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[Content Updated 11/18/2021] Are you seeking a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer after suffering a bad road crash? Motorcyclist accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, bankrupting even the wealthiest Woodland Hills families and others all across Los Angeles, County, California.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include anxiety, fatal motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, a spinal cord injury, painful road rash, broken bones, mental health decline, and life-long physical/emotional pain.

The reality is, in terms of real dollars, lost wages, expensive surgeries, repair bills, and unpaid medical expenses motorcycle accidents can bankrupt victims. Since 2005, Ehline Law Firm has professionally helped injured clients with automobiles as a motorcycle accident law expert, handling thousands of motorcycle accident claims and traffic deaths. Attorney Michael Ehline holds to practice law in front all California courts. 

Call today for a free case evaluation about any motorcycle accidents you or a loved one suffered. Let us help you discover your rights about anything related to motorcycle accidents in Woodland Hills. Speak with our best Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyers during your medical rehabilitation before time runs out for anyone to recover a sufficient amount of damages outcome.

Below our best personal injury attorney will discuss how our top motorcycle accident attorney in Woodland Hills will custom-tailor legal representation for each motorcycle rider.

We’ll also cover how you can secure compensation benefits from the at-fault driver for causing your Woodland Hills motorcycle accident. Call our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer office at (747) 330-1783 to speak with one of our attentive team members today.

Motorcycle Law Video & Transcript
  • SINCE 2005 OVER 3000+ CLIENTS
Motorcycle Law Video Transcript

Client: Oh nice to meet you.

Attorney: Hey nice to meet you too. You know, I was going over your file, and looks like you were driving a brand new Gold-wing along a pretty dangerous stretch of Mulholland and it looks like you got in a wreck right where I’ve already had a few close calls. You know cars really just don’t look out for us bikers do they?

Client: No, they don’t the police report is placing their client at fault.

Legal Secretary: The police report is placing our client at fault.

Lawyer: Well I’m convinced we can overcome the bias in that police report. You know the two witnesses the police didn’t interview? Well, we found them and we got their statements. You know what, they corroborate everything he [client] says. Let’s go ahead and get this lawsuit filed right away.

Client: My other attorneys never tried to find witnesses.

Paralegal: Well our firm is very different.

Attorney: Yeah we’re a lot different.

Client: How am I gonna pay these medical bills?

Attorney: You know what? Let me worry about that! Let’s get you the compensation you deserve.

At Ehline Law Firm we don’t just want your case, we want your confidence. At Ehline Law Firm, we make it happen.”

If we don’t win, you don’t pay.
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Depend On Us For Your Car Accident Versus Motorcycle Claims in Woodland Hills, CA

But what makes Ehline’s team different and our client commitment better?

  • Our Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyers remain on your side, think and thin, victory or death. (We provide consultations, explain applicable law and the potential risk).
  • We hold at-fault drivers accountable for compensation.
  • We help foster a communicative, cheerful, trustworthy environment to improve the attorney-client relationship level.
  • We use hard work and experience to overcome community and police bias.
  • We strategically employ our law group to navigate multiple local, state, and federal law areas.
  • We will handle all auto accident claims with dedication. We do business on a no recovery, no contingency fee basis. (No win, no fee promise)
  • We use our experience, impeccable reputation, and proven track record of success to further justice.
  • We generously support Southern California biker clubs, non-profit charity organization needs.

How Can Our Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Lawyers For Woodland Hills Help You?

You and your loved one must understand no average settlement value exists, especially after suffering a head injury or fatalities. The best method of receiving accurate settlements for Woodland Hills motorcycle accidents is hiring a talented, aggressive lawyer.

Here’s some information explaining how we offer help to fallen motorcycle riders build verdicts and settlements after motorcycle accidents with cars:

Case Evaluations And Evidence Gathering

Insurance companies escape liability for auto accidents by lulling claimants into not hiring help. They’ll run out the clock, hoping the motorcycle rider won’t locate witnesses, receive medical care or legal assistance.

These villains promise you money if you’re “patient.” But how much is your case worth? Will your case yield a healthy verdict/result?

We want to provide you with things like a free case evaluation. Assuming you retain our legal services, we will put our investigators to work to assist the wounded rider, proving their burden of fault.

Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Investigate Motorcycle Accidents in Woodland Hills

Our motorcycle lawyers will look for evidence of speeding automobiles, tailgating, lane splitting, unsafe lane changes, drugs, or alcohol consumption. Was someone texting, talking on a cell phone, eating, and weaving in and out of traffic? We will seek out info about dangerous road conditions that lead to your Woodland Hills motorcycle accident.

Our Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Gathers Evidence

Our office will gather data for the motorcycle accident victims, including available police reports from the police officer(s), witness statements, and weather reports. We’ll hunt down valuable surveillance tapes identifying debris patterns, loose motorcycle parts during your Woodland Hills motorcycle accident.

This information will help us pinpoint a defective part, an at-fault driver, threats, and more liable people, including their degree(s) of fault. After, our legal team can perform a proper motorcyclist v. car crash case evaluation. We’ll identify people financially responsible for paying your Woodland Hills motorcycle accident personal injury claim.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Your motorcycle law experts will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive fairer indemnification. We won’t let the insurers convince you to accept a lowball settlement offer as you struggle to get by after a serious auto collision.

If the insurance company fails to offer you a reasonably fair damages value calculation, our law offices can seek private mediation to break the stalemate. If negotiations fail, we can advance costs for filing a Woodland Hills Superior Court lawsuit near your location, seeking better results.

Common Negligent Parties And Causes of Woodland Hills Motorcycle Collisions

California is an at-fault state. Identifying who and what caused your motorcycle accident claim remains a vital first step toward obtaining financial compensation. Unlike “no-fault jurisdictions,” the negligent defendant(s) must pay their share.

Victims are entitled to money for medical bills, repair or replacement parts, lost earnings, intangible pain and suffering damages, and losses.

Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and liable defendants:

  • An automobile driver. Driving under the influence has taken many lives of motorcyclists. Right hand turns and drivers running a red light remain a major type of traumatic event for Woodland Hills motorcyclists.
  • Distractions. Inverse visibility issues occur when inattentive drivers only see negative space around motorcyclists instead of the actual riders. A distracted driver of a private or public bus, truck, or passenger car making a left turn could knock you off your bike at high speed. A rear-end crash can kill a biker after throwing them to the pavement.
  • Illegal, reckless driving. Drivers must pay you and your loved one compensation for damages after breaking roadway rules. Texting, driving drunk, sudden stops, or road raging are illegal. Wrong-way driving, excessive road speeds, abrupt lane changes, and refusing to honor a rider’s right-of-way compound crashing risks. Negligent vehicle operators pulling into a cyclist’s path are deadliest because the automobile’s point of impact is the front of your bike.
  • An employer. Companies along with government agencies have vicarious liability for bad employee acts.
  • A poorly designed/defective road. Motorcyclists are susceptible to crashing on improperly maintained or defectively designed public roadways with poor road conditions. Hazards include potholes, scattered debris fields left in parallel roads, and traffic lanes from storm drain runoff. Oil, mud, rubble, loose gravel, grass clippings, fallen tree branches, and animal carcasses cause crashes. Other severe risks to two-wheeled vehicles include running over a loose nail, screw, litter from an unsafe construction zone, or open utility hole cover grabbing your tire or wheel. You may have a negligent roadway maintenance dispute. Your lawyer may be able to pursue Caltrans, the County or City of Woodland Hills, CA, or a private contractor.
  • A defective product. Motorcycle designs cover daily commuting, long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sporting, or off-road use. Sometimes bad motorcycle parts, including faulty brakes or another type of defect made the bike unfit for its use. The motorcycle manufacturer/equipment maker might be held accountable under product liability theories. (e.g., defective safety gear, bad helmets). Perhaps you crashed during motorcycle club (MC) formation riding? Maybe you experienced a brake failure, a pothole tire blowout, speed wobbles, or electrical malfunction?

      Motorcycles have far less stability as they only have two wheels compared to a typical car with four wheels. Compensation for motorcycle accidents is authorized by pursuing motorist negligence claims. (torts). But you will need a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident attorney with experience and professional judgment.

      You need lawyers giving dedication, holding people financially accountable for a motorcycle accident claim. Get a free consultation.

