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Date Modified: July 2, 2023

If you’ve been in and around Los Angeles, then you know that Interstate 5 is the life support of Southern California, connecting Los Angeles County with other nearby states. Parallel to the Pacific Coast, the interstate connects California with Oregon, Washington, and most of the West Coast.

With millions of travelers using Interstate 5 annually, there are high chance that a few don’t reach their destination. Some leading causes of car accidents on the I-5 are drunk, distracted, and reckless driving. You can receive a free consultation with a Los Angeles accident injury lawyer, or keep reading to learn more.

If you got into a car accident that was not your fault, contact Ehline Law and our auto accident attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

I-5 South

Starting in the South, the I-5 leaves the Federal Highway 1 from the Mexican border, connects with SR-15 in San Diego, California, then heads to the US 101 in Los Angeles, passing through major suburbs in Orange County.

The San Diego freeway turns into the Golden State Freeway as it exits the Los Angeles interchange and goes to Santa Clarita Valley ending at Bakersfield, where the Golden State Freeway transitions to the SR-99.

Some multiple junctions and intersections allow travelers to travel to many different cities. Drivers can join the US 50 and I-80, the significant junctions at Sacramento, California before they head to Oregon.

In Oregon, the highway travels through the Siskiyou Summit, dropping to the Rogue Valley before passing through different towns such as Ashland, Grants Pass, and more. From there, it heads to Cottage Grove and passes Albany, Salem, and Woodburn. It heads North East to the Portland metro area and then into Portland before crossing into Washington.

I-5 North

The I-5 ends at the North end near the Canadian border at Blaine in Whatcom County in Washington. As it enters from Portland, the highway follows the Columbia River into Vancouver before turning to Kelso and Longview. The freeway continues heading North, exiting from the Seattle metro area, and reaching Bellingham into Peach Arch, the crossing between the United States and Canada in Blaine.

With so many different intersections, junctions, and exits/entries, the I-5 witnesses many accidents yearly due to driver errors. The I-5 has had a history of truck-related and motor vehicle accidents leading to closures of some routes for specific duration causing inconvenience to other drivers.

Who Can I File a Car Accident Claim Against on the I-5?

The I-5 has not only motor vehicles but also motorcycles, different types of trucks, SUVs, and pedestrians. For filing personal injury claims against a party, you must know which party is responsible for the accident.

For example, in an accident with a truck, you may want to hold the truck driver responsible for the accident. Still, upon further investigation, the trucking company may have prolonged the repairs to the truck causing the accident.

This is just one of many situations that can happen. For a car accident, you may also hold the local municipality responsible for unmaintained roads or the manufacturer for vehicle defects.

It can be challenging to figure out who is responsible and who you should file claims against. A qualified personal injury attorney can help identify the responsible party and take legal action against them.

For example, sometimes people die, and you could be out of state. Our Los Angeles, wrongful death attorneys, can help deliver vital assistance to stranded travelers and others needing legal assistance and a listening, compassionate ear.

This saves a lot of time and ensures a much smoother claims process. It also builds trust during the formation of the attorney-client relationship.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer for Your Accident?

In short, yes. You need a car accident lawyer to help you with your claims process and deal with the insurers. In a car accident case or any other accident, the claims process differs greatly depending on your state.

Fault-based states have a different process as compared to no-fault states. A Los Angeles car accident claim gets treated differently than if you were to be in no-fault states such as Florida or Michigan.

According to the degree of fault, victims can only claim compensation for their car accident injuries in fault-based states like California. This means that the victim must prove that the other driver was acting negligently.

An attorney can help establish the essential elements of a personal injury claims case.

Our experienced car accident attorneys can prove the following:

  • The defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff
  • The defendant breached that duty of care
  • The defendant’s action caused harm or severe injuries to the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff got harmed due to the actions of the defendant

What Kind of Damages Can You Get Compensated For?

Los Angeles car accidents are different than what you would usually see on a highway. With so many vehicles traveling at high speeds, the impact of the accident can have devastating consequences. Even with some of the common car accident injuries like whiplash injuries or spinal cord injuries, the extent to how much compensation an attorney can get for car accident victims depends on the unique circumstances of each accident.

Our car accident lawyers have helped clients recover compensation for current medical expenses, future medical bills, current lost wages, future lost income, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and more.

Contact Our 5 Freeway Car Accident Attorney Today

A California motor vehicle accident can cause a lot of emotional trauma to the victim and deplete their financial resources. Having to shoulder the financial burden of an accident that you did not commit is unfair. Our auto accident attorneys will help investigate the car crash and the accident scene, gather evidence, determine who is at fault, and file claims against the negligent party.

We have had over 3,000 successful clients and have recovered over $150 million in compensation. Let us help you get out of this darkness by dealing with the insurance company on your behalf and getting you fair compensation for your loss.

Contact us for more information on car accident claims and how we can help. If you got into a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, call (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation with our legal experts. Use our online contact form for a faster response.

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