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Date Modified: August 18, 2023

If you suffered a severe injury in a Los Angeles, Southern California, speeding accident, and the other driver was at fault. You may have a personal injury case worth pursuing monetary compensation. You will know only by contacting top-notch personal injury law offices like Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Our superior Los Angeles car accident attorneys have over 15 years of experience assisting consumers injured in accidents.  We have deep knowledge, experience, skill, and training to win the most challenging accident cases.  Our mastery of California state and federal law and consummate people skills will give the cynical accident victims reasons to be confident.

The thousand of accident victims we have represented make one thing clear, they hired the right speeding accident attorneys. Our award-winning attorneys and talented staff earned their higher status through a reputation for consistently fighting and winning our clients’ personal injury verdicts and settlements. We also stand ready to protect the rights of future accident victims. A vast amount of car accidents in Los Angeles are caused due to excessive/unsafe speed. Unfortunately, people who drive too fast or recklessly for the conditions presented remain at significant risk of losing control of their motor vehicles.

For example, take the recent downhill speeding accident case of billionaire golfer Tiger Woods. He could not go with the road’s curve near Torrance as he sped down Hawthorne Blvd in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Instead, Tiger proceeded to drive into the center median, throwing his SUV into the oncoming traffic lanes and onto an embankment. Arguably, Woods showed a “reckless disregard for the safety of property or persons.” (See California Vehicle Code Section (CVC) 23103).

Speeding In Cars, Driver Distractions, And Wrongful Death Error Claims

You risk injury or death any time you speed while driving, making your turn, passing another vehicle, or unexpected stops at intersections. Your risks of being rear-ended by a reckless driver or from speeding accidents are on the rise.

Speeding accident deaths and severe injuries increased exponentially during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020. Other illegal and dangerous activities associated with driving too fast are DUI or drug-impaired driving. A significant factor causing deaths is using handheld devices, causing distractions during fast motor vehicle operations. Our intersection accident attorneys know that people driving fast regularly blow through stop signs and red lights.

Combining other risky activities with speeding remains a catastrophic, common cause of multi-chain vehicle collisions and people getting run over on sidewalks and inside crosswalks. Car accident statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrate during the last 20 years that, approximately 17% of all motoring crashes were speed-related mishaps.

Common sense tells us that we will place ourselves, and our loved ones, including pedestrians and others, in jeopardy by speeding on roads in our daily drivers.

Why Should I Get A Free Consultation From Ehline Law Firm’s Los Angeles Speeding Accident Attorneys?

Our credentials as superior Los Angeles personal injury lawyers remain second to none. Our top lawyers are equipped with the know-how and skill set to help you receive an award of maximum compensation for your spending injury claims. We are an aggressive, no-nonsense personal injury law firm determined to win your case, do or die.

Our savvy and sophisticated accident lawyers maintain sharp negotiation and litigator skills. We have no qualms about doing what is necessary to win.

What Are Some Steps We Take to Assist Speeding Accident Victims in Los Angeles?

  • Listen to your side of the story. Our top gun lawyers know you want and deserve to be heard. We will attentively listen and guide your case tactically and strategically till we score you a win,
  • Investigate and seek out accident scene evidence, including videotapes, photographs, road debris, damaged road surfaces, improper or missing traffic signals,
  • Deal with your and the other party’s insurance company. Ehline will carefully document your account of the vehicle crash and its terrible aftermath,
  • We will (as necessary) hire expert witness consultants to testify in court on your behalf over issues like causation, duties, and damages,
  • Investigate to discover whether the defendant has a prior record of substantially similar distracted driving misconduct,
  • Advance costs to purchase and examine police reports, ambulance, and hospitalization medical care data,
  • We will promptly file all required documents with the government, third parties, and other defendants,
  • Seek out and interview eyewitnesses.

More than anything, we will give you strength on call during your moment of need. After over 15 years in practice helping car crash victims, you know you are mature enough to help you. Yet, we are not so ancient that we are not experts at the use of modern cutting technology to facilitate and foster excellent attorney-client communications and win lawsuits.

  • We Are Contingency Fee Attorneys

Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without you spending anything out of your pocket. We will advance all case costs and will take no fee unless we recover money. We will support your case by promptly answering any of your important questions.

We will keep you abreast of all matters arising in your case. Our goal here is to relieve you of the logistical insurance negotiation nightmare. Ehline Law wants to be hands-on when it comes to dealing with your urgent legal matters.

Our clients know right away we have their best interests at heart. We are attentive, honest, trustworthy, and filled with compassionate dedication. Your legal team at Ehline Law Firm is determined to fight, duck, bob, weave and outsmart the insurance company and its highly trained team of adjusters and defense lawyers. “Our legal pugilists win big!”

