due to Less Co-Efficient of Friction and Road Surface Slickness:

We must realize that wet roads have reduced distance visibility for vehicle drivers during inclement, rainy weather. Also, distance stopping time due to friction variables gets increases a lot. Your tires are not holding on to the road with as secure a grip as they do on regular days.

When combined with rain, the wind has the potential to blow the car into another lane. And great gusts can blow an obstruction into your vehicle’s path.

Not seeing a hidden pothole obscured by debris or water or some other infrastructure damage or obstruction concealed due to a lane submersion is another reason why slowing down is vital in these more flooded conditions.

As noted, some cocksure drivers on the roads feel like enjoying the profound changes in weather by driving too fast on wet roads. This attitude can easily spell a wrongful death or maiming of others sharing the streets with these reckless speed demons.

What Happens To Roads On Rainy Days?

The statistics about rainy weather and traffic accidents are startling. Concerning the percentages of all the accidents on the road, most occur on rainy days or days when the weather is not typical.

The Rain Accident Traffic Study

From 2002-to 2012, Booze Allen Hamilton gathered the available data on causes of accidents, including rain and slick surfaces yearly, as follows:

  • 17% of deaths
  • 20% of personal injuries
  • 24% of property damage with no injuries occurs in bad weather or on unusually unctuous thoroughfare veneers.

These are the reported numbers, and they are likely higher, but the yearly numbers we have are alarming!

These stats show an unacceptable approximation of:

  • 6,250 fatal traffic collisions
  • Four hundred eighty thousand bodily injuries of varying levels of harm to individuals. On damage to moving and fixed objects and other property
  • Booze Allen Hamilton’s numbers show 961,000 incidents of collected data.

Other Inclement Weather Causes of Wrecks:

In addition to rain, snow falling, sleet, storms, etc., such a high rate of accidents on the road are reasons. Some regions in the US are not lucky enough to get enough rain during the year. But they still have the advantage of having fewer traffic accidents due to adverse weather conditions.

California is one of the states that see all the different weather colors, so expect a lot of traffic accidents due to bad weather here. Blaming nature is quite an easy thing to do. However, we can’t blame mother nature for accidents and obtain compensation for the damages in court. Unfortunately, humans play a more significant role in causing these traffic accidents than nature.

Negligence Combined With Inclement, Wet Weather is the Main Cause of These Horrific Wrecks:

When we investigate the various causes of rain-related vehicle accidents, we are trying to identify who the responsible party is. That party is who will pay you for your injuries. We have found that negligence causes most of the lousy weather accidents during our quest. And it’s caused by at least one or more of the comparatively negligent parties, in combination with other actors or situations.

Usually, speed played a significant factor in these slick surface accidents. In other words, we lawyers typically find that it is not the rain’s fault. Usually, the velocity at which drivers travel causes most of these wrecks.

The Jury Instructions tell us that:

“A person must drive at a reasonable speed. Whether a particular speed is reasonable depends on the circumstances such as traffic, weather, visibility, and road conditions. Drivers must not drive so fast that they create a danger to people or property.” (CACI 706. Basic Speed Law (Veh. Code, § 22350).)

Change Your Speed When the Road Surface is Slick:

Speed is essential, especially after a fresh rain when the oil and grease float to the roadway’s top. This period immediately after new rainfall occurs when drivers are at grave risk of hydroplaning and flying off the road. And if so, they can slide into the berm, shoulder, or person.

Don’t fit the stereotype of a California driver. Pretend like you are a native of Chicago, and drive appropriately for the rain, sleet, snow, wind, etc. We Sunny California drivers are often too lazy to change how we go. So regardless of the conditions we are operating in, we plow along. You will see people driving recklessly on wet roads, even though they should move slowly and carefully. But you should slow down and pay attention to the path and surroundings before you.

Stay Off Your Smartphone:

Some people would even take pictures of the beautiful rain and text them to their loved ones while driving. It is best that you make a stop and then do this. But that seems quite cumbersome to us.

It seems as though many of us love to distract our focus from the road. So it is not unusual for California drivers to give more attention to our text messages and applications.

Your Possible Injuries Due To Rainy Day Accidents:

It is hard to list all potential injuries that mainly occur on days with bad weather. And this is because an accident on a rainy day can cause all the different types of damage you might have seen in your nightmares. That’s no joke either.

Suppose you suddenly face an accident on an average California day, assuming you are conscious. In that case, you may be capable of controlling your vehicle because your car tires are gripping the road’s pavement. But during rainy days in the same crash, you would probably lose control of your vehicle due to slippery surfaces—the coefficient of friction differentials on the tires.

Regarding injury risk, multipliers are other conditions that often accompany the rain, including soupy fog or crosswinds. Even mud from a landslide could be partially submerged and hidden from view. This weather is typical in Malibu Canyon after a recent rainfall if you are looking for an example.

The most common injuries you will see on rainy days include:

Since the friction is even less than half of what it is on average days, accidents often occur at higher-than-average impact speeds. Even if you stop the car and apply full brakes, you might collide due to slippage.

Don’t even try and slam on your brakes. Because if you do, you might get confused. Mainly this is because your anti-lock brakes pulse on your foot and make you think there may be a brake problem. Hence, you could release the peddle too soon after being spooked by these vibrations underfoot. Is Here To Help:

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, is here to assist you with all types of vehicle accidents. Our services include representation for pedestrian, plane, and train accidents. So when seeking out liable parties to pay you for your injuries, we do the research.

We will look for you to see if it was a traffic light phasing issue. Also, help you with road treatment strategy and speed limit control evidence to bolster your case. Our lawyers also examine construction planning, improper evacuation decision timing, or another government-created accident risk. Big rig trucking companies rushing to make a delivery can easily result in a calamity on the roads.

But even a manufacturing error in safety equipment can be a supervening and intervening cause. If so, we quickly add the various agencies and agents as parties to a potential lawsuit.

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We are currently serving Los Angeles County, San Diego, and San Francisco. So, call us if you have gotten hurt in a rain-related accident. We can help with wrecks on icy, sandy, slushy, or slick pavement.

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