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The chemical-related burn is among the most horrific classifications of burns. Many of us think of footage of the Vietnam war, where jets dropped gelatinous chemicals, not to mention, Agent Orange. If you got burned by chemicals, you will have many questions like who pays, who is responsible? But first, we have to understand the nature and causes of chemical burns explained below.

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Anyways, as in the example above, napalm turned to sticky flames when the bombs hit their mark. So this is usually what we think of when we hear of chemical burns, right?

But alas, there are many other types of liquids that burn. Also, there are vaporous substances concerned with atom and molecule changes that can burn.  These changes can hurt the human skin, internal organs, and tissues like lungs and the eyes.

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What is the Genesis of a Chemical Burn Injury?

Chemical burns occur when the skin comes in contact with substances that are alkaloids or acids.

  • Burn injuries that occur are dependent on the strength and length of time skin gets exposed.
  • The injury will continue until the skin exposed to the chemicals gets washed, and even then, sometimes it will still eat away your skin.

So could mean that the alkaloids or acids will continue eating your skin and tissue unless you understand burn injury treatment. When this kind of burn injury occurs, it is crucial to remove clothing and jewelry where the affected area is.

Often you may still have alkaloids on your skin! So this can cause the wounds to continue, even after getting washed from the skin in some cases.

For example, you may want to use a fire blanket or something to smother your skin instead of using a washing compound.

Where Do Chemical Burns Typically Occur and How?

Chemical burn injuries can occur in the home due to cleaners such as bleach, Drano™, paint thinner, and Liquid Plumr™. There are defective products used in the home that can also cause this type of burn; one of these in the past was Johnson and Johnson cold packs™.

So, for example, these were used to reduce arthritis and other pain, such as sprains and strains. But those cold packs in some cases would leak, causing amphoteric burn injuries, which was reported by consumers.

What About Workplace Injuries From Chemicals?

In the workplace, some industries use bituminous liquids.

These include:

  • Factories,
  • Construction trades,
  • Paving industry and other companies and contractors.

Some of these industries use acid-based chemicals that may contact your skin for a length of time.  But even in short duration, these can synthesize and cause serious alchemical injuries to you. Also, in some cases, the actinic reaction can cause fatal injuries to the employee.

What is the Safety Duty of Employers?

Employers have the responsibility to provide safe working conditions. And when an employee suffers chemical burn injuries, they can become accountable. In most cases, the employee will collect Workman’s Compensation (Read More.) However, there are often other parties that need to get held legally responsible.

What About Chemical Storage Tank Dangers?

Chemical storage tanks are a workplace and consumer problem that can cause serious burn injuries. And if this issue became known to management after reports these tanks ruptured and leaked, someone failed to do their job. And if these containers were full of a resin compound that, in a matter of months, would weaken the storage units, someone could die or end of in the hospital.

Some silos can become dangerous to humans within six months of chemical storage. So workers can risk dangers of severe chemical injuries after the resin tanks rupture. These mishaps could be fatal to you or a loved one.

Also, injuries such as this can cause severe devastation to all areas of your body like your:

  • Eyes.
  • Nose.
  • Throat
  • Fingers.
  • Forearms.
  • Face.

Does Hiring the Right Legal Warrior Makes the Difference?

We think so. Suffering an enzymatic burn in the workplace or at home due to a defective product can be life-changing and severe. And when you or a loved one has been a victim, it remains essential to consult a chemical burn injury lawyer right away. will evaluate your case. Then we can determine who pays your compensation. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC has the resources and experience. So you know we will provide quality representation for the victim suffering chemical burns.

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