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[Page Updated 04/16/2020] Reckless driving is an everyday occurrence in the more prominent metropolis locations like Los Angeles City. A reckless driver can reveal bad behavior by speeding, driving and texting, road rage, and any number of dangerous propensities. Our Los Angeles car crash lawyers help people injured by reckless drivers because they operate their motorized vehicles with a wanton and willful disregard for other people’s road safety. And this includes people waiting at bus stops. Our pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles have seen many cell phone use distractions causing drivers to run people over at crosswalks and on sidewalks.

True, we do some criminal defense work for people falsely charged with this crime. After all, the jail sentence could be five days or more, with penalties of $145 up to $1,000 along with all kinds of other fees, assessments, and conditions of probation. But when a motorist causes personal injury to someone else, that person can receive a court sentenced jail term running from 30 days up to 6 months. Fines for California reckless driving can run you $220 up to $1,000. 

If you are criminally convicted, the DMV will likely administratively add some negative points to your driving record. This point system will dramatically affect your auto insurance prices and perhaps leave you with a work-only driving restriction. And this will heavily affect your insurance rates, and with a serious injury charge, it remains a serious long-term problem. A conviction could make you unemployable in many shipping and receiving industries, including government work. 

Besides penalties and fines, people guilty of reckless driving will incur expenses for a criminal defense lawyer and may be facing serious prison time. A powerful and cogent attorney can significantly help you and your loved ones if they suffered harm caused by a reckless driver in L.A. or if they are defending against bogus allegations. Most of all, we assist the families of severely injured victims hurt by careless drivers convicted in court. 

But we help all car crash survivors receive criminal restitution and money damages compensation. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys are auto accident specialists assisting biker clubs, car clubs, and police departments in recapturing compensation for unsafe driving injuries.

What Exactly Is Reckless Driving From A Reckless Driving Accident Lawyer’s Perspective?

Most people assume reckless driving is a purely criminal action. But our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have found that the crime of reckless driving flows over into negligence law. Many different driving maneuvers could be deemed civilly and criminally “reckless,” depending on the circumstances. California state law defines reckless driving as a willful disregard for others’ safety. Reckless driving includes many objective and subjective meanings, from driving too fast to initiating an illegal left-hand turn or U-turn. (See California Vehicle Code 23103).

Because of this, from a criminal standpoint, with its more significant burden of proof differing from negligence law, criminal defense attorneys regularly get these cases tossed due to the vaguery and ambiguity in what exactly IT is. This constitutional law argument holds far less sway in a negligence law case. However, in a criminal case, many California courts have found indicators of reckless driving are enough to convict someone criminally.

This includes committing traffic infractions, driving without headlines, being inattentive, and driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Sometimes there is evidence in the form of a red light camera showing the other side is at fault for causing a crash. If a speeding, hit-and-run driver rear-ended them, the police officer can run them down and arrest them. But in other reckless driving cases, the hit and run driving may never be located. 

Lucky for you, the law offices at Ehline Law Firm may still be able to pursue your uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. As you can see, we are not ticket lawyers. We are the injury attorneys you called when someone violated a traffic law, injuring you.

Here Are Some Negligent Reckless Driving Fact Patterns Subjecting A Civil Defendant To Tort Law Liability:

  • Using the road’s shoulder to pass slowpoke drivers who themselves are not good citizens by blocking in your vehicle. (This remains very common in Torrance, and Rancho Palos Verdes, California)
  • Widely swinging your vehicle’s tail wide when rounding curves with a wanton disregard for public safety;
  • Failing to check your rearview mirrors before backing out of a parking space or driveway;
  • Allowing an undisciplined teen to distract you or impairing your roadway view and sight;
  • Unsefly switching lanes to move ahead of the traffic line;
  • Driving faster than safe driving conditions would permit;
  • Illegally passing a school bus while its red lights flash;
  • Talking on your cellphone while driving or texting;
  • Refusing or forgetting to flash your turn signals;
  • Drifting or doing doughnuts in your street racer;
  • Brake checking tailgaters to show your power;
  • Driving over the posted speed limit; 
  • Sharp, quick turns in your car;
  • Blowing a stop sign;
  • Road Rage;