What Are Some Of Our Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer’s Public Awards, Peer Reviews & Accolades?

Million Dollar Advocates, Personal Injury Warriors International, CNN, Newsweek Magazine, and more have received our winning personal injury car accident attorneys well. Although you should rarely trust review sites on Yelp! for example, our public recognition from significant media outlets proves we are not your typical ambulance chasers.

Auto Accidents And Speed Related Impact Forces Can Kill Or Maim You!

A motor vehicle driver traveling at extremely high-speed rates will have less reaction time to slow down or evade approaching road threats. (See California Vehicle Code Section 21703). If a speeding driver rides the car’s bumper in front of them, following too closely, little braking time exists to slow if you get brake checked, for example.  Unpredictable stops or slowing by the vehicle in front of your car, causing your car accident injuries, can happen for many reasons, including:

  • An animal runs into the road, and everyone in both vehicles may suffer devastating injuries.
  • A blind person crossing the street as the “walk sign” flashes red into “don’t walk,”
  • An approaching emergency vehicle with sirens and flashing lights,
  • In a medical event like a stroke or heart attack,
  • Children chasing a ball, darting into the street,
  • Mechanical failure,

We know that other obstructions cause vehicle operators to take evasive maneuvers to exist, causing traffic collisions. Increased speeds mean more risks of serious injury or death. Can you think of some more?

Speeding and high acceleration can exponentially increase vehicle impact forces within a motorized conveyance like a passenger car or truck. As the vehicle crashes, your joints, tendons, soft connective tissue, bones, and muscles can receive catastrophic impact forces, leading to serious injuries, coma, or wrongful death action. Even with a roll cage and sturdy auto body construction, high speeds will increase property damage risks to vehicle operators. A heavy enough impact can ignite your vehicle’s gas tank after your car is crushed, burning you and your vehicle’s passengers alive.

We saw this with Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker. He was a passenger in a speeding Porsche that crashed and lit itself on fire, burning him to death. The faster someone drives, the less vehicle occupant protection will be available.

Safety devices like seatbelts, driver, passenger-side airbags, run-flat tires, etc., become less effective at saving lives due to the excessive impact of G-forces associated with a speeding vehicle collision.

Our well-schooled lawyers know that going the speed limit is associated with lower casualty rates and insurance claims. The California Vehicle Code (CVC) mandates that all drivers exercise caution and drive safely in road conditions presented.

“No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.” (CVC 22350). Like negligence law, our CVC looks for a person’s “reasonableness” in their driving decisions.

So we have no hard and fast rule about speed generally. Instead, motor car drivers are expected to use common sense while navigating California freeways, toll roads, and highways based on traffic, weather, etc. Vehicle drivers must take special care driving on more minor, localized routes. Drivers must pay attention to the road surface (wet, slick, slippery, etc.) and the amount of traffic. It would help if you obeyed posted traffic signals so long as doing so does not endanger other property or persons in the process. Hit-and-run drivers who are located have a history of never providing insurance information or proof of financial responsibility.

We have said that and will present you with the speeding laws relevant to this article.

  • Most Cars. The maximum speed limit for most passenger cars will be 65 mph unless 70 mph is posted for you to see along your travel route. (CVC 22352).
  • Towed and Trailered vehicles. The maximum speed limit for vehicles towing trailers will be 55 mph if you are rolling on a two-lane undivided highway unless otherwise posted. (CVC 22406)
  • Impeding traffic flow. Believe it or not, driving too slow can also lead to some devastating crashes. CVC 22400 bars interfering with or impeding roadway normal traffic flow. Don’t be a dick. Get out of the fast lane. Stop being an arrogant safety hazard trying to own the road!  (Go here for more CVC)

In addition to paying penalty assessments, fines, and other charges, penalties for speeding will increase based on how fast you were going and an ancillary violation for drinking and driving or chatting on your cell phone. Also, if the violator goes too far over the speed limit, they can be charged with a felony! (See CVC 23109)

Even worse, if the speeding driver has a prior criminal record for Vehicle Code offenses, they may end up in prison or Twin Towers jail for a 6-month minimum misdemeanor stint.

  • What About Negligence Per Se And L.A. Speeding Vehicle Collisions?

No matter how fast or slow you were going, if you violated a CVC section intended to prevent the type of harm to the type of person you managed or killed, you will be presumed negligent under the theory of “negligence per se.”

Your chance to use this rebuttable presumption of negligence to bolster your liability claims will depend squarely on the speeding offense committed. Either way, with or without presumed negligence, California personal injury law entitles victims to a fair financial recovery so long as they can prove their burden of negligence by a preponderance of the evidence.

