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Los Angeles Chemical Burns

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Ultimate Guide to Compensation for LA Chemical Burns. Are you on the hook for expensive skin graft surgery or other serious injuries caused by a chemical burn that wasn’t your fault?

People who have suffered from burn injuries know that there is tremendous pain and suffering, often followed by medical expenses. Chemical burns are no exception. The American Burn Association reports that victims will face lost time at work and sometimes permanent scarring. All of this can be emotionally upsetting for the afflicted.

Contact Los Angeles burn injury lawyers at our Los Angeles office immediately for a free consultation of your accidental personal injury claim. If you have experienced burns to your skin, are in excruciating agony, and need medical attention, only the best law firms can help you win.

Our goal is to get you the maximum recovery financially possible from the at-fault party.

Statistics – Chemical Burn Injury Victims in the United States

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, one in every 10,000 individuals at work gets affected by chemical burns resulting in a three-day recovery period before the worker heads back to the job. This figure does not include electrical, scald, or other types of burns; it is purely chemical.

A recent report from a Georgia hospital suggests that more than 16% of the burn patients that come in annually are due to burns from workplace chemicals. The report also suggests that these burns are common among young males since this group often works in professions that expose workers to chemical substances.

Our very best Los Angeles burn injury attorney is here to assist burn victims in understanding their rights to receive financial compensation from at-fault employers and others causing burn injuries.

Recent research indicates that over 450,000 burn injuries are reported annually that need immediate medical attention, with many being severe cases coupled with severe pain and nerve damage.

Chances of Being Burned

About 3,500 thermal burn injuries result in damage to internal organs and fatalities caused by:

  • Residential fires
  • A car accident,
  • Airplane accidents
  • Electrical exposure
  • Contact with various chemicals,
  • Inhaling fire smoke and vapors.

Most burn incidents occur in a person’s home or residence. Unfortunately for the victim, many accidents could have been avoided if someone had exercised greater caution or the appropriate safety measures. We understand that even fourth-degree burns can devastate the outer layer of skin.

Our top injury lawyer knows that hot objects do not only cause burn injuries. You may not have time or a method of stopping a life-threatening chemical burn. Car batteries can cook off during car accidents.

We can help you receive an award of maximum compensation from the negligent parties. That way, you can cover your burn center medical bills and legal fees and get something for your pain and suffering. Call us 24/7 by dialing (213) 596-9642 if an injury occurred at work, home or anywhere else in Southern California. Don’t deal with the emotional distress alone.

We can help you get back on your feet and find a doctor if you seek medical attention after direct contact with chemicals, including hot liquids known to cause permanent disfigurement and other practice areas. We work on a contingency fee basis, so we don’t get paid unless you win compensation.

Who Is Responsible for My Injury?

Liability for your injuries can vary based on several variables: the location of the injury, how it happened, and the preventative measures taken. In the event of a hotel or lodging fire, the establishment is usually held accountable. However, its liability can be restricted based on what or who started the fire. It’s critical to have all the data on hand when deciding who is responsible.

Your attorney can better understand who is at fault by using discovery to identify important facts to your case. Liability may be put on various parties depending on the aforementioned problems. Thus, it’s important to understand your legal options.

How Does a Chemical Burn Injury Start?

Burns can result from a variety of chemicals. As an example, space heaters can cause a flash fire by igniting common home cleansers. Let’s examine how these burns came to be.

Chemical burns happen when the skin comes into contact with alkaloids or acids. The severity and frequency of burn injuries depend on how strong and long the skin exposure is. Essentially, the damage will persist until the chemically-exposed skin is cleansed, and even then, it may continue to eat away at your skin in some cases.

Therefore, the alkaloids or acids may continue to consume your skin and tissue unless you understand burn wound treatment. It is essential to remove clothing and jewelry from the area of the burn injury that has been affected.

On occasion, alkaloids may still be present on your skin. Consequently, in rare instances, the wounds may remain even after being cleaned from the skin. As an example, instead of using a cleaning agent, you might wish to use a fire blanket or something else to smother your skin. Did chemical exposure cause your burn injuries? Unless you are treated promptly by medical professionals, a burn injury can turn from bad to worse.

