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    The Ultimate Guide to Burn Injury Compensation with Our Lawyers (2023 Updates)

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    The Ultimate Guide to Burn Injury Compensation with Our Lawyers (2023 Updates)

Burn injuries are some of the most painful ones you can have in your life, both physically and mentally. They can be from hot liquids at work, defective equipment, or while purchasing a scalding hot Starbucks. In severe cases, these burns could leave significant scarring on your skin and even facial disfigurement, which can affect the injured person emotionally. I am Los Angeles burn injury lawyer Michael Ehline.

Understanding Burns Means Getting The Most for Financial Losses?

Yes. In 2023, your goal is to gain as much compensation as possible for all the damages, or even death, caused by your burn injury in your best interest. And this guide to burn injury compensation by Ehline Law will help you understand everything more clearly. For example, a first-degree burn will be valued differently than a laceration, for example. To get proper compensation, the at-fault party has to pay for the uniqueness it afflicted upon you or your family member.

Even a wrongful death caused by burns will be valued differently than one had the decedent lived. Either way, the financial future of the survivors must be handled during insurance negotiations, the litigation process, or a full-blown injury lawsuit jury trial. Either way, you will have hospital bills piling up while your lawyer proves negligence and damages related to your burns.

Proven Track Record

I have over a decade of experience fighting on behalf of burn injury victims and their loved ones as lead counsel at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. I specialize in wrongful death claims and have secured landmark settlements on behalf of motorcycle crash victims. I am also a world-famous cruise ship accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

Our firm’s track record of success includes recovering over $150 million on behalf of seriously injured victims and their families in Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities. We can competently negotiate and win any insurance claim with merit. I have also been a CNN guest and helped draft federal traffic safety legislation.

Below, I will share some secrets that insurance companies and medical experts don’t want you to know. Want to recover maximum compensation for your burn injury accident? Let’s go, starting at the accident scene!

Regardless of the type of burn injury you experienced, getting medical treatment for it is hard, as medical bills and other treatment options tend to be more expensive.

Stress for All

As soon as you get burned, your location is the legal location of the injury. This is where your legal team and the investigators will gather evidence. They will need to find video evidence, witness statements, and any insurance policy with coverage, take photos and prepare for the discovery process against the negligent party. This is all super stressful, even for the best legal professionals. Keep this in mind for later.

A burn injury case often comes with a lot of stress for the victim and their family. Suppose you or a loved one were involved in a burn injury scenario. In that case, you should seek immediate medical attention and start building your personal injury claim with the help of burn injury attorneys. This burn injury guide covers everything needed to recover fully.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

Unfortunately, burn injuries can happen at any time and for a wide variety of reasons. However, the most common reasons for a burn injury include the following:

Keep in mind that any damage to your skin that happens due to contact with a source of heat, sun, fire, electricity, or chemical will count as a burn injury. The severity of your burn injury will depend on what body part you got burned, what caused it, the person’s age, and the type of burn. When safety standards are ignored, the duty of care owed to potential victims has been breached.

And this is when most burn injuries occur. The case’s value has much to do with how fast the plaintiff acts to secure an attorney-client relationship, how badly the plaintiff was burned, and how long the plaintiff treats. Unsafe working conditions lead to many cases across California. All the information is covered here.

Types of Injuries

Generally speaking, there are three types of burn injuries a person can experience. The higher the number, the more severe the injury will be.

First-degree Burns

These are also referred to as “superficial burns.” The burn only damages the skin’s top layer, which can cause redness, pain, or discomfort.

First-degree burns are often treated with topical treatments or antibiotics, and your skin will return to normal within a few days.

Second-degree Burns

This type of burn will affect the dermis of your skin. Overall, this burn injury type is much more painful and can last for longer.

Depending on the case, your skin can get red and swollen. You may also experience blistering. Doctors will typically prescribe antibiotics, topical treatments, and ice packs, but you won’t typically need medical intervention.

Remember that second-degree burns can leave some minor scarring once it heals.

Third-degree Burns

Third-degree burns are, by far, the most severe type of injury you can get. Depending on the case, the burn can go through the entire dermis and further into your follicles, sweat glands, and other underlying tissues.

These burns leave the victim with extreme pain and discomfort for some time. Moreover, anyone with a third-degree burn injury should seek medical treatment immediately, as it will not heal without intervention.

If the burn injury is severe enough, it may also destroy your nerve endings, causing you to lose feeling in the damaged area.

Are There Any Further Degrees of Burns?

Yes. According to the National Institute of
General Medical Sciences, we have three additional burn types that, while they’re not as common as the first three, may still happen.

  • Fourth-degree Burns – They affect fat tissues.
  • Fifth-degree Burns – They affect muscle tissues.
  • Sixth-degree Burns – They affect your bones.

How Severe Are Burn Injuries?

It should go without saying that any burn injury can deeply affect a person. Severe burn injuries can also be life-threatening if the person doesn’t get the right medical treatment in time.

Keep in mind that, aside from all the potential physical repercussions you may deal with, you may also get emotionally devastated, which could potentially reduce your enjoyment of life.

Generally speaking, some of the effects of burn injuries include the following:

  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of limbs
  • Inability to grow new skin
  • Infections
  • Oversensitivity to cold and heat
  • Psychological trauma
  • PTSD and emotional distress
  • Lost wages and hefty medical bills.

