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New methods used by doctors like this to care for brains

When neglect of another vehicle driver causes a motorcyclist wreck, injuries invariably result. Also, even if the motorcyclist is wearing full protective gear, that's no guarantee of safety. There remains no way to assure he or she will be visible to other drivers. Also, it won't guarantee no physical harm takes place if there is a crash.

The human spine consists of 33 unique bones separated by tissue, ligaments, muscle, nerves, veins, blood, and discs all stacked on top of each other and bound together as the spinal column. The spine is a major factor in healthy human balance and emotional health. For example, the spine offers the main core support for your body, allowing you to stand upright, bend forwards, sideways and backward, and twist. It is so finely tuned it warns you when you are going too far, so it can protect the entire spinal cord from serious injuries.

Exercise, stretching, and balance meditation, can keep the spine's muscles and bones strong. And it can also encourage loose, flexible tendons and ligaments. All the while the spine will act to protect the sensitive nerves running up and down a healthy spine to the brain.

Riders can get rider's bone, Facet Joint Syndrome, and other injuries from constant riding. But most spinal cord injuries are caused by motorcycle accidents. And sometimes many of the spine's structures will remain permanently damaged from strain, severe injury, or disease from the wreck, resulting in lifetime pain, suffering and medical bills.

As noted, the human spine is made up of and connected with brain impulses that send signals to your limbs. A healthy spine enables a motorcyclist to feel the wind on his or her face, to sense danger, and to exercise tangible and intangible sensory processes.

Pretty much every other vehicle on the road is large, heavy and menacing when compared to a relatively invisible motorcycle. Typically the mechanism of spine injury to riders includes a strike by a stationary or traveling large object. But mainly they crash into a big truck or passenger car.

This type of blow can potentially sever or smash a spinal cord. Or it may cause severe compression on the nerves that carry brain impulses to the extremities. A personal injury lawyer is an attorney specially trained in motorcycle accident litigation and lawsuits. Ehline Law Firm is a firm with special knowledge, skill, and training in motorcycle crashed and mechanisms of injury. Below, attorney Michael Ehline will detail what riders need to know about Los Angeles motorcycle-related spinal cord injuries and obtaining damages from the person who injured the rider.

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Spine Injuries Are A Life Or Death Matter.

Gear does indeed help to minimize rider injuries. But it will not prevent them. When the injuries are to the upper neck, prompt and thorough medical evaluation and treatment are absolutely necessary. This is a life or death matter. Examples of life-threatening injuries to your back requiring immediate medical care include spinal compression fractures after being thrown from a bike and jammed under a car, or being thrown and jammed into a sewage drain.

Losing nerve signals to the brain can stop a person from breathing, among many other losses of motor function. But the care a motorcycle accident victim needs and deserves doesn’t stop there. Many spine injuries require long-term medical treatment or even life-long care. The expenses can easily go through the roof fast.

Unfortunately, many serious injury victims don’t fully understand the severity of their injuries afterward. Time is of the essence with spine injuries; every hour that passes without proper evaluation and treatment can mean permanent problems. In fact, it can lead to an agonizing death.

Recognizing The Severity Of Spine Harm.

You never really know how bad things are until you get a doctor to recognize the severity of the harm to your back. One of the most important services a spine injury attorney can help with is immediate medical care. They know lien doctors who agree to later payment. At first, you may view your injuries as temporary and minor. So they may appear to be bruises, soft tissue injuries, or muscle strains. But major injuries might remain unnoticed until the victim sees an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist.

So until being examined by such a specialist, much more severe conditions can materialize and manifest themselves. These manifestations may include disc bulges, nerve compression, and herniation. Spasms and pain that follow a motorcycle crash can become misinterpreted as signs of a lesser injury. So unless a dedicated medical specialist rules out serious spinal cord injury (SCI), you remain at risk. Our excellent attorneys can direct clients to the best-suited health care providers. And hopefully, we can find one who works on a lien basis.

Medical Doctors On Lien Can Help?

Only a proper doctor can differentiate between minor and major injuries occurring to the neck. So it's important to have one examine your back and other components of the spine. Because the neck and back area are part of a very delicate neurological transmission system, it remains key to get a great doctor right away, even if you can't afford one.

And damage to any body part can negatively affect the whole. Especially when left untreated, these matters can get out of hand. A permanent disability can result in a worst-case scenario. If this is the case, the victim will generally need lifelong care. And this is why Ehline tries to get badly hurt clients set up with a doctor who will treat now and recover payments later. Injury attorneys call these medicine men "lien doctors," because we sign a lien to hold settlement monies in trust in order to pay their liens off upon successful termination of the matter.

Disc Injuries; Injuries to the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebrae:

Pain from disc injuries can vary in strength, depending on the activity, but tend to be constant and without break.

Disc injury can result in any or all of the following:

  • Pain that feels like burning, heat, or hot water.
  • Sharp pain radiating to one side of the body (unilateral). In fact, it often travels down the arm on the same side of the body.
  • Pain radiating to both sides of the body. (bilateral) running down the arms on both sides of the body.
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities. (hands and/or feet).
  • A Tingling or numbness in the digits (fingers and/or toes).

If any of these symptoms occur, call a qualified doctor immediately.

Permanent Injury to the Spinal Cord:

Injury to the spinal cord, such as a hammer blow, or jolt, often leads to paralysis. Paralysis can be temporary. But most often it permanently affects the victim. Paralysis depends on the area of the spinal cord where the injury occurs.

Paralysis is a long-term, life-changing medical condition. One may also require special, expensive mechanical equipment, like a wheelchair, and a van with a wheelchair lift, etc. This cost becomes compounded over time. For example, a growing child needs to replace equipment, as they outgrow old devices. In any event, a victim should not have to bear all of these astronomical costs. After all, someone else is responsible for the debacle.

Getting Reasonable Compensation for a Motorcycle Spinal Cord Injury.

Potential compensation recoverable for the victim could be the past, present, and future medical care. Also, it will include physical rehab, lost earnings, lost earning capacity, pain, suffering, and maybe punitive damages. An experienced motorcycle personal injury attorney can help you get money. Call Michael Ehline at today for a no-risk consultation at (213) 596-9642.