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Handling Car Accident Injury Cases In San Diego County

Are you or your family members stuck with property damage and medical bills caused by another driver’s negligence or reckless driving. Did someone crash into you on a San Diego thoroughfare, freeway or other roadway?

You’re not alone. But where do or a loved one turn to for excellent, trustworthy legal assistance to competently handle your insurance claim with the at-fault party’s auto insurance carrier? 

How do you obtain a reasonable settlement offer and still pay all your medical expenses? You call Ehline Law firm for a free case evaluation! Our San Diego, CA car accident lawyers don’t mess around.

We also know San Diego car accident law, and weather conditions, unlike many out of state law firms who just advertise here. Our lead counsel, personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline, is a former resident of both Camp Pendleton, Ocean Beach, Chula Vista and La Jolla.

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Because we are U.S. Marine veteran run, we understand the local vibe and the amazing traffic jams and fog banks that befall most San Diego, CA motorists, especially Carslsbad and San Marcos commuters.

We will make sure the at fault party and their insurance carrier honor your liability claim. Our best San Diego car accident lawyers created this index to help you and law enforcement in San Diego, CA 92101 zip codes and beyond.

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World-class attractions like San Diego Zoo or Legoland California and pristine beaches are what make San Diego a tourist hot spot.

With millions of people flowing in and out of the city to enjoy its idyllic climate, there are more people on the road increasing the risk of car accidents in San Diego, California, and any injuries from it.

If you got injured in a vehicle accident that was not your fault, contact Ehline Law and our San Diego car accident attorneys today and get a free consultation on your case as you may be eligible for compensation. We will review your liability insurance policy, and compassionately listen to your side of the story during your free consultation.

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer For All Vehicle Accidents

Let our top rated consumer attorneys see if there is any insurance coverage or other financial sources of recovery for your and your family (Ex. Under-insured and Uninsured motorist coverage, negligent manufacturer or liable government agency for a crash causing pothole, etc.).

We will review evidence like road conditions mentioned in any police reports to understand fully the ramifications of your delicate situation.

We take the attorney-client relationship seriously, especially with car accident cases including serious injury and high medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Even if you think you’re partially at fault, call us to speak with an expert.

We can help with payment options so you don’t get sent to collections and give you the compassion you deserve as you heal from your horrific injuries.

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San Diego Car Accidents

Customer Review of Ehline Law Firm

The helpful attorneys from Ehline Law Firm provide superior legal services.

Customer Review of Ehline Law Firm

The helpful attorneys from Ehline Law Firm provide superior legal services.

Customer Review of Ehline Law Firm

The helpful attorneys from Ehline Law Firm provide superior legal services.

In 2016, there were more than 21,000 car accidents in the county, an increase of 5% from prior figures. Although vehicle accident figures have slowly fallen, they have gotten more violent over the years resulting in an increase of 7% in fatal crashes. 2018 statistics show that there are more than 280 deaths per 100,000 population in San Diego, almost similar to the entire state’s averages.
You’ll be treated with the respect by those that are responsible for your injuries.. We’ll fight for you aggresively as we are bound by this duty.


We believe that being of service is the highest calling of one’s life. We approach every case with empathy, professionalism and tenacity.


Promptly engaging with counsel is important. Time is of the essence post-injury. We’re available 24/7 to discuss your matter.


It’s no great secret the Ehline Law, our huge legal team works hard for our clients as evidenced by our numerous 5 star reviews.


What Types of Injuries Can You Get from a Car Accident?

Motor vehicle collisions can deal minor and major injuries to the victim depending on the severity of the accident. The injuries also depend on where the impact occurred, and the injury victims themselves. for example, a rear-end collision is more likely to cause whiplash injuries while side collisions can cause fractures. Running over a pedestrian in a cross walk is more likely to be fatal, than a bus accident with a passenger vehicle, for example.

Here are some of the most common injuries from auto accidents suffered by injury victims:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (mostly from striking head injuries, but also from jarring and heavy G forces.)

  • Spinal injuries

  • Back and neck injuries

  • Fractures and dislocations

  • Wrongful death motor vehicle collisions

  • And more

Can You Get Financial Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries?

California is a fault-based state where the comparative negligence law ensures that the compensation awarded depends on the degree of fault in a case like this. If you’re 50% at fault in California, then your own insurance company will have to pay 50% of the damages to the other party while you can also recover some compensation for your loss.

Car crash cases fall under personal injury and the jury gets to decide the degree of fault of both parties before the settlement process begins.

Get More than Just Medical Bills with Our Car Accident Law Firm

Typically, many lawyers will help you recover compensation for your medical bills. However, very few have the resources and experience to get maximum compensation for the damages done to you.

Oftentimes, the damages far exceed the bills that one incurs. There are other factors that one must account for to get a bigger picture of the extent of the damage. A vehicle accident can leave a victim without a job resulting in lost wages or causing emotional trauma leading to pain and suffering.

Our experienced auto accident attorney can help you get compensation for emotional trauma, bills, surgery costs, loss of enjoyment, loss of companionship, punitive damages, property damages, and more.

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How Long Do You Have to File Claims in San Diego?

