Bad Weather

Car accidents have many potential causes. These can include varying issues involving the driver, defective parts, or issues with the roadway itself. Many drivers try to control for issues both on and off the road, but accidents still happened. 

Mother Nature can cause or exacerbate certain circumstances that have to get weighed with the other causes of a potential accident. A sharp legal eye can determine the reasons for the crash, as well as the effects. ELF PI Law’s skilled team of attorneys stands ready to use their experience to help. Call anytime at (213) 596-9642 and read more about how we can help on our site.

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Not all Bad Weather Cases are the Same.

Even in some types of inclement weather, there could be reasons for the accident beyond Mother Nature. Sometimes one driver fails to take certain actions that could avoid the accident or could be acting recklessly. The weather can play a role, causing issues with water pooling or poor visibility.

Often accidents are caused by water obscuring hazards, such as potholes. Also, this could cause a car to collide with another or with a barrier. Many cars have built-in safety features to reduce the incidence of injury.

However, an injury is still all too common after accidents involving weather. Also, there are some factors to consider carefully. For example, when there is pouring rain or heavy wind means getting blown off the road.

  • 1. Avoid Driving Fatigued. When faced with being tired, a driver should make sure to stay hydrated, not drink alcohol, and sleep responsibly. This fatigue is a critical factor in many accidents.
  • 2. Be Aware of Surroundings. Severe weather can often reduce visibility drastically and sharply increase the rate of accidents. Making sure that you are aware of what is going on can improve reaction time in case you're in a crash.
  • 3. Always Use Safety Equipment. Make sure that your lights and airbags are correctly functioning, especially when going out in such weather. Make sure that you and your passengers buckle up.

Snowy Conditions.

Not as common in Southern California, but severe snow does still happen in the state. If the area is not expecting such a snowfall and has a high percentage of inexperienced snow drivers, it might be a good idea to stay off the road altogether. However, if you have to drive during such a time, be cognizant of other drivers on the road, put on your lights, and slow down.

Contacting Legal Advocates.

When faced with an accident partially caused by weather, it is vital to have a legal expert specialized in weather-related accidents and personal injury. The lawyers at Ehline Law have faced similar cases before.

Also, we have won hundreds of crash cases for our clients. We’ve become experts at dealing with car, motorcycle, and truck accidents. And we want to use that experience for you.

We work on contingency. So we're not asking for a penny unless we win for you. But we can help you find appropriate medical care as you need it. Additionally, in some cases, we help you pay for it. For more information or to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation, please fill out our email form to the right. Or call us right now at (213) 596-9642.

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