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Burn Injury

Severe Burns, Disfigurement And Other Injuries


Severe Burns, Disfigurement And Other Injuries

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With more than 1.2 million fires in the country in 2019, thousands of individuals get injured yearly due to such blazes, whether at home, work, or outside. Fire injuries are the worst kind, as they can take a long time to heal, resulting in staggering medical bills for the victims to pay.
If you’ve gotten burn injuries due to someone’s negligence, contact Ehline Law, and our Los Angeles burn injury lawyers today for a quick case evaluation.

Causes of Burn Injuries

There are many different causes of burn injuries. Still, the most common causes mentioned by the American Burn Association are electrical burns, chemical burns, fire burns, and scalding injuries from hot liquids.

Types of Burns

Depending on the severity of the burn, there are four different types of burn injuries:

  • First-degree burn: This affects the outer layer of the skin resulting in minor pain and inflammation. Victims can treat such burns at home without the need for emergency medical attention.
  • Second-degree burns: These types of burns penetrate the outer skin layer and enter the dermis. Such burns leave the skin blistering and can take more than two weeks to heal, while skin graft surgery might be necessary for burn scars with major burn injuries.
  • Third-degree burns: These are extremely severe injuries and require long-term burn treatment. Such burns result in charred or burned skin and deliver extreme pain levels.
  • Fourth-degree burn: The most devastating type of burn injury that can result in amputation since the burn travels to the muscle and the bones.

Besides the four main types of burn injuries, there are also radiation burns common in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

A Severe Burn Injury Can Lead to Disfigurement

A burn injury, depending on the severity of the burn, delivers a jolting and continuous pain as the burn damages the tissues and nerves under the skin. Besides the pain and suffering, the disfigurement that comes with severe burn injuries can socially affect the victim’s life and will require skin graft surgery. All these come with a lot of financial burdens, and the disfigurement alone can lead to emotional trauma, depression, and other social issues, further deepening the damages from burn injuries.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Help You with Your Burn Injury Case?

Having burn injuries can be traumatizing and require constant care to ensure healing; however, with burn injuries to deal with and insurers ringing up your phone, the stress can get to any burn victim. We recommend getting a lawyer to look into your burn injury case since a qualified lawyer can hold negligent parties accountable.

In California, to have a substantial case against the negligent party, the victim needs to prove duty of care and the breach of duty of care. The burn victim must also prove that the negligent party’s actions resulted in damages and put a value on the claims.

Putting a dollar value over the damages can be challenging, but it is even more complex when it comes to burning injuries. Having an experienced burn injury attorney can help you prove the duty of care and collect evidence to prove the breach of duty of care. An expert burn injury lawyer will also help determine the value of your claims and file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Will My Third Degree Burns Case Go to Trial?

At Ehline Law, our Los Angeles burn injury attorneys are experts in dealing with insurers to settle cases outside of courts. This helps save time and also gives burn patients the money to pay for their medical bills, skin graft surgery, and restart their lives. However, when the burn victims face extreme burns and disfigurement, we make sure to take the legal battle to the courts.

Settlements outside the court are often lower than what you can get in the court if you have substantial evidence against the negligent party. Our Los Angeles burn injury lawyers are experts in collecting evidence and establishing claims and have the right experience to take negligent parties to court.

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