What Are Some Common Speeding-Caused Accident Injuries In Los Angeles County?

At Ehline Law Firm, we have in-depth knowledge and comprehension of the gruesome, devastating bodily injuries suffered from speeding collisions.

Motor vehicle accidents associated with speeding will regularly cause severe pain, suffering, and harm to people in Los Angeles County, including:

  • Wrongful death of a loved one (Check out our wrongful death attorney page).
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), Mild Traumatic brain injury (MTBI),
  • Spinal cord injury, including whiplash and disc burst fractures,
  • Broken bones/fractures (compound and internal breaks),
  • Amputation, missing limb, or dismemberment,
  • Blindness, hearing  loss, or vegetative states,
  • Neurological and muscular mishaps,

Or car crash lawyers located in the state of California deal with many other types of injuries as well. Some clients will need to have surgery or be forced to undergo physical rehabilitation.

Our liability and medical experts called to testify during the trial will help you with:

  • Psychological counseling for speeding accident-related stress therapy,
  • Speech therapist meetings,
  • Long-term nursing care,
  • Occupational therapy.

How Much Money Damages Compensation Can I Get For My Speeding Accident Personal Injuries?

How much your personal injury lawyers can obtain under the law for your speeding accident-related injuries remain fact dependent. Even the best Los Angeles car accident lawyer can never predict how much someone will receive as money in damages compensation for a car accident claim— car crash lawyers who do so violate legal ethics guidelines in California.

But once you contact Ehline Law Firm, you will have our dedicated team of professional car accident attorneys in Los Angeles fighting with all our power to win you a massive chunk of money for your traffic accident case or other speeding accidents being disputed by the insurance company.

Our very best car accident lawyer won’t tire or give up the fight unless we win you every deserving compensation dollar for:

  • Home adaptations and alterations to make your residence accessible with your new handicap,
  • Medical expenses, physical therapy, and medical treatment rehabilitation costs,
  • Permanent scars, bodily and facial disfigurement to motorists harmed in car crashes,
  • Past, present, and future physical pain and emotional trauma/harm,
  • Lost past, present, and future wages,
  • Property damage dollars,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life,
  • Loss of consortium.

Our superior rear-ender accident attorneys are viable strategists. We know what it takes to build the value of your fender bender lawsuit.

We know how to build the value and win speeding accident cases when you are:

  • Struck by falling or flying objects or debris caused by another party’s motoring crash (Our phenomenal pedestrian accident lawyers sign cases like this continuously),
  • Sideswiped by a speeding, hit, and run driver, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics,
  • Hit from behind on your vehicle’s rear bumper at a high rate of speed during a rear-end collision,
  • Struck head-on by another car, motorcycle, truck, or bus,
  • Broadsided/T-Boned at a busy Los Angeles intersection.

This list doesn’t include all the crazy ways a speeder can crash into you. We have brought many personal injury lawsuits for our satisfied customers, raising different factors than shown above. Were you also cruelly victimized by another person’s careless or reckless disregard for you and your family’s safety, pain, and suffering, as well as their personal well-being? If so, we want to win for you too. Today, you can visit our website to pursue more details about our excellent, attentive legal services in Los Angeles County, California. You will see right away that we have a proven track record with 24-7 curbside service for all speeding accidents.

Our outstanding Los Angeles speeding accident lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries have helped our clients successfully win multi-million dollar insurance settlements. Our court and jury awards are a magnificent example of why clients keep calling us back when suffering personal injuries in Los Angeles. Our charismatic, attentive speeding accident attorneys take no prisoners when it comes to fighting for your accident victim’s rights over your catastrophic injury claims. We promise to get you the best result in catastrophic injury claims throughout Southern California.

What Do Car Accident Victims Have to Say About Our California Car Accident Law Firm?

 “I can’t RECOMMEND Ehline Law Firm Enough!!”

“I was involved in a three-car pile-up accident on the Interstate 5 Freeway headed to Fashion Island. Out of the blue, I was hospitalized with serious, life-threatening injuries. All the people in the crash were fighting over the same insurance money. Michael and his superb team at Ehline Law made it seem easy and got me paid in full. Although it was no walk in the park, Michael handled everything like a car accident lawyer pro. These are the AAA accident attorneys my family, and I call when we seek compensation for all types of damages and injuries we suffer. Ehline was…” — Mike P.

“Mike is honest, caring, forthright, thoughtful, courteous, ….”

With all the dishonest lawyers in Los Angeles, our family was pleased to meet a former United States Marine. Michael Ehline was lead counsel on my serious injury car accident case, and I think he runs the best car accident law firm in town. I suffered terrible injuries in a pretty severe car accident back in 2008. Everything Mike and his paralegal promised me it was delivered in spades. Mike is honest, caring, forthright, thoughtful, courteous, considerate, kind, hardworking, and… . . — Mary M.