You might be eligible for financial compensation. Our top Los Angeles burn injury attorney has a construction background. So he understands how scald burns caused in a workplace accident, or at home can lead to a burn injury case. Learn more about setting up an attorney-client relationship by dialing our trial lawyers at (213) 596-9642.

Levels of Chemical Burn Injuries

Although fourth, fifth, and sixth-degree burn injuries are technically possible, the majority of people who have these levels of burn injuries pass away.

The first three burns are described below:

  1. A first-degree burn only affects the top layer of the skin. An example is a sunburn. This is a first-degree burn, its signs and symptoms include redness, discomfort, skin that is prone to peeling, and swelling. Burns of the first degree normally recover within a week.
  2. The first and second skin layers are affected by second-degree burns. Extremely red, painful, and blistering skin may be seen. These blisters can occasionally break apart, exposing skin that looks moist. A second-degree burn victim may experience excruciating agony and a lengthy recovery period (up to three weeks).
  3. The most severe sort of burns —those that a person can recover from— are third-degree burns. All layers of the skin are harmed by the burn, which can also cause damage to the underlying bodily tissues, the bloodstream, the bones, and the major organs, or even cause death. Many burns require multiple surgeries, which are not cheap. The loss off past and future income can bankrupt many families, especially with poor or no legal representation.

Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are standing by 24/7 to discuss your case, physical and psychological damage, and provide options under California personal injury law. Burn patients and their families deserve help today.

Dial (213) 596-9642 to speak with swift and dependable personal injury lawyers for short or prolonged exposure chemical fire injuries and burns caused by a car accident, job site or other threat. Our charismatic legal team will explain how we will get you economic and non economic damages and collect compensation for many causes of burn injuries.

The Trauma of Burn Injuries

The most severe burns may necessitate debridement, skin grafts, and lengthy stays in the burn unit for medical treatment. Burn victims suffer severe consequences to their mental health, career, finances, and personal relationships.

In the beginning, the struggle is simply for survival; later on, the recovery focuses on restorative care, yet the patient may still be undergoing extremely painful medical treatments.

During a burn patient’s recovery, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all very common. Patients with burn injuries could go through a grieving phase for their prior existence (appearance, physical ability, mobility, and employment.).

Serious burn victims may deal with:

  • Months or years of medical care and the resulting expenses
  • Months or years of rehabilitation and nursing care
  • Months or years of physical therapy and psychological care
  • Severe scars and disfigurement
  • Loss of earnings, and
  • Other financial money damages.

Causes of Chemical Burn Injuries at Home?

  • Liquid Plumr™, drain cleaners
  • Drano™, drain cleaner
  • Paint thinner
  • Bleach.

These are a just few household cleaners that can cause chemical burn injuries. This form of burn can also be caused by other faulty household items, one of which was Johnson and Johnson Cold Packs™.

These, for instance, were used to lessen the discomfort associated with sprains and strains as well as arthritis. However, customers stated that these cold packs occasionally leaked, leading to amphoteric burn injuries, including nerve damages.

What About Workplace Chemical Burn Injuries?

Some businesses use bituminous liquids in the workplace.

These consist of:

  • Factories
  • Construction trades
  • Paving industry and other companies and contractors.

Some of these sectors use chemicals with an acidic base that may come into extended contact with your skin. However, even in a brief period of time, these can synthesize and seriously harm you alchemically.

Additionally, the employee may sometimes suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of the actinic reaction. Determining liability is the first step. Our Los Angeles office is knowledgeable on burn injury law and can provide more details during our free consultation.

Types of Chemicals Found at Workplaces

There are many workers who have a higher chance of receiving burns from chemicals when compared to the average worker. Training is imperative to prevent burn injury. Improper training or lack of safety gear will often result in catastrophic injuries, and those who suffer burn injuries can have their lives changed forever.

Other Chemicals in a Workplace Causing Burn Injuries?