As noted above, countless dangerous driving behaviors could legally be considered reckless driving under negligence law; however, unless you hire civil negligence law attorneys such as Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, to protect your legal rights. You could end up broken and permanently injured after a deadly intersection accident, including a T-bone, sideswiped, rear-ender, or head-on collision

You mustn’t make the terrible mistake of thinking you can self represent, even after suffering a minor injury. You need to contact a severe injury lawyer and be proactive in gathering evidence and answering phone calls when they need information. Our highly aggressive personal injury lawyers will give you the necessary care and confidence to win big. Did you suffer a serious injury or lose your loved one in a reckless driving crash? Our over 15 years of experience and over $100 Million in verdicts and settlements let you know we will put forth maximum effort to get you paid for your crash. 

Negligence Per Se And Reckless Driving Legal Liability

If the other driver injuring you received a traffic ticket with reckless driving charges, they will need more than a traffic ticket attorney. If, for example, they received drunk driving DUI charges as part of their traffic violation, in addition to points on their driving record, jail time remains a real possibility. 

You can also raise the reputable presumption of negligence per se. That way, your lawyer can say the other side violated a vehicle code section designed to protect you and that its violation harmed you. Because of this, the other side is presumed at fault, leaving the court or jury to decide how much money you will receive as personal injury compensation. 

If you want to argue the conduct causing your injury was intentional, the other side can argue you are not entitled to an insurance settlement, so hire the right lawyer. A voluntary or deliberate bad act will not receive insurance protection, leaving the victim penniless unless the defendant cannot hide or protect their assets.

California Car Accident Law Firm

Suppose the person who crashed into you had a suspended license. They might have no insurance. Because of this, you may need to pursue other sources of recovery. For you to do that effectively, you will need to hire the best car accident law firm. Our car accident law firm comes equipped with skills and resources essential to pursuing and winning successful claims against aggressively reckless vehicle operators in California. 

Our freeway and highway crash litigators will thoroughly conduct an accident investigation. We will attempt to ascertain all facts relevant to winning your claims. We will advance costs and obtain and copies of police reports. We will review the officer’s notes and seek to identify witnesses. If possible, our team of investigators will interview the percipient and character witnesses. 

We will help you after you get hit or run over by someone recklessly driving. Our peer reviews, accolades, client testimonials, and vast success record make us go to law offices when injury victims desire superior legal service. We will treat our clients with dignity, hear them out and give them the deserving courtesy they need. 

After you retain our outstanding, top-notch car accident lawyers, we will stay in constant contact. We will return all client calls promptly, keeping them fully informed of any recent case developments. We will provide our clients with seasoned personal injury plaintiff’s lawyers. Our firm is comprised of the best negligence law attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks in Los Angeles. 

Our attorneys have over 15 local, California, statewide law offices to serve you better. The criminal prosecutor will hold the suspect accountable for their speeding ticket or other traffic violation. Whether a misdemeanor driver or felon recklessly smashed into you, we can hold them responsible in civil court to pay you for your past, present, and future lost wages, medical bills, pain, and suffering.  Our legal team will work tirelessly to show that the other driver was reckless. What next? Read below.

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At Ehline Law Firm, after forming an attorney-client relationship, we serve clients in the Southern California Los Angeles area seeking superior legal counsel. Do you need above-average legal service after suffering damages claims caused by a car accident? If so, use our countless courtroom hours and litigation experience to help you win your reckless driving insurance claim today. 

Car accident victims can call our Los Angeles reckless driving lawyers at (213) 596-9642, or they use our online contact form for faster service 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We have pursued countless numbers of motor vehicle accident claims in and out of court. At Ehline Law, we win big! Se Habla Espanol.

Injured victims can find us in Los Angeles County cities like Compton, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Van Nuys. We also help victims of reckless drivers in Orange County, San Diego, San Berardino, and Riverside Counties.

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