Laceration Injury Attorney

Many types of injuries, no matter how diverse in cause often include cuts and lacerations. These can include those related to an auto crash, a slip and fall accident, or a dog attack.

A laceration is a cut or tears in the skin. Various features may cause this condition. Items such as broken glass, debris from a slip and fall, or from nails or teeth can rip skin apart.

But blunt force trauma seen during a rollover crash remains just as deadly. Injuries range from minor to fatal. The skillful hands at the Ehline Law Firm can assist those in the Los Angeles area that have suffered such an injury. Get a free consultation at (213) 596-9642.

Laceration injury victim.
Stitch marks on the right arm of laceration victim.


General Information About Cuts, Wounds, and Lacerations

Skin injuries remain the main cause of lacerations. It happens if the skin is split open or separated. Many times this is a jagged cut. These are particularly dangerous, especially when caused by blunt force trauma, such as in a car crash. Other causes and issues can include:

  • Cuts are caused by sharp objects such as glass during a car crash;
  • A gash is when the laceration is long or profound;
  • When the skin and tissue is torn away from the body an avulsion results;
  • An abrasion is when the skin is scraped but not total gash to the bone;
  • These can be traumatic injuries due to the way they have occurred. These can have long lasting effects due to the location or severity;
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian accidents;
  • Construction site accidents and falls from ladders or a roof;
  • Slipping and falling in an area that is wet or poorly maintained;
  • Dog bites;
  • Assault or abuse.

The Severity and Location of the Wound.

Such a gash or laceration can take place anywhere on the body. These are external, and there are some common places where they most often occur, including the face, arms, and legs.

A deep laceration can be especially serious if there is damage to the muscle or bone. When the laceration is on the face, it can require extensive treatment to avoid disfigurement.

Symptoms of Serious Cut or Puncture Wound.

Lacerations are among the most apparent injuries a body can sustain and can include the following symptoms:

  • Pain is the most common;
  • Fainting from loss of blood or head trauma;
  • Exposure of the tissue below the skin, muscle or bone;
  • Infection can occur from the lacerated area;
  • Disfigurement from the laceration.

Treatment For Cuts, Gashes, Wounds and Lacerations

The treatment for a wound such as this will depend on the location, the depth, and size of the injury. The first treatment for the injury will be to stop the bleeding, and other treatments include:

  • To prevent infection and promote proper healing you must clean the wound;
  • Topical medications, ointments, and injections may help numb the pain;
  • A tetanus shot helps prevent lockjaw;
  • Some wounds require stitches, glued, or tape. Almost all of them must become immobilized if needed;
  • Facial injuries often require specialized treatment to avoid disfigurement;
  • There will be topical medications, bandage or dressing maintenance.

The Complications That Can Occur With Lacerations:

These injuries need immediate medical care to heal properly. Treatment is critical in avoiding major blood loss or infection. Scarring or debilitation can also be significant issues.

Other issues can include:

  • Continued pain when not treated properly;
  • Weakness, fainting from loss of blood;
  • Infection, including other symptoms like fever, redness, swelling, and pus or drainage;
  • Scarring, possibly including keloids;
  • Infection, possibly leading to death;
  • Death from loss of blood.

What Next?

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