Let’s look at the different types of chemicals you may find in a workplace:

  • Sulfuric acid: In many household items like drain cleaners, concentrated sulfuric acid can burn away the skin quickly and is found in fertilizer, batteries, and explosives.
  • Hydrochloric acid: Another dangerous chemical is hydrochloric acid, which is in batteries, fireworks, and pool cleaners, but the construction industry uses it a lot for treating rocks and metals. It can cause serious injuries.
  • Sodium hydroxide: Found in explosive and petroleum products, sodium hydroxide is highly dangerous in its concentrated form, and burn injury occurs quickly.
  • Sodium hypochlorite: This type of chemical helps create bleach, ammonia, and other disinfectant products, and coming in contact with this can burn off your skin and damage deep tissues, especially when you are in contact with it day after day.

Different chemicals cause different types of burns. Acids, for instance, can usually be rinsed off quickly, meaning you can limit the severity of your burn injury if you move quickly. Bases, however, may linger on the skin and not wash off quickly, leading to more serious second-degree burns or third-degree burns.

Types of Workers Handling Strong Chemicals

It is crucial to highlight that everyone handling chemicals risks suffering serious burns. Still, people employed in specific fields, like textile manufacturing, are more likely to suffer thermal burns or severe burns due to their regular exposure to chemicals.

Here is a list of various occupations where there is an increased risk of chemical burns:

  • Mechanics
  • Farmers\Painters
  • Employees of chemical plants
  • Industrial employees who weld
  • Miners.

You need experienced burn injury attorneys at Ehline Law on your side if you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury at work, including minor thermal burns, first-degree burns, second-degree burns, or even severe and fatal third-degree burns.

What Is the Prognosis of Serious Burn Injuries?

Devastating long-term health effects from severe burn injuries include the following:

  • Scarring and skin contractures
  • Amputations
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Psychological challenges.

Today’s burn injury victims have a three to five times higher chance of surviving than they did in the 1980s. Although this represents great progress, scientists are now concentrating on innovations that will enhance the quality of life, such as reducing scar tissue and improving rehabilitation.

Reconstructive surgery reduces scar tissue, which improves basic movements. Even while removing all scar tissue altogether is impossible, reconstruction can lessen the appearance of scar tissue in visible areas, like the face, which can benefit patients psychologically.

How Can a Chemical Burn Be Recognized?

While other chemicals cause a delayed burn, some chemical bases are incredibly strong and will quickly burn through the skin, muscles, and bones.

Here are some signs of chemical burns that you should watch out for because many people don’t even know that their skin is burning before it’s too late:

  • Inflammation
  • Burning sensation
  • Pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Breathing difficulties.

Using powerful cleaners occasionally might not result in burns for a janitor, but using them daily without proper protection can cause the skin to burn slowly and even reach the deep tissues.

Can You File a Los Angeles Burn Injury Claim?

The Los Angeles burn injury victim must prove that the negligent party owed them a duty of care to bring a case against the person or business. Furthermore, the victim must prove that the party’s duty of care was broken. Once that claim is proven, the victim will need proof that the breach caused the damages and injuries. The victim must also evaluate the worth of their burn injury lawsuits.

In many workplace incidents where there is a negligent employer, there are laws that ensure injured clients get the compensation they deserve from any burn injury claims. This could even include electrical burns.

In more complex situations, clients will need help from a Los Angeles burn injury attorney to establish liability and pursue legal recourse.

Our chemical burn injury lawyers can assist you in establishing and proving the breach of the duty of care owed to you and holding individuals accountable so that such accidents don’t occur in the future.

How Your Burn Injury Attorney – Los Angeles Can Help

It is essential that you have an experienced attorney on your side throughout your case if you survive the initial shock. Your lawyer will be able to make sure the person or entity that caused your burn injuries pays you the right amount for your hospital medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We at Ehline Law Firm know the extreme agony and severity of burn, fire, and explosion injuries. We also understand it’s not just radiation and smoking that can damage your muscle tissue or nerves. It is impossible to imagine the pain that victims and families go through from the complications of such incidents, especially given that many of them could have been avoided.

Call Our Chemical Burn Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles for a Free Case Evaluation

Please keep in mind that valuable evidence may be lost if you wait. Therefore, you cannot make this decision to recover damages too soon. Find out how we might be able to assist you in suing a government agency or private party. Use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Clients can also call us at (213) 596-9642 for more information about obtaining maximum compensation for severe burn injury cases.

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