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    Cancer Risks Rising For Those Living By Wildfires

A constant rise is being recorded in cases including heart attacks and breathing issues. The uptick in these cases is attributed to wildfire incidents. A surge has been recorded in wildfires in recent years, and one of the recent occurrences is the New Mexico wildfire. Exposure to wildfires increases cancer, period. And it’s not just a higher incidence of lung cancer.

Cancer Risks Rising For Those Living By Wildfires
Wildfires also pollute aquatic life.

Fires and Cancer

Learn about the carcinogenic environmental pollutants released by wildfires. Exposure to wildfires increases cancer, period. And it’s not just a higher incidence of lung cancer. The reports mentioned that many diseases besides the risk of certain cancers are growing in people who are unfortunate to live near places where wildfires occur.

Canadian Research Makes Alarming Revelations

It’s not just climate change we’re talking about when we mention the health effects of human carcinogens in wildfire pollutants. Researchers at McGill University from Canada have recently shared their cancer risk research data about wildfires and the impact of wildfires on nearby areas. McGill University researchers have discovered that ever since the rise in wildfire incidents, a significant surge has been recorded in the cases of brain cancer and lung cancer from wildfire pollutants even after the fire has stopped burning.

The research has confirmed that people living in close proximity to a 30-mile radius of the wildfires are more likely to grow symptoms and have a greater incidence of lung cancer and brain tumors. The researchers based their research on 20-year data. The first decade they researched was prior to the wildfire and the second decade was post-wildfire.

Their research has established that people with the mentioned radius have 10% more chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer and brain tumors. For the lung cancer cases, the same people have a 5% higher incidence of lung cancer and brain tumors compared to people living outside the particular radius.

Scott Weichenthal Makes his Statement

Scott Weichenthal is an associate professor at McGill University’s health and biostatistics’ department. Weichenthal reportedly led the research making very alarming discoveries about carcinogenic wildfire pollutants.

Weichenthal revealed that they were getting constant signals of rising brain cancer and lung cancer risks. When they paid close attention and tried finding a similarity, they discovered they were all living near the wildfire occurrences.

As per their research and tests, they have come to the conclusion of what has caused this problem. They revealed that carcinogens get released into the air when a wildfire incident occurs. It is the only logical reason and explanation that is becoming the reason behind the constant rise in cancer cases.

What is Causing These Wildfires?

It is quite shocking that while there is only a single natural cause of wildfires, there are several causes that involve humans. These wildfires take place in prairies, grasslands, or forests. In most wildfire cases, the causes were arson, power line sparks, cigarette butts that are still-lit, and unattended campfires.

Wildfires are Occurring in Almost Similar Areas

It has been recorded by the McGill University study that wildfires are occurring at places that are commonly known for having several wildfire occurrences. This means that most areas with wildfires are highly prone to such disasters.

Therefore, people living near such wildfires risk developing symptoms of lung cancer or brain cancer. Due to the repeated wildfire occurrences in the same places, people in the surrounding areas are being exposed to carcinogens.

Proximity To Forest Fires Could Increase Cancer Risk?

Yes. The presence of carcinogen chemicals in people living near wildfires is much higher than that of people living further away from such areas. In recent years, wildfire occurrences have also picked up the pace. Due to the increased number of events of wildfires, pollutants are becoming common in the areas causing colossal damage to the health of people in such areas.

Over time, the wildfires have grown and continue to burn for days and weeks. In the past, wildfire cases were very few, but now, they are increasing in size and volume. The primary attribute of the constant rise in wildfire cases is global warming.

It has continued impacting the global environment, and the wildfire season has grown larger. Weichenthal confirmed that he was accompanied by his colleagues as well as one of the Ph.D. students, Jill Korsiak. Jill Korsiak reportedly analyzed the data collected from the sources and helped in the research documentation about certain types of lung and brain cancer risks.

“Many of the pollutants emitted by wildfires are known human carcinogens, suggesting that exposure could increase cancer risk in humans,” according to Ms. Jill Korsiak. The study also goes into brain tumors, as discussed above. Believe it or not, many people could be held legally liable, including product manufacturers who knew or should have known that exposure to wildfires transmutes their products into cancer-causing intoxicants, increasing the risks of developing cancerous diseases.

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How about some other cancer and brain tumors? The incidence of lung cancer among wildfire victims is appalling.

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