Gas Explosion Burn Injury Attorney

We have all seen popular TV shows like the A-Team, and CHIPS. As kids, we saw situations where a car crashes and explodes. Usually, it appeared the impact appears to have ignited the gasoline tank. This detailed information will dis-spell some of the myths surrounding gas tank detonations. Also, it will expose some of the lesser-known realities.

Ehline Law Firm deals with gas fires and eruptions, as part of their day to day law practice. With an impressive track record of verdicts and settlements, we are not to be trifled with by defense attorneys. And liability insurance adjusters know it. If you suffered a gas-related burn or explosion shrapnel wounds due to the fault of another person, we could help.

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Table of Contents:

The Many Causes of Gas Explosions.

There are a variety of reasons gas explosions and fires can cause serious injuries or fatalities. This injury can occur when there are gas explosions in the home, in the workplace, in structures. Also, it can be from the use of defective products and due to gas standards violations.

Safe use of gas standards and practices is often impossible. Most of all, this is when using natural gas or propane, with defective products. Also, gas line safety violations are another cause of gas explosions. These are well known for fire, bodily harm, and fatalities.

Gas Explosion Statistics – Propane Tanks.

In the United States, there are approximately 100 million people that use natural gas. But about 26 million inhabitants use propane gas. Both natural gas and propane gas can explode and cause a fire. But propane gas is approximately 13 times more likely to cause severe harm to your body.

In the event of propane gas tank failure, the risk of severe burn injuries or death is great. It is approximately 100 times higher than with the use of natural gas. Propane has even more attendant risks. And this is because it is bottled gas. So these tanks can get ruptured. But there are other factors like heat and electrical sparks that cause it to explode. Natural gas gets run through pipes to houses and businesses. So it may be under the name Methane. Usually, underground pipes carry a lower risk of rupture.

Hints of a Gas Leak.

For consumer and workplace protection systems are in place to make gas safe. Hence, both natural gas and propane have an odor added to it by the gas company. Basically, this is to alert if there is a gas leak in natural gas pipes, propane tanks, and gas stoves. It also involves gas water heaters and other appliances. Undetected gas leaks with either natural gas or propane can lead to an explosion or fire.

So it causes serious burn injuries or fatal burn injuries. Ignoring gas leaks, even with no explosion or fire, can be deadly. Also, the structure, workplace, or home can fill with carbon monoxide. And this is a fatal toxic vapor when inhaled for a short amount of time.

Get Help From a Lawyer When Burned by Exploding Gas.

When you or a loved one have gotten injured due to a natural gas or propane fire, explosion, or leak that got caused by carelessness, negligence, or a defective product, you may have the right to hold the negligent party responsible. The catastrophic injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm can evaluate your case, determine the negligent parties, and explain your legal rights.

Holding the negligent party responsible takes aggressive and confident representatives. Most of all, they must have the resources and litigation skills to keep those in charge of the actions or inaction liable. After all,  because this led to the incineration or scorching of your skin membrane, someone needs to pay. Still worse, it may have caused the death of a loved one.

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