      Los Angeles Auto v. Motorcycle Liability Dispute

      Common Injuries Our Best Personal Injury Attorney Battles Insurance Companies With Daily

      Michael Ehline, Woodland Hills Motorcycle

      Motorcycling social activities like joining a motorcycle club and attending motorcycle rallies help teach road hazard injury avoidance.

      But you can’t prevent all wrecks. We see drivers on cell phones blowing traffic signals almost every day as Woodland Hills motorcycle riders. But no one can predict a motorbike collision’s severity, with its few safety features, offering zero roll cage protection.

      Riding a motorcycle in Woodland Hills can be fun, but it ca turn treacherous in an instant. A Woodland Hills motorcycle accident can turn become life-altering and severe in an instant. Los Angeles County has America’s busiest streets, with more registered vehicles than many states with tragic traffic deaths happening daily. You’ll be lucky if you never need a motorcycle accident lawyer at some point, if you ride often enough.

      According to the US Department of Transportation (USDOT): “Per vehicle mile traveled in 2007, motorcyclists were 37 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash.” US DOT

      The most frequent injuries sustained are to the toes, feet, legs, and ankles. Traffic deaths remain common after a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident, with its higher traffic speeds and comparatively low congestion, even during rush hour.

      The motorcycle crash lawyers at Ehline Law accept clients suffering all types of permanent, severe, catastrophic personal injuries:

      Survivors of serious accident motorcyclist wrecks may lose careers since they can’t work. Survivors ensure long-term physical and psychological injuries as a consequence of crashing. Did you crash, suffer severe brain damage, post-traumatic stress disorder, coma, etc.?

      Have you experienced a motorcycle wreck that involved a Woodland Hills-area motorist? Working with a local Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer from Ehline gets you an expert. We pressure the defendant to pay more for the victim’s injuries during the complicated claims process.

      We’ll help victims recover compensation, including money for physical pain and lost future earnings over the victim’s life.

      California Helmet Law, Head Trauma and Your Motorcycle Accident Case

      Perhaps the most important safety feature for your well-being is wearing reinforced headgear. California law requires the motorcycle passenger, including all motorcyclists, to be snugly helmeted while motorcycle riding.

      Experts say wearing a federal DOT-approved helmet in compliance with California’s universal helmet law decreases motorcycle fatalities as well as serious injuries. Your other limited security features include motorcyclist riding gear. Wearing heavy clothing, leathers, heavy boots helps protect your limbs/lower extremities.

      Consequences Of Failing To Wear Your Helmet

      • Criminal-Counts/Infractions

      If you refuse to wear your motorcycle helmet riding in California, you are breaking traffic laws. You potentially face a traffic fine, notice to appear citation, vehicle seizure, licensure suspension.

      • Civil-Helmet Defense

      Helmet laws won’t automatically bar a victim from receiving intangible losses compensation. Just because you broke the law by leaving your head unprotected during a motorcycle wreck, other body parts get impacted too.

      To shift your motorcycle accident claim blame, a defendant may argue California’s pure comparative negligence law. They’ll use this technique to offset payments for eye, face, teeth, as well as head injuries.

      • Pure Comparative Negligence – Failure to Wear A Helmet Defense

      The other side’s medical expert testimony must show your wound would have been reduced/avoided but for your illegal failure to wear a helmet.

      • Who Pays What

      The court will instruct the jury to determine the motorcycle accident victim’s percentage of fault for inflating their injuries. If someone failed to wear head protection, causing 50% of their harm, they would recapture 50% less compensation. Your motorcycle accident lawyer at Ehline Law Firm fights to counter these defenses.

      Motorcycle Helmet

      Bias – Who’s At Fault For A Motorcycle Accident Claim While Lane Splitting?

      Since August 19th, 2016, California state is no longer neutral on the subject of motorcyclist lane splitting. California’s lane splitting law makes lane sharing legal. This maneuver is the practice of a motorcyclist riding forward in between lanes with the direction of stopped or moving traffic flow.

