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    Motorcycle Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers | Rider Paralysis Attorneys

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Date Modified: August 18, 2023

When another motorist’s neglect causes a motorcyclist to wreck, injuries to the rider will invariably result. Even if the motorcyclist is wearing full protective gear, no guarantee of physical safety exists for these unprotected rag dolls, as it were.

New methods used by doctors like this to care for brains

No Matter How Visible You Are, Some Motorcycle Accidents Are Unavoidable

Bikers cannot assure themselves whether they will be visible, heard, or perceived by other drivers sharing the same lanes, roads, driveways, and freeway exits. Also, you being seen won’t guarantee someone won’t crash into you, or that you won’t skid on-road debris, etc. Some road ragers and other lunatics could snap one day and decide to take out a motorcycle rider or even an old lady crossing sidewalks. Almost always, physical harm will take place if there is a crash you can’t evade.

You must be ready to get out of trouble and know how to do it. Even then, out of the blue, you could be struck by a big rig truck running a stoplight or broadsided as you make a left-hand turn on a yellow light. Or you can be rear-ended by a tailgating driver following your motorbike too closely at an intersection.

What is the Connection Between Safe Motorcycle Riding And A Healthy Spine?

The human spine consists of 33 unique bones separated by tissue, ligaments, muscle, nerves, veins, blood, and discs, all stacked on top of each other and bound together as the spinal column. Your spine remains a significant health factor in human balance and emotional fitness. For example, the spinal cord offers the primary core support for your body, allowing you to stand upright, bend forwards, sideways, backward, and twist. Your spinal cord remains so finely tuned it will warn you when bending or twisting too far, protecting itself from serious injuries.

You should exercise, stretch, and meditate, as this helps keep your spine’s muscles and bones strong, encouraging loose, flexible tendons and ligaments. The healthier your spine, the better it will act to protect your body’s sensitive nerves running up and down nerves to and from your spine and brain. Now you will be better protected if you get into a smash-up while riding your bike.

Common Spine Conditions Caused By Everyday Motorcycle Riding

Riders can also get rider’s bone, Facet Joint Syndrome, and other neurological injuries from constant riding. But most spinal cord injuries are caused by motorcycle accidents. And sometimes, many of your spine’s structures will remain permanently damaged from strain, severe injury, or disease from the wreck, resulting in lifetime pain, suffering, and medical bills.

What Are Some Common High And Low-Speed Motorcycle Collisions Causing Permanent Spinal Cord Injuries?

As noted, the human spine is made up of and connected with brain impulses that send signals to your limbs. A healthy spine enables motorcyclists to feel the wind on their faces, sense danger, and exercise tangible and intangible sensory processes. Every other vehicle on the road is large, heavy, and menacing compared to a relatively invisible motorcycle.

Typically the mechanism of spine injury to motorcycle riders will include a strike by a stationary or traveling large object. Our Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers mainly see cases where motorcycle riders crashed into a big truck or passenger car, flinging them into another vehicle, fixed object, or the floor. Often, we read police reports about riders’ bodies skipping across the asphalt while their skin is pulled away, leaving behind a reddish ooze of flesh and bone.

Even a low-speed crash can cause motorcyclists to suffer road rash, open gashes, and worse. If your back is ripped open, twisted, or impacted too significantly, you will probably become permanently disabled, possibly paralyzed.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

This blow to your back can potentially sever or smash your spinal cord. Or it may cause severe spinal compression on the nerves that carry brain impulses to the extremities. A personal injury lawyer is an attorney trained in motorcycle accident litigation and lawsuits. Ehline Law Firm has received special knowledge, skill, and training in motorcycle crashes and injury-causing mechanisms. Below, attorney Michael Ehline will detail what riders need to know about Los Angeles motorcycle-related spinal cord injuries and obtaining compensatory money damages from the person who injured the rider or their passenger.

Motorcycle Accident Spine Injuries Remain A Life Or Death Matter

Unfortunately, many severe injury victims don’t fully understand the severity of their injuries afterward. Time is of the essence with spine injuries; every hour that passes without proper evaluation and treatment can mean permanent problems. It can lead to an agonizing death. Gear does indeed help riders minimize riding injuries. But safety gear will not prevent injuries or death. When the injuries are to the upper neck, prompt and thorough medical evaluation and treatment are necessary. This type of injury is a life-or-death matter. Examples of life-threatening injuries to your back requiring immediate medical care include spinal compression fractures after being thrown from a bike and jammed under a car or thrown and jammed into a sewage drain.

