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Prisoner with bad bruises on white
A prisoner with severe bruises on white.

Prisoners make up only a portion of victims from Department of Corrections Bus crashes. And bus crashes fail to discriminate as to who their victims will be. The next ER visit could be a person inside or outside the locked down conveyance.

Because of this lawsuits may name many defendants. For example, respondents may include mechanics, the driver, the County, City, State, and federal authorities. Worker’s compensation laws cover guards and deputies. But they could also file against a third party, such as a tire maker.

Prisoners may still be innocent until proven guilty or convicted. In that case, the accused person may sue under certain civil rights statutes. So for example, if the level of care falls too low, it becomes cruel and unusual. In other words, prisoner transport must occur in a humane way.

Ehline Law Firm helps in all of the above cases. As a matter of fact, we can help a police union. Also, we may work on behalf of the husband, children, parents or wife of a deceased prisoner bus wreck victim.

Our attorneys have taken down millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in many unusual cases. Many have been against the government. But we have also sued private and state actors.

Often these cases have many statutory requirements that must be met. In fact, you can waive your rights to sue for recompense. Not having a lawyer for a delicate matter like this, is a recipe for disaster. Let Ehline Law steal your victory from the jaws of defeat.

Table of Contents:

Not all Bus Passengers are Safe.

Catastrophic Bus Accident
Crashed bus

Front End Ripped off of a Bus

Bus accidents cause serious injuries. This is especially true when a smash-up occurs to a handcuffed excursionist. So being transported on a California prison bus has personal consequences.

In any event, the prisoners, employees and their families, all place their trust in the coach driver. But they also rely upon the State/County, and the bus builder to provide safe transportation.

This confidence is not always warranted. Numerous cases exist where prisoners and guards received severe injuries. In some examples, the passengers died.

Even when passengers doubt they’re injured, they need to receive a complete medical eval. At a minimum, victims should be scanned and tested for the head, back, and spinal cord injuries.

The pain masking effect of adrenaline wears off only later on. So directly after the bus crash, testing may be the only way to know if the victim will further injure him or herself. But no matter what, swelling, bruising and distress are all signs of significant injuries.

Convicts and Compensation for Roadway Negligence.

The prison inmate, employee or their family have the right to compensation after a prison bus crash. But they must hire a prison transport specialist. Plaintiffs should hire a lawyer who will file the legal claim within the time constraints. That means they need an excellent lawyer familiar with shorter time duration against government entities.

The prison bus accident attorney builds the legal claim using experts. Also, he or she will thoroughly investigate the events. But you must hire a lawyer right away. So speaking to a personal injury attorney quickly remains vital.

Recovery of Prison Bus Accident Compensation.

Compensation is what the prison bus accident victim and their family deserve. This includes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages (for correctional officers and other employees)
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Workers compensation
  • Impairment of earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death

The prison bus accident attorney helps injured victims in a vast array of issues. For example, they assist in determining the financial compensation available. Victims must get the right lawyer right away. For example, it is important to know that each occupant has different rights, duties, and obligations.

In fact, prisoners and prison employees are aboard. So this means employment and worker’s compensation laws are at play. As for the prisoners, they have to deal with Civil Rights and other statutes. Plus they may have a shortened period to file a claim for damages.

And in the event of termination of life during a bus crash, the decedent’s family will have certain issues that will pop up. In any case, only a trained attorney can gently guide the family through the legal process. That way, they can send their passed loved ones one, while the survivors try and recover compensation. 

So you can see this is no walk in the park. As a matter of fact, juries can be biased against the injured convict. Apparently, only a trained attorney know what motions in limine to file. That way the focus remains on injuries and not whether or not the victim was a bad person.

A Pro Can Guide Correctional Institution Transport Injury Claims

Ehline Law Firm has handled correctional institution transit mishaps. In fact, we fight boldly and aggressively for the injured victim. Our attorneys will go against the bus builder or government entity. As always, our goal is obtaining victims fair compensation. Call our prison bus accident lawyers at (213) 596-9642.