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Bus accidents are something most military passengers don’t expect. In fact, like all of us, they place their trust in the bus driver or private bus company. Some soldiers, sailors, and Marines think they can’t sue.

So they rarely reach out to a lawyer. Most vets recall government immunity, and the UCMJ prevents suing the U.S. military. But in some cases, a maker or private bus company remains outside the cloak of sovereignty. So you need to keep reading and learn your rights. Roger that?

Are You An Injured Military Bus Passenger?

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When a military bus accident occurs, it is a harrowing event for everyone involved. So the passengers on the bus, the bus driver, and victims in other vehicles all become victims. The fact, estimates show between 15,000 and 21,000 people become bus accident victims annually.

Also, deaths have been as high as 21 innocents per year. Injuries in a military bus accident can be significant for the passengers. And this remains true even when a passenger believes they might not have been injured. They need a full medical eval.

Above all, tests should include the head, back, and spinal cord. In any case, injuries to these body parts might not be apparent at the accident scene. Last, the injured passenger should contact a reputable bus accident attorney as soon as possible.

At this point, it remains vital to have an experienced military bus accident attorney by your side. These members

LAV Accident Camp Pendleton
Camp Pendleton Light Armored Vehicle Near Las Pulgas Road

of the California State Bar will know the statutes of limitations to file a legal claim.

Also, better firms have the resources to investigate the accident.

Incidentally, the time limitations to sue government entities are usually shorter. So that means the lawsuit must get filed within a shortened amount of time.

Other military injury cases we take include Camp Pendelton personal injuries arising from:

Los Angeles Military Bus Accident Attorneys

Compensation Potentially Recovered From A Military Bus Accident.

Compensation may include:

Speak With An Inactive U.S. Marine As Your Legal Counsel.

Michael Ehline, Camp Pendleton Tour Bus Crash Lawyer
Michael Ehline, Camp Pendleton Tour Bus Crash Lawyer

The experienced military bus accident lawyer determines the damages. Damages are the money award victims receive. In any event, different circumstances can apply to military personnel.

Military Bus Collisions We Take?

Our highly experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorneys handle various types of accident claims in both Los Angeles federal and state court, including:

  • MEPS transportation fleet collisions
  • MCRDSD to Camp Pendleton Edson Range buses
  • Camp Pendleton-Oceanside buses
  • USMC Bus Accidents
  • National Guard Collisions
  • Recruit Travel Assistance crashes

We handle more types of cases, but they all have a common thread. These are riders either on active duty, EAS, or recruits seeking to be soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, or DHS Coast Guardsmen/women.

Because of this, government transportation claim liability along with ordinary civil negligence law can often overlap with contracted for private bust companies and government agencies.

Our brilliant Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have the money, time, and resources to investigate the at-fault parties and find your compensation from the legal spiderweb of confusion.

The Ehline Law firm has the experience to represent injured military bus personnel and has represented thousands of victims. During our over 15 years in practice, our Los Angeles office has recovered over $150 million for Angelenos.

Attorney Michael Ehline, as a former U.S. Marine, will fight aggressively for you. We love the military personnel who place their lives at risk for us.

We know you didn’t sign up to become an injury victim. Our attorneys want to help you stay in the fight you joined up to pursue. Contact Ehline Law Firm in Southern California at (213) 596-9642.

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