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Electrocutions and resultant explosions may arise in many ways. Examples of places where explosions occur include commercial buildings and residential homes. Of course, construction job sites are notorious for electrical injuries.

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But these mishaps can also happen in automobiles and factories, like in the heavy industry. At Ehline Law Firm of California, we have represented hundreds of charred and shocked victims just like you in some of these types of scenarios.

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What are Some Electrocution Statistics?

Important: Electrocution injuries in the United States are often fatal. They can occur while on the job, in some industries. Also, this type of accident is on the rise. Furthermore, about two-fifths of electrocution injuries are due to contact with overhead power lines. (Read More.) But the most common kind of injury from electric shock is severe burns to the skin.

What are the Three Ways an Electrical Burn Injury Occurs?

There are three ways that electrical burn injuries occur. This includes:

  • Thermal Contact Burns.
  • Electrical Burns.
  • Arc Burns.

What Exactly is a Thermal Burn?

Thermal burns are considered a contact injury. So for example, your skin could come in contact with overheated electrical conductors.

But other examples of contact burns include skin touching a:

  • Hot surface,
  • Conduits, or other kinds of energized equipment.

What About When Your Clothes Get Lit on Fire?

One of the other ways thermal burns can become suffered is when clothing ignites. So this is just one of the injuries sustained in combination with arcs or electricity.

Your clothes can actually ignite as the current flows through you, for example. But this is all dependent on the kind of mishap.

What About Electricity Related Burns?

Contact with electricity causes electrical burns. Of particular concern, the current flows through body tissues or the bones. But there are different severity levels of electrical burns. And this is a type of trauma that can be fatal.

Most of all, it depends on the amount of voltage and the path it travels through the body. So electrical burns will enter one part of the body and travel looking for an exit. Noteworthy here is the origin. So if the contact/damage is in your hand, it can travel up the arm.

Next, it travels across the chest and down the other arm to escape out of the other hand. So when this occurs, the electricity moving through the chest can stop the heart. Also, unless the heart gets restarted quickly, the victim dies.

Important: Plus, when the electrical current exceeds 1/10 of an amp or 100 milliamps while traveling through the heart, it will cause fibrillation. So, in turn, this will then stop the heart.

Is The Damage Inside the Body As Well?

When electricity travels through the body, it can damage:

  • Tissue,
  • Muscles,
  • Arteries,
  • Veins and
  • Bones.

Furthermore, it has a different effect than a thermal or chemical burn. Remarkably, electrical burns cause the most substantial amount of damage inside the body. Conversely, thermal and chemical burn injuries will have exterior damage of a deeper dispersion.

Important: Hence, it is crucial for employers and employees in the electrical field to have lifesaving knowledge. So, for example, they need to know how to perform CPR. Because of this life-saving technique, someone suffering an electrical shock or burn may survive.

How Do Arc Burns Happen?

Arc burns are different from the thermal burn and electrical burn injury. So this occurs when a person is near an electrical explosion or high temperatures from an electrical arc. Also, this is an electrical shock. So it will usually result in serious injuries.

Important: Almost always, it requires immediate medical attention. Additionally, they are one of the common types of burn injuries in the electrical industry. Last, these are similarly known as "flash burns." Of particular interest, injuries can happen as direct or indirect shocks.

Next, the path electricity travels can send out a wave causing terrible bodily harm. Also, this includes bruises and even bone fractures. But it's all dependent on how and where the shock occurs.

However, in some cases, it is instantly fatal. But in others, it could be a contributing factor to the death of the victim. Furthermore, electrical and arc burns can have other dangers associated with them. So these can cause further injuries.

Examples include High voltage lines creating energy arcs. Plus, arc projectors also shoot fire and flying fragmented metal. Also, low-energy arcs can produce vapors, dust, and flammable gasses.

Will Getting Legal Help Give You Peace of Mind?

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