 “Simon was the best accident attorney ever.”

I consider Ehline’s team of talented employees to be the best in the personal injury business. I was struck by an Uber driver who was driving too fast and chatting on his phone. He didn’t even have a driver’s license on him. I saw him coming in the rearview mirror and couldn’t get out of his way. After spinal fusion surgery, I figured I would be stuck with all the bills and lost income from losing my job! Boy, was I wrong? Michael, his incredibly thoughtful legal secretary, Irene, helped me get full compensation, including money in my pocket. Although I am suffering moderate pain today, the money I got helps cover my ongoing physical therapy. If it wasn’t for their lien doctor fixing my spine damage, I doubt I’d be walking today. He had the best doctors, legal team, and . . . — Clarence C.

“I lucked out finding such an awesome car accident personal injury attorney.” 

“I lucked out finding such an awesome car accident personal injury attorney.”  After all the finger-pointing over my intersection left-hand turn accident, Ehline’s investigators located a videotape of my crash from a local business’s cam feed. Even though the guy who hit me lied, claiming I caused the crash. The other guy’s insurance paid me immediately after seeing the tape.  I have hired PI lawyers before during my 20-plus years as a commercial trucker. Michael, John, and the rest of this staff went the extra mile for me, unlike any other law firm I hired. They clearly explained the car accident compensation process and told me they would conduct a better investigation than most lawyers. They didn’t lie. They explained everything to me and handle the insurance agent with . . . — Debbie K. 

“James negotiated my medical expenses down by almost 30% and let me keep the money with no fee…” 

I felt like I was run through a meat grinder after being ejected from my vehicle after being crashed into by a hit-and-run driver. Even though I was frustrated, sliced up, and angry, Michael and his staff met me at my hospital, signed me up, took notes, and encouraged me to heal while his team began their investigation. Ultimately, Michael worked with law enforcement and pinned down the other driver’s location. Although Michael couldn’t prove the guy who hit me was drunk and made the pizza delivery company, the hit-and-run driver worked to pay me for my surgery and other problems like my lost job and income.  I was taken care of, and James negotiated my . . . — Mark C. 

“These guys are my personal injury dream team…” 

After I determined these were the car accident lawyer guys with the best background for my type of accident case seeking out a motorcycle lawyer pro.  These guys are my personal injury dream team. They always called me back and responded to texts and emails quickly. I fully trust Ehline. Law if I am in another motorcycle crash to handle everything and give me the best information for my car accident cases. Their laser-like focus. . . — Joshua E.

These are just a few testimonials of satisfied clients.

See the video about Ehline Law Group:

Do You Need A Free Case Review After Suffering An Automobile Accident in Los Angeles, California?

No matter who is opposing your efforts to get paid for a speeding accident insurance claim, our experienced car accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California, will work your opponents under the table. No matter the tomfoolery, cheap parlor tricks, or wittiness, or bankroll, we will make it happen for you. Our winning team will use a no-nonsense, take no prisoners approach when navigating your speeding accident case to full and final victory in or out of court.

Let our superior excessive speeding accident lawyers in Los Angeles County also fight for your legal representation. Don’t lose any more sleep over your lack of future certainty over your life, limb, and property after speeding accidents occur. We encourage all speeding accident victims to find peace and solemnity by contacting our caring lawyers today in the Los Angeles area, including Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, and other Southern California locations. But we are statewide, so we also help with speeding accidents in Sacramento and San Francisco counties.

Were you seriously injured in an accident at the negligent hands of another? Our experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney will schedule an initial free consultation. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers will hear you out and come up with a winning game plan. We have over 15 convenient local law offices to assist with your injury claim. We don’t just have one practice area, either. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers help with all kinds of civil torts near you.

Retaining the services of our terrific personal injury attorneys can mean the difference between getting paid a total and fair settlement amount or not receiving enough for car accidents. You deserve enough to account for your physical and bodily injury damages, medical bills suffering, and lost wages. Hiring the wrong car lawyer in Los Angeles can mean being short-changed or getting less of a settlement amount than you deserve under the law as a matter of justice. A lousy lawyer in Los Angeles may end up blowing the statute of limitations and getting your Los Angeles speeding accident case dismissed 100%.

Don’t risk hiring inexperienced, non-communicative counsel for your critical case in Los Angeles. You are encouraged to contact us at (213) 596-9642 or add your contact information and enter your phone number using our convenient online contact form today. We are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help Los Angeles speeding accident victims receive their free legal consultation. Find out about forming an attorney-client relationship before you blow your speeding accident claims.

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Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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