Losing your brain’s nerve signals can prevent you from breathing, among many other severe motor function losses. But your medical care needed after a motorcycle accident victim doesn’t stop with breathing problems. Many motorcycle accidents caused by spine injuries require victims to undergo long-term medical treatment. Severely injured riders may require expensive, life-long care, permanently unemployable. The expenses can easily go through the roof fast. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident-spine injury law firm helps victims secure total and fair compensation for these cases.

Recognizing The Severity Of Spine Harm

You never really know how bad things are until you get a doctor to recognize the severity of the harm to your back. One of the essential services a spine injury attorney can help with is immediate medical care. They know lien doctors who agree to later payment. At first, you may view your injuries as temporary and minor. So they may appear as bruises, soft tissue injuries, or muscle strains. But significant injuries might remain unnoticed until the victim sees an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist.

So until being examined by such a specialist, much more severe conditions can materialize and manifest themselves. These manifestations may include disc bulges, nerve compression, and herniation. Spasms and pain following a motorcycle crash can be misinterpreted as signs of a lesser injury. So you remain at risk unless a dedicated medical specialist rules out serious spinal cord injury (SCI). Our excellent attorneys can direct clients to the best-suited healthcare providers. And hopefully, we can find one who works on a lien basis.

Medical Doctors On A Lien Can Help Fallen Motorcyclists Treat Their Injuries?

Yes. Only a proper doctor can differentiate between minor and significant injuries occurring to your neck. And this is why Ehline tries to get badly hurt clients set up with a doctor who will treat them now and recover payments later. Injury attorneys call these medicine men “lien doctors” because we sign a lien to hold settlement monies in trust to pay their liens off upon successful termination of the matter. It’s essential to have a medical expert properly examine your back, spine, and parts because your neck and back area remains a delicate part of your neurological transmission system.

Your number one goal after crashing your bike must be treating with a great doctor immediately, even if you can’t afford one. And damage to any body part can negatively affect the whole. When your spinal cord injury is left untreated or treated wrongly, a permanent disability can result. If you allow this to occur, you will generally need lifelong care.

Disc Injuries; Injuries to the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebrae:

Pain from disc injuries can vary in strength, depending on the activity, but tend to be constant and without a break.

Disc injury can result in any or all of the following:

  • Pain that feels like burning, heat, or hot water.
  • Sharp pain radiating to one side of the body (unilateral). It often travels down the arm on the same side of the body.
  • Pain radiates to both sides of the body. (bilateral) running down the arms on both sides of the body.
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities. (hands and feet).
  • A Tingling or numbness in the digits (fingers and toes).

You should immediately call a qualified medical doctor if any of these symptoms occur.

Permanent Injury To Your Spinal Cord:

Injury to the spinal cord, such as a hammer blow or jolt, often leads to paralysis. Paralysis can be temporary. But most often, it permanently affects the victim. Paralysis depends on the area of the spinal cord where the injury occurs.

  • Paraplegia: This happens if the spinal cord is injured below the neck. Paraplegia affects the abdomen and legs bilaterally, with varying levels of loss of sensation. Paraplegia falls into the injury category known as “partial paralysis” because, typically, you can use your upper limbs, just not your legs.
  • Quadriplegia mostly happens when the spinal cord receives an injury at or about the neck’s base. Quadriplegia results in total paralysis of both arms and legs bilaterally.

Paralysis is a long-term, life-changing medical condition. One may also require special, expensive mechanical equipment, like a wheelchair, a van with a wheelchair lift, etc. This cost becomes compounded over time. For example, a growing child needs to replace equipment as they outgrow old medical devices. We think innocent spinal cord injury victims injured during a motorcycle accident shouldn’t be forced to bear such astronomical costs.

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We will hold the person responsible for causing your debacle accountable both in and out of the California Superior Court. We will handle the insurance company negotiations to ensure we get you complete coverage for your financial losses, including your emotional pain and suffering. Our motorcycle accident spine injury attorneys are the best because we make it happen!

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with over 15 statewide law offices to serve our clients. We will also come to your home, office, or workplace and take your calls 24/7. Our locations include Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, and many more local geo areas. We are contingency fee attorneys with a no-win-no-fee promise. We are ready to start your initial investigation at this very moment!

Getting Reasonable Compensation for a Motorcycle Spinal Cord Injury

Potential compensation is recoverable for the victim could be past, present, and future medical care. Also, it will include physical rehab, lost earnings, lost earning capacity, pain, suffering, and maybe punitive damages. An experienced Los Angeles motorcycle personal injury attorney can help you get money. To receive faster service, you can communicate electronically using our online contact form below.

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