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  • The Terrible Devastation of the Cruise Ship Industry: What You Must Know

    The Terrible Devastation of the Cruise Ship Industry: What You Must Know

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    The Terrible Devastation of the Cruise Ship Industry: What You Must Know

Up until COVID-19, cruises remained the fastest-growing sector of the travel industry. The idea is to enjoy the hot tubs, some sun, and some drinks, and maybe even gamble as you visit many ports and eat great food to your heart’s delight. Cruises are making a comeback of sorts since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as they do so, environmental conservation and disease control are at the top of the list for regulators and many would-be tourists.

Cruises are supposed to be a fun and relaxing way to explore new destinations and enjoy time with family and friends. In the vast majority of cases, the cruising season is fun, relaxing, and full of aquatic life to observe on deck. However, the cruise ship industry has an often overlooked dark side. From environmental damage to the physical health threat and ongoing risk from liquified natural gas and other toxins, passenger safety concerns are of utmost importance when dealing with cruise ship companies.

Cruise operators are paying more attention as regulators eye-taxing and regulating cruise companies more. With more crew members and passengers disembarking, the area where the ships docked becomes busy and uses up local resources, including law enforcement. Working conditions can become hectic, and unless people spend money, many towns can face a shortfall, not just pollution.

When I first started, cruise lines were being blamed for covering up rapes by their employees. Now, mother nature herself is being devastated by cruise ships. The toll of the cruise ship industry is becoming increasingly clear on our environmental sustainability.

Environmental Damage From Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are known for their luxurious amenities and extravagant meals but are also notorious for their environmental impact. According to a report by Friends of the Earth and Haiki Magazine, a single cruise ship can produce as much air pollution as 1 million cars in a day. They also generate massive amounts of waste, including sewage, gray water, and solid waste, which can have devastating effects on marine ecosystems. The Coast Guard and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation figures show that between 75 to 85% of cruise ships’ solid waste passengers get burned onboard.

In other words, the ship leaves behind around eight tons of human waste, including food trimmings, various liquids, and other garbage in its wake. Instead of paying for higher-cost but less toxic fuel, low-sulfur fuel, such as liquefied natural gas, cruise ships are using emissions cheat systems called scrubbers. These engine room systems allow vessels to wash cheap fuel and comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) emissions standards.

Passenger Safety Concerns and Cruise Industry

In addition to the environmental impact, there are also concerns about passenger safety on cruise ships. From foodborne illnesses to accidents and even criminal activity, passengers can face a variety of risks while on board. Unfortunately, the cruise ship industry is not always forthcoming about these risks, which can make it difficult for passengers to protect themselves.

How to Hire a Cruise Ship Lawyer at Ehline Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise ship, seeking legal representation right away is important. The attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have experience representing clients in cruise ship injury cases and can help you understand your legal options.

To hire a cruise ship lawyer at Ehline Law Firm, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the firm: You can call or email the firm to schedule a free consultation with a cruise ship injury attorney.
  2. Gather evidence: Make sure to gather any evidence related to your injury, such as medical records or witness statements.
  3. Provide information: During your consultation, be prepared to provide information about your injury and the circumstances surrounding it.
  4. Discuss your options: The attorney will review your case and discuss your legal options, including the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the cruise ship company.
  5. Take action: If you decide to move forward with a lawsuit, the attorney will guide you through the legal process and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Cruise Industry is Bound By Strict Pollution Standards

The travel industry is facing a global environmental crisis, and ships are among the targets. While much attention has been paid to the issue of global warming caused by carbon emissions, cruising has raised concerns about its impact on the environment. Bunkers, which are used in fuel oil storage facilities, are dirty and dander-producing. Due to the presence of sulfur oxides, these fuels can cause acid rain and lead to at least 350,000 premature deaths.

How Did COVID Affect the Cruise Industry?

The cruise industry was once one of Europe’s fastest-growing sectors. The demand for these trips had increased by 21% in the past three years. However, in February 2019, a Coronavirus outbreak occurred on a ship, leading to nine passengers deaths. This incident caused severe damage to the reputation of the company.

Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Corporation & PLC, Royal Caribbean Group generated a combined total reported revenues of around $34.2 billion in 2018. But during COVID, they got hammered as cruise ships were stuck in port, with the cruise industry and cruise tourism basically at a standstill due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Even in the current environment, many passengers are staying away from high seas tours, instead preferring local California to Mexico-type trips closer to home. Various countries are suffering from this too. For example, Spain has complained that there are too many short-term shore excursions, which cause more harm than good to the local businesses there. So the economic impacts are still reverberating from years earlier.

Recent Research Design and Data Analysis?

This study combines qualitative methods and an online focus group. In a synchronous focus group, participants create their own comments and send them to the other members of the group. They can also participate in the study through the Crew Center Facebook page, where they can connect with other ship staff members. The convenience sampling method was used to gather the data.

Other Negative Impacts on Cruise Industry Destinations?

The cruise industry is known to have negative effects on the local communities it operates. It can cause water pollution, economic loss, and tax avoidance, among other issues.

Most Famous Cruise Ship Disaster?

The Titanic’s sinking is regarded as the greatest maritime disaster in history. Initially, it was thought that it was impossible to sink, but it turned into a sinkable vessel during its voyage from Southampton to New York. Modern large cruise ships can swallow several HMS Titanics, and carry several times as many cruise passengers. The Costa Concordia disaster took an easy second place after her captain Francesco Schettino, decided to sail closer to the island of Isola del Giglio than was safe, so he could show off to local residents. Currently, cruise ship companies dump tons of waste at sea, and many cruise lines skirt fuel and waste dump regulations. There are many confirmed cases where cruise lines have been fined for discharging oily waste and even heavy metals, and other refuse into the sea near many ports of call.

Cruise Lines Must Address These Problems

In conclusion, the toll of the cruise ship industry is becoming increasingly clear on the coast and deep blue waters. From environmental damage to passenger safety concerns, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed besides those experienced by cruise ship passengers alone. If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise ship, seeking legal representation right away is important.

The attorneys at Ehline Law Firm can help you understand your legal options and fight for your rights. We are experts at pursuing Princess cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises for cruise tourism accidents and sexual assaults. Has pollution caused an injury to you or a close loved one? Call us today at (213) 596-9642 to discuss making claims for negligent cruise ship operations against the cruise line industry.


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