      • Distinguished From Illegal, Reckless Driving

      Traffic expert studies show that correctly sharing lanes riding motorcycles remain a safe transportation method. These professionals say lane sharing reduces road congestion as well as traffic accident cases. Many a police report has unfairly blamed the motorcyclist. Some cops automatically believe other biased motorists as the victim lays on the ground, unconscious in many personal injury cases.

      Popular Motorcycle Collision Culture

      Popular culture depicting the biker lifestyle created a controversial, pessimistic view of most bikers. Many drivers view lane splitting as inherently dangerous to surrounding vehicle operators, including motorcyclists.

      Motorcyclists who recklessly lane split through motor vehicles during high speeds under unsafe conditions increase road dangers to others. This riding risk can make bikers comparatively liable for their entire crash.

      If proof exists you were driving too fast, making unsafe turns, weaving recklessly, failed to obey traffic laws, you’ll get less or nothing. But experts say the majority of motorcyclists comply with California’s lane-splitting regulations.

      You need to protect your financial recovery in complex lane-splitting accident claims. You must get advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Woodland Hills.

      LAPD walking the beat in a motorcycle crash report.

      Compensation For All Your Woodland Hills Motorcycle Accident Claims?

      Lacerations and amputations are far more common with motorcycle accidents. Severe injuries from motorcycle accidents can cost the wounded rider their career. Depending on the party at fault or the types of injury claims, our Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyer can get you money for a motorcycle accident injury claim. Did you suffer a catastrophic injury? Maybe you have a less extreme wound-like road rash?

      Did factors out of your control cause your partial or full impairment? Clients are entitled to totally fair compensation. Clients deserve to know their property repairs along with medical expenses get covered. Call us today and get a free consultation with a Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyer to discuss you legal options.

      Some Important Things About Motorcycle Injuries

      • The smartest way to understand your rights after a crash depends on asking counsel your Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyer questions during your risk free consultation. When you receive your free consultation our Woodland Hills motorcycle accident attorneys will thoughtfully answer your questions after such injuries.
      • A well-trained personal injury attorney in Woodland Hills from our office will assist the wounded motorcyclist. We will investigate, documenting the following damages:
      • Special Damages
      • Disability-linked expenses (nursing care, specialized transport, etc.)
      • Attorney’s fees, including out-of-pocket costs
      • Past, present, future medical bills
      • Past, present, future lost income
      • Rental car/Uber-Lyft charges
      • Bike repairs or replacement

      General Damages

      • Mental-emotional issues
      • Pain and suffering
      • Lost quality of life

      Punitive damages are awarded rarely. Although a minor motorcycle accident case doesn’t always cause severe, catastrophic injuries, it can cost more than a major collision. A fatal accident tends to impact life more, making it worth more to you and your Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyers.

      Talented motorcycle attorneys in Woodland Hills find ways to settle your case after gathering reparations evidence, or they can let a qualified jury evaluate case information during the trial.

      A jury will decide on intangible/tangible harm by determining the plaintiff’s nature and extent of your serious injuries during the trial. Our very best Woodland Hills motorcycle lawyer will help you in order for you and your loved ones to receive a maximum financial recovery value. Our priority is getting your windfall compensation like financial damages for your severe motorcycle crash using proven personal injury law negotiation tactics.

      What Is Your Motorcycle Accident Case Statute of Limitations in California?

      When you seek compensation for a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident, time is of the essence! Depending on who’s at fault, plaintiffs must file their motorcycle accident cases before California’s statutory deadlines expire from injury discovery. Motorcyclists must lodge a government demand within six months. Civil lawsuits must be filed within two years of motorcycle accidents, unless an exception applies.

      Generally, motorcyclists failing to bring a timely action for serious injury or a family member’s wrongful death are time-barred from pursuing future recovery for past motorcycle accidents. Once hired, your superlative, Woodland Hills motorcycle accident attorneys will offer legal advice, calendar your dates, and protect the statute and damages recover for these motorcycle accidents.

      Our veteran partners/associates do more to speed up cases, streamlining the settlement process for Woodland Hills residents, guests and even office workers, or construction workers repairing Ventura Blvd. We’ll gather evidence and offer guidance to help in dealing with your issue. Our Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer will take steps to identify at-fault drivers responsible for maiming or killing the rider.