According to the statute of limitations, car accident victims in San Diego have two years following the auto accident to file for a personal injury car accident claim. After the two years period passes, the victim does not have the right to pursue any claims.

This two-year period reduces to six months if a government agency or local municipality is the reason for the victim’s personal injury.

Although two years may seem like a long time, the claims process can take longer resulting in delays or even cancellation of claims. Unfortunately, insurers are in the business to make money, and delaying claims or canceling them means more profit for the organization.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Lawyer to File Claims?

There are many law firms that you may consider choosing but having a law firm that specifically operates in San Diego is your best bet to getting fair compensation. Ehline Law has offices in more than 15 locations across California providing personalized legal services fulfilling every client’s needs.

Our personal injury law firm has successfully provided legal representation to over 3,000 clients and retrieved more than $150 million in compensation. A car accident attorney from Ehline Law works on a contingency fee basis meaning we don’t get paid unless we win the case for you.

Our law firm has won several achievements and awards such as Superlawyers Rising Star, Best Attorney of America, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and more. Achievements like these make Ehline Law a force to reckon with for insurance companies, working well in favor of auto accident victims.

Our very best motor vehicle collision attorney in San Diego, will skillfully handle any insurance agent, or insurance company settlement negotiations.

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Verdicts and Settlements

  • $10,500,000

    Lanham v. Doe Texas Based Oil Company

    Confidential Settlement / Contra Costa County. Illegal U Turn collision with truck cutting off plaintiff motorcycle rider, causing serious spine, brain and other injuries including a coma.

  • $8,700,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Motorcycle Accident With Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Surgery

  • $4,886,255.67

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Resolution. Cruise Ship Passenger Assault.

  • $4,200,000

    Widow v. Insurance Company

    Truck Accident Wrongful Death Crash / Insurance Bad Faith Matter

  • $3,265,000

    Altamirano v. Harrison

    Motor Vehicle: Motorcycle.

  • $2,300,000

    Gilbert v. Quinones

    Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury. (Read more here).

  • $2,024,761

    Ducket v. Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

    Wrongful Death During a Routine Appendectomy

  • $2,000,000

    Hier v. State of United States (Caltrans)

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,900,000

    Cosham v. City and County of Los Angeles

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,400,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Case Involving a Minor

  • $1,220,000

    Clare v. Estate of Clare

    Auto Defect / Wrongful Death Case Involving Complex Issues

  • $1,050,000

    Doe v. Automaker

    Seat-belt Failure Death Case

  • $1,037,500

    Rodriguez et al. v. Osterkamp Farms

    Disputed Liability Where a Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine Killed a Trucker

  • $1,000,000

    Distler v. Redondo Beach Unified School District

    Cabinet Maker Earning $15,000 a Year Killed by RBUSD Employee

  • $1,000,000

    Stein v. City of Los Angeles
    • Vehicle Passenger Claim Against City of Los Angeles for Dangerous Intersection
    • Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • $950,000

    Nursing Home Abuse
    • Nursing Home Abuse Claim
    • Elder Law

  • $850,000

    Silva v. LAMTA

    Pedestrian Hit by MTA Train

  • $750,000

    Hemsley v. Davis, et al.

    Tour Bus Accident

  • $600,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Serious Passenger Car Accident

  • Domain Saved

    VeggieConnection.com v. Justin Samuel

    Internet Domain Dispute

  • Appeal From Denial of Anti-Slapp Motion

    Stuart v. Torrance Unified School District

    Affirmed in Favor of Respondent Leslie Stuart (Representing)

You Don’t Want to Deal with the Insurance Companies

When you’re injured in an accident or lost someone to it, it may be heartbreaking and stressful to deal with the insurance company for compensation. Many are often tempted to take the first offer the insurance company gives them just to end all the interactions with the company.

However, these are low settlements that won’t even cover your bills. This can put a financial strain on you affecting your recovery process after the accident. Remember, once you accept a settlement, you can’t ask for more.

Having our experienced law firm and car accident lawyers representing your insurance claims is just the sort of legal support you need while you recover from your injuries. An insurer is more likely to cooperate if the accident victims bring on a reputable law firm to deal with their personal injury case.

“I needed a PI attorney near me. I highly recommend you call their Southern California offices’ personal injury attorneys if you or a loved one suffered injuries during a car accident and need money for your injuries. These guys are best personal injury law firm I could find.”

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Schedule a Free Consultation With a Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Located in San Diego

Here at Ehline Law Firm, we faithfully practice law honestly on behalf of all San Diego, CA car accident victims. In addition to working on car accident cases, our car accident lawyers in San Diego County CA help with motorcycle wrecks, big rig truck crashes, and other types of vehicular accident cases.

Our trustworthy, honest attorney team maintains a proven track record for garnering clients in San Diego, CA the record-breaking verdicts and settlements they are entitled to in any type of car accident claims. We’re hoping you won’t get injured, but when you do, we know you can trust us to fight on behalf of you and your loved ones in any type of fender bender in San Diego, CA.

Click to contact us using our website form, or call us. Dial our phone number at (833) LETS-SUE to get in touch with top-notch, compassionate San Diego car accident attorneys for free legal advice about your pressing, urgent car accident case.

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