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    Do Electrical Burns Leave Scars?

Do Electrical Burns Leave Scars?
Do Electrical Burns Leave Scars?

Electricity has been a modern blessing but has also become one of the most lethal commodities in our homes if improperly handled.

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In the United States, more than 1,000 Americans die each year due to electrical injuries, and those that get injured suffer from physiological and pathological effects.

Who Is Prone to Suffering Electrical Burn Injuries?

Electric burns result from a person contacting an electric current from a live wire (directly or indirectly) and lightning. Ordinary residents are victims of low-voltage electrical injuries, while those working in specific work environments (utility companies) are prone to high-voltage electrical burns.

For example, fractal wood burning, a process of creating art in wood, can cause high-voltage electrical currents if you’re not careful, leading to burn injuries.

The Severity of the Electrical Burn and Scarring

Not all types of electrical burns leave a scar. Scarring from electrical burns depends on how severe the burn injury is, and there are three different types of burns you can get from an electrical injury.

First-degree Burns

Also known as superficial burns, a first-degree burn is the most minor, yet dangerous type of burn affliction that a suffering victim can receive as it causes redness and, in some situations, swelling. The outer layer of skin dies and gets replaced with a new layer of skin during the healing process. There might be some scarring depending on how long the contact with electricity is.

Second-degree Burns

The damage here is much more severe than first-degree burns resulting in the dead outer skin. Second-degree burns are also called partial thickness burns, and victims will often have redness and swelling, but some blisters are painful. These burns affect the skin’s protective ability, leading to infection if the burns do not receive immediate medical attention. Scarring is inevitable, but proper medical care can last for a few months.

Third-degree Burns

These are referred to as full-thickness burns and are the most severe burns that a victim can receive and are life-threatening as it reaches the fat layer and bones. However, these are less painful than the other two types as they kill all nerve cells. With burned skin, third-degree burns affect the social life of burn injury victims as they have disfigurements and excessive scarring, requiring skin graft surgery and long-term medical burn treatment.

Understanding that the body can convert electricity into heat, leading to thermal burns is essential. Such injuries are not evident from the outside as the skin is not damaged or affected too much, but there can be internal bodily injuries from an electric shock.

How to Prevent an Electrical Burn

Although many in the United States die from electrical burns, these injuries are preventable by taking proper safety measures.

Here are a few prevention tips that you can implement in your life to reduce the risk of an electric injury:

  • Ensure safety coverings for all electrical outlets if you have children at home.
  • Electrical Cords are susceptible to wear and tear, exposing live electrical wires. Keep electrical cords away from children or replace them to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • When using electrical appliances, make sure that you read the safety instructions that come with the devices to avoid any electrical injuries.
  • When at work, ensure that you follow all the safety instructions provided.
  • During rain and lightning, avoid going out or traveling, as more than 15% of the electrical burn cases in the United States are due to lightning.

You may be eligible for compensation if you’ve gotten injured by an electric current due to someone else’s negligence. Contact a Los Angeles burn injury attorney today at (213) 596-9642 for a free case evaluation.


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