Ehline Law is a Veteran Owned Business

Are you a military veteran run firm? Yes, we are. Michael Ehline runs Ehline Law Firm. He was a U.S. Marine. He was honorably discharged back in 1989 with connected service disabilities. So he knows the rigors of what injury victims are going through. Ehline used the intangible qualities the Corps helped to develop, to become a lawyer with no law degree.

And later, he got a JD from UWLA, even though he has no undergrad. In fact, he is the first and only student to ever graduate from University of West Los Angeles School of Law as a sworn in, practicing California lawyer. Since then, Ehline has gone on to break records in other areas of his practice and real life.

How Has Military Service Made Ehline Law "A Cut Above" the Rest?

Ehline joined the Corps to help others be free. Whether it is the jackboot of an oppressive government or Fortune 500 corporations, Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys run toward the sounds of battle. Overreaching executives and public servants know about our "do or die" attitude.

"The Marines, as well as my dad (also a Marine) taught me to live and fight for causes bigger than myself"

We make the government, as well as people who put profits over safety pay for their abuse and neglect. Honorably discharged U.S. Marine, Michael Ehline will use its muscle and superior tactics to surmount any obstacle in the pursuit of justice.

Plus, we offer big firm results with a small firm service. As discussed, we take on all comers, no matter how large or small their entrenched defense. Michael also helps disabled vets understand law school and the path to becoming a lawyer. He wants to help you.

  • Ready To Let Us Tell Your Story?

Our military training and prowess have helped us since 2005. We want to tell your story in a way that gives you a human face. Our staff of tough, excellent and skillful lawyers has amassed a war-chest of legal briefs, resolved dockets, and industry contacts.

This means we can hire the best and most skilled case experts and investigators to help you win the maximum financial compensation. As discussed, these claims are fact-specific. Because of this, we use our on-site private investigators to take photos and conduct site inspections.

When we present your claim to the court or insurer, we will be prepared to tell your side of the story. That way, we can demonstrate to the adjuster that you remain a living, breathing person, rather than a nameless, faceless victim.

They will know about your prior military experience, your charitable work, and everything else. The insurer will also see you are broke, hurt, and put out of work by their insured. Next, they will learn the story of the threats your life faces from this event.

And all of this is because of someone's negligence. We also promptly try and interview witnesses within days of the sign-up. After all, the city may make efforts to repair the damage, and the witnesses could pass away, or forget important facts, for example. With resources and training like this, you are in the victorious poll position.