      We will meet the personal injury claim deadline on behalf of the rider against the city of Woodland Hills, another government agency, or a private actor. Our goal it getting clients an award of maximum compensation to cover all problems the rider suffered as a result of their crash in Woodland Hills.

      Smart Safety Tips And Steps After A Motorcycling Accident in Woodland Hills

      The injured motorcyclist can take many innovative steps before hiring Woodland Hills, CA motorcycle accident lawyers to protect their rights against the liable party.

      1. Find haven. If capable, protect/shelter victims at the crash site, nearby safer concrete barrier, shoulder, sidewalk, sidestreet, or alleyway, especially victims who were riding a motorcycle.
      2. Yes! Give-get triage. Don’t worry about determining fault. You need to get to a safe place, stabilize yourself, then check on others with casualties, including the at-fault party.
      3. Dial 911.* Without admitting fault, riders should report any fatality, bodily injury, or property damage with more than $1,000 damage to the California Highway Patrol or a local city police station. *(In fact, officers have no duty to protect a plaintiff or conduct a traffic collision investigation or create an accident report).
      4. Request medical evacuation. Ask for helicopter or ambulance EMT assistance in cases involving severe wounds. Even if you think you weren’t hurt, you must get directly to urgent care, a hospital, or see your doctor. This care helps your riding injuries heal, preventing insurers from arguing you suffered other types of circumstances elsewhere.
      5. Move or cordon off your damaged bike. If you’re not physically disabled, you must move your bike, including broken parts, from the street if you can’t try safely diverting motorists using emergency flares or hand signals, preventing further collisions.
      6. Obtain information. You must exchange financial responsibility (insurance policy number, agent contact phone number, etc.) information, identifying each other person.
      7. Snap photos. Taking iPhone images with your cell phone camera will geocode the location for later proof. Call a close friend or family member to snap pictures of a poor road, crashed bike, including the wreck scene area.
      8. Report motorcycle crashes to the insurance company. Generally, it would be best if you never gave statements to the at-fault party’s insurance representative before speaking to a lawyer. But you should factually report your accident within 24 hours of the wreck without incriminating yourself.
      9. Treat medically till completion. You must follow your doctor’s orders, attending physical therapy, taking your prescription drugs without treatment gaps, etc. The insurance company will ding you, claiming you exacerbated your injuries by not following your treatment regimen.
      10. Collect/preserve evidence. Gather accurate documentary records showing your liability/damages assertions are valid. This work can include securing your helmet for safekeeping, along with your riding gear, copies of your physical treatment medical expenses. Electronically storing iPhone/Android images for lawyer review helps win your case later.
      11. Contact your motorcycle accident attorney. Don’t ruin a strong case by opening your mouth. Before you speak with adjusters at insurance companies, get legal help from Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Our staff has handled hundreds of torts. We can serve your needs from the beginning, increasing your maximum compensation odds.

      The insurer has expertise in engaging instances of deception, hindering your financial recoupment while optimizing insurance company profits. Your chances of winning a higher recovery will increase by retaining a motorcycle attorney from the beginning.

      An accident victim deserves the best representation with charisma and skill, not insurance company obstacles. The professionals at our tier-one will carefully negotiate a risk with insurers, refusing to accept a lowball settlement offer on behalf of our clients. We understand the peculiar dynamics of being struck or ejected riding a motorbike.

      Before your motorcycle crash claim gets too far along, you need to hire our team near you to protect your rights. Let our very best Woodland Hills motorcycle accident attorney handle the settlement process including Woodland Hills, CA 91367 / 91302 / 91303 / 91364 / 91365 / 91371 / 91372.

      Speak With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Woodland Hills About Your Case

      Speak confidentially with a lawyer right away for a motorcycle accident in Woodland Hills motorcycle from Ehline’s offices about your unique accident claim problems today for help. Victims of devastating motorcycle accidents in Woodland Hills, CA, can request a free case review and free consultation with our law offices, call us 24 hours per day.

      In addition, choosing our legal services means we will collect no payment unless we win your California contingency case. A listening, trustworthy advocate awaits your essential phone call at (747) 330-1783.

      Any injured motorcycle rider can use our online intake form for faster turnaround times. The answers you need for questions about all types of motorcycle wrecks are a phone call away.

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