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Date Modified: August 8, 2023
Sex assault victim attacked by male abuser

Congratulations. You just found the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Sexual Abuse claims in Los Angeles, CA. Below, sexual assault lawyer Michael Ehline puts his more than a decade of experience to work for victims of rape and sexual assault in LA County. Sexual assault is something you can’t take lightly since it can change the victim’s life forever.

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Unfortunately, there are many sexual abuse and assault cases each year, and victims don’t always get justice for what happened to them.

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Do you want to learn more about how sexual assault cases work and what to do after them? Need legal and emotional support and want to achieve justice by holding the perpetrator accountable in civil court? This is the page for you because we represent clients in civil legal cases. A prosecutor handles criminal cases, and we handle monetary damages and civil cases involving negligence and recklessness of an abuser using force. So we may file a disability suit over the long-lasting physical damage and emotional damage.

You can always count on the Ehline Law trial lawyers to file a civil claim against sexual aggressors on behalf of victims of sexual abuse (mostly women and children) while they are still healing over what happened during the incident. Doing it may not change what happened. But by coming forward, you can get compensation for it, so call us now to schedule a free consultation over this crime!

We’ve been representing victims of sexual assault and helping them obtain justice in the form of financial compensation since 2005. We’ll fight to protect the statute of limitations (time limits) and your rights during this extremely difficult time. We will become your trusted friend and meet the tricky time limit.

Understanding Sexual Violence Cases in Los Angeles

California sexual assault cases are classified as sexual battery misdemeanors and felonies. Sexual battery consists of touching another person’s intimate parts without their consent to feel sexual satisfaction or arousal.

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Touching another person’s intimate parts include making skin-to-skin contact or doing it over the victim’s clothes. It’s worth noting that this is only a misdemeanor if the aggressor touches the victim since things change when the victim is forced to touch their aggressors.

Sexual battery can be a misdemeanor if: 

  • The aggressor restrained the victim from moving in any way.
  • The victim was in a medical facility under medical treatment.
  • The victim was forced to touch the other person.
  • The victim was medically incapacitated or disabled.
  • Child abuse is proven.

What A Survivor Can Do After Going Through Sexual Abuse Cases

Going through sexual assault is something difficult and can leave victims in a state of shock for a time. The first thing they should do is get help as soon as they can and call the police if needed. For a minor victim of sexual assault, it can be worse. As long as the victim is safe from their aggressor, they should contact a sexual abuse attorney to help them restrain perpetrators legally or file suit and assure they are held liable.

Sexual assault lawyers from Ehline Law can help you file a civil lawsuit claim against strangers or other adults who attacked you. This claim helps you get compensation for what happened and allows you to prove the defendant is liable for what happened, which could lead to them being imprisoned in a further criminal trial.

Funds from a sexual assault claim are often used to pay for the following: 

  • Lost wages (loved ones have no income)
  • Physical injuries
  • Psychological treatment (Feelings of helplessness, guilt, etc.)
  • Pain and suffering (emotional trauma, emotional distress, etc.)

How Can Ehline Law Help Los Angeles Sexual Assault Victims?

Here at Ehline Law, our professional team understands how overwhelming it is to go through sexual abuse, and we don’t want aggressors to get away with sexual assault crimes as if they were nothing. We have the financial resources to succeed on behalf of the attack victim for a full recovery. So we are here to immediately help sexual abuse victims get the compensation they deserve for the harm.

You can call us anytime you need us since we have 24/7 availability for our clients. We have a no-win-no-pay policy, so any sexual assault victim hiring us to fight doesn’t need to pay us if we don’t win the case.

Our law firm can also get evidence to prove you were sexually assaulted. Here are some key evidence pieces we could use to prove sexual harassment: 

  • Witnesses
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Medical records
  • Psychological tests run on the victim
  • Proof that the perp wanted to abuse the victim.

We can help you protect and gather evidence of a sensitive nature. Preserving evidence is very important, so you must save evidence after the rape and make sure it’s mentioned in the police report if possible. We know it’s difficult to talk about an attempted rape or anything related to unwanted sexual contact or sexual misconduct if you were a victim of it. Still, we are here to hear what you want to say as soon as you are ready to bring a Los Angeles County civil case.

An attorney-client relationship is also there in a sexual abuse case, so you can trust our aggressive sexual assault attorneys to protect victims of unspeakable sexual acts. Our goal is a confidential settlement in an honest, caring environment for you and your loved one (parent, husband, wife, child, etc.) after crimes of a sexual nature.

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Conclusion – Hire a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Los Angeles Now!

Our country’s criminal justice system is the one in charge of imprisoning anyone who sexually abused another person. But it’s the civil justice system, not a criminal prosecution, that makes sure you get monetary compensation for medical expenses after sexual abusers perform abusive acts against the victim. (unwanted sexual touching of the victim’s body, etc.).

Speak to us now, and let us seek justice on behalf of those emotionally or physically unable to handle civil claims alone. First, the victim or any survivors of sexual assault must get medical attention.

Next, their family members save the evidence and find the best Southern California attorneys to help. file a claim. Call us 24/7 at (213) 596-9642, or feel free to use our website contact form, and we will reply by email to discuss a civil action under California law

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