Your insurance company could be willing to cover some of the expenses that come from your burn injury case. Still, if you genuinely want to deal with all the pain and suffering that this incident left you, you should talk to a burn injury attorney right away.

Who Is Liable for Burn Injuries?

Determining liability in your burn injury claim is vital if you want the insurance company involved to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. However, knowing who is liable without the help of a burn injury attorney can be complicated, as it’s not always obvious.

Depending on the case, the following people or companies could be liable for your personal injury:

Property Owners

Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, the owner is responsible for keeping and promoting a safe environment for any visitors.

If the property owner fails to provide the building with the standard safety requirements for visitors, you could build a personal injury claim for negligence.

Product Manufacturers

Sometimes, a burn injury gets caused by a faulty product that either explodes or does something that causes the burn. Here, you can hold the company or manufacturers liable for letting a product in poor condition get sold.

Employees or Employers

Employees could be sued for negligence if they didn’t take enough precautions to avoid an injury. On the other hand, an employer can get sued if they don’t train their employees carefully, increasing the chances of an accident. Burned union employees, like an injured harbor and port dockworker, will have different administrative rules to follow than a bystander or someone burned and employed elsewhere when bringing a claim.

Reckless Drivers

A car crash can sometimes cause a burn injury, depending on the type of incident. If this is your case, and you believe that the accident was someone else’s fault, you can talk to our burn injury attorneys to file a personal injury claim.

How Can You Prove Damages?

The key to a successful personal injury claim is to have as much evidence as possible surrounding the negative effects that the burn injury caused you.

Some of the best items you can get to support your burn injury claims include the following:

  • Copies of receipts for the faulty product
  • Testimonies from mental health professionals and physical medical supervisors
  • Police reports
  • Tax records and financial testimonies surrounding how the burn injury affected the victim’s capacity to earn money.

What Can You Get in Compensation for Burn Injuries?

Following up on the previous section, your goal is to get a good deal for your burn injury settlement.

Depending on the type of injury and its circumstances, you may recover the following damage types:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the easiest ones to prove by most burn injury lawyers, as you can use physical evidence. You can prove direct monetary loss due to the accident through lost income or medical expenses.

If you experienced permanent injuries, you could also recover damages based on loss of earning potential. Finally, depending on the accident, you could recover compensation to cover property damage, which is common after car crashes.

Non-economic Damages

Considering that non-economic damages aren’t directly related to loss of money, they’re harder to prove by a burn injury attorney.

Non-economic damages include “Pain and Suffering,” which also consists of any emotional or psychological trauma that came because of the injury. Other types of damages include loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, PTSD, and more.

Make sure to talk to an experienced burn injury lawyer to determine if you’re eligible for compensation to cover non-economic damages.

How Can You Start Building Your Burn Injury Claim?

Knowing what to do right after a car accident can be hard. Whether the accident happened due to chemical burns or contact with scalding water, burns can leave permanent scarring and damage in a person, so you must act as fast as possible.

First, keep in mind that you should file your burn injury lawsuit within your state’s statute of limitations if you want compensation. In California, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury.

Now, let’s cover what you should do to start building a personal injury case and ensure you get the burn injury settlements you deserve:

Keeping Calm

Even though it can be extremely hard, try your best to stay calm once the accident happened. In most cases, anything you say will be used against you when making a claim with your insurance company.

Don’t try to apologize or claim fault for the accident. Wait until you talk to a leading attorney with special knowledge and decades of experience. Schedule a call today and consult over the critical instances of your claim from start to finish. No obligation, and risk-free to discuss with us. There is no win, no fee unless there is a positive outcome like a settlement awarded on your or a loved one’s behalf.

Collecting Information

Gather the at-fault person’s information. If there were any witnesses to the accident, gathering testimonies will also help your claim.

Seeking Medical Attention

If you sustained a severe burn, you must seek treatment right away to prevent yourself from getting permanent damage. Remember that your medical records can be used as evidence in burn injury claims.

Gathering Evidence

Gather as much evidence as possible about your burn injury damages, including photos and videos. If there were any security cameras on the scene of the incident, try to ask to get the footage. That will help you a lot to get a fair settlement.

Talking to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Make sure to talk to a legal professional to evaluate all your available options for the lawsuit. These lawyers will help you negotiate with insurance companies, talk to the responsible party, and get the best settlement possible for your damages.

Several lawyers, including those working at Ehline Law, offer a free consultation to potential clients seeking compensation, so feel free to clear up any doubts you may have with them.

Did you suffer thermal burns in a workplace accident? Are you experiencing complications and need top-notch burn injury lawyers? Do you have deep tissue damage or need skin grafts? Filing personal injury claims by yourself is hard enough if you don’t have experience with the claims process.

The insurance companies could try to give you lowball offers that won’t help you get the treatment you deserve for severe burns. For this reason, our prompt, trustworthy lawyers offer free legal advice to see how much compensation you can secure for your burn injury claim.

Contact our team at Ehline Law at (833) LETS-SUE if you’re ready to seek compensation for a catastrophic injury and get started with your insurance or take over your court claim. Burn injury cases are our specialty. When someone else’s negligence caused your severe injuries, even workplace injuries, we can help you make a burn claim, help your medical provider and seek compensation for future treatment.

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