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A laceration is a cut or tears in the skin. Sometimes it can be a catastrophic injury, and other times it heals with few medical complications. Piercings and punctures are similar to lacerations, but usually involve clamping down on a body part, with deeper penetration into the body.

Hello. I am Los Angeles catastrophic laceration and piercings lawyer, Michael Ehline. I have been a personal injury legal expert for over 16 years. I have drafted federal consumer safety litigation and lobbied the U.S. Congress on behalf of consumers. Presently, I help all types of personal injury victims recover compensation for California personal injuries.

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And as weird as it sounds, overexertion, cutting, and piercing are common injuries faced by people in L.A. When you think about it, just living and commuting in the city lends itself to these types of injuries. An overexerted biker can be thrown and impaled on a fixed or moving object.

For example, all manner of objects like metal poles, glass shards, and barriers. But of course, piercings can be done at a tattoo parlor, or they can be due to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. In fact, a piercing of the skin due to a dog attack raises questions of strict liability.

You can probably imagine in your head all the ways your body could be cut open and penetrated by twisted metal, a sharp corner, or canine fangs sinking into your ankle as you run away in fear.

Our world-famous laceration injury lawyers in Los Angeles are available 24-7 to tale calls and discuss the facts of all new cases with all new clients.

Various features may cause or contribute to this condition and the victim’s agony. Items such as broken glass, debris from a slip and fall, or nails or teeth can rip skin apart and cause nerve damage.

But blunt force trauma seen during a rollover crash remains just as damaging or deadly. So laceration and overexertion injuries range from minor to fatal. It’s almost enough to cause you or a loved one your sanity.

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Cuts and lacerations are among the most horrific injuries to suffer. Below, I am going to explain the many ways these injuries occur. Next, I will cover the types of injuries and how Ehline Law can help you win maximum compensation for personal injuries caused by another person’s negligence. As a bonus, at the end, I am going to share a secret of how to get the best laceration accident law firm by your side.

Were You Injured From Overexertion, Cutting, or Piercing?

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After forming an attorney-client relationship with us, we will guide your case with our over 30 years of combined legal experience. We also take calls 24/7 for all new personal injury clients. Call us today at (213) 596-9642, or use our convenient online contact us form for faster service from an experienced Los Angeles Laceration injury lawyer at Ehline Law Firm.

At the end, we will provide some additional, bonus information about winning maximum compensation. 

General Information About Cuts, Wounds, and Lacerations.

Skin injuries remain the main cause of lacerations. It happens if the skin is split open or separated. Many times this is a jagged cut. These are particularly dangerous, mainly when caused by blunt force trauma, such as in a car crash.

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Other causes and issues can include:

  • Cuts are caused by sharp objects such as glass during a car crash;
  • A gash is when the laceration is long or profound;
  • When the skin and tissue gets torn away from the body an avulsion results;
  • Abrasion is when the skin is scraped but not total gash to the bone;
  • These can be traumatic injuries due to the way they have occurred. (These can have long-lasting effects due to the location or severity);
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian accidents;
  • Construction site accidents and falls from ladders or a roof;
  • Slipping and falling in an area that is wet or poorly maintained.
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The Severity and Location of the Wound

Such a gash or laceration can take place anywhere on the body. These are external, and there are some common places where they most often occur, including the face, arms, and legs.

A deep laceration can be especially serious if there is damage to the muscle or bone. When the laceration is on the face, it can require extensive treatment to avoid disfigurement.

Symptoms of Serious Cut or Puncture Wound

Lacerations are among the most apparent injuries a body can sustain and can include the following symptoms:

  • Pain is the most common;
  • Fainting from loss of blood or head trauma;
  • Exposure of the tissue below the skin, muscle, or bone;
  • Infection can occur from the lacerated area;
  • Disfigurement from the laceration.

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All the negligent parties must be held liable for causing your damages and our attorney’s many years of experience can help you do just that. Hiring the right personal injury attorney or law firm is so important. You want to find the right legal team that is well versed and experienced in plaintiff’s matters. You really want to engage with a firm that truly holds your best interest at heart and will fight like hell to right the wrongs for you.

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  3. Michael Ehline was interviewed by CNN about cruise ship law, and he was a guest on NBC discussing limousine law practice areas. Michael was also interviewed by Nancy Grace on CBS discussing his expertise in California dog bite law.

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Treatment For Cuts, Gashes, Wounds, and Lacerations?

The treatment for a wound such as this will depend on the location. The main factors after that include the depth and size of the injury.

The first treatment for the damage will be to stop the bleeding, and other treatments include:

  • To prevent infection and promote proper healing you must clean the wound;
  • Topical medications, ointments, and injections may help numb the pain;
  • A tetanus shot helps prevent lockjaw;
  • Some wounds require stitches, glue, or tape. Almost all of them must become immobilized if needed;
  • Facial injuries often require specialized treatment to avoid disfigurement;
  • There will be topical medications, bandages, or dressing maintenance.

The Complications That Can Occur With Lacerations:

These injuries need immediate medical care to heal properly. So professional treatment is critical in avoiding major blood loss or infection. Scarring or debilitation can also be a significant issue when victims open a claim and self-represent.

Other issues can include:

  • Continued pain when not treated properly;
  • Weakness, fainting from loss of blood;
  • Infection, including other symptoms like fever, redness, swelling, and pus or drainage;
  • Scarring, possibly including keloids;
  • Infection, possibly leading to death;
  • Death from loss of blood.

Only a well-trained Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can decipher the facts and make the situation a winner. As noted, there is no risk to you. The call is free, the advice is free and if you hire and we don’t win, we take no fee. This means if we don’t win, you don’t pay an attorney’s fee.

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As a bonus, when you shoot straight with us, we promise to make you part of our extended family, and promise to help you and your loved ones with referrals for other matters to lawyers we trust! As another added bonus to our services, in many cases, we offer up-front medical coverage referrals.

And sometimes it means a medical lien advance on the full cost of all treatment. Are you ready to discover the secrets of winning a laceration claim? Contact right now to discuss your legal rights with a premier California personal injury lawyer at (213) 596-9642. Contact a superior lawyer today.

Verdicts and Settlements

  • $10,500,000

    Lanham v. Doe Texas Based Oil Company

    Confidential Settlement / Contra Costa County. Illegal U Turn collision with truck cutting off plaintiff motorcycle rider, causing serious spine, brain and other injuries including a coma.

  • $8,700,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Motorcycle Accident With Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Surgery

  • $4,886,255.67

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Resolution. Cruise Ship Passenger Assault.

  • $4,200,000

    Widow v. Insurance Company

    Truck Accident Wrongful Death Crash / Insurance Bad Faith Matter

  • $3,265,000

    Altamirano v. Harrison

    Motor Vehicle: Motorcycle.

  • $2,300,000

    Gilbert v. Quinones

    Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury. (Read more here).

  • $2,024,761

    Ducket v. Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

    Wrongful Death During a Routine Appendectomy

  • $2,000,000

    Hier v. State of United States (Caltrans)

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,900,000

    Cosham v. City and County of Los Angeles

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,400,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Case Involving a Minor

  • $1,220,000

    Clare v. Estate of Clare

    Auto Defect / Wrongful Death Case Involving Complex Issues

  • $1,050,000

    Doe v. Automaker

    Seat-belt Failure Death Case

  • $1,037,500

    Rodriguez et al. v. Osterkamp Farms

    Disputed Liability Where a Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine Killed a Trucker

  • $1,000,000

    Distler v. Redondo Beach Unified School District

    Cabinet Maker Earning $15,000 a Year Killed by RBUSD Employee

  • $1,000,000

    Stein v. City of Los Angeles
    • Vehicle Passenger Claim Against City of Los Angeles for Dangerous Intersection
    • Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • $950,000

    Nursing Home Abuse
    • Nursing Home Abuse Claim
    • Elder Law

  • $850,000

    Silva v. LAMTA

    Pedestrian Hit by MTA Train

  • $750,000

    Hemsley v. Davis, et al.

    Tour Bus Accident

  • $600,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Serious Passenger Car Accident

  • Domain Saved v. Justin Samuel

    Internet Domain Dispute

  • Appeal From Denial of Anti-Slapp Motion

    Stuart v. Torrance Unified School District

    Affirmed in Favor of Respondent Leslie Stuart (Representing)

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