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Hollywood Bowl Accident Attorneys

Hollywood Bowl Accident Attorneys

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Date Modified: June 13, 2023

Considered the premier destination for live music, the Hollywood Bowl is an amphitheater in Southern California that has already hosted some of the greatest stars in the music industry, including Christina Aguilera, Sting, Prince, Kylie Minogue, and many more. It even produced some of the greatest musicals of all time, such as Les Miserables, Chicago, and Annie, among many more.

Public map showing Hollywood Bowl Grounds

Injured due to Hollywood Bowl Vendor Negligence?

Just 12.4 miles away from Los Angeles international airport, the Hollywood Bowl draws crowds from all over the country. There is nothing like attending a live concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Blessed by hundreds of musical legends, it’s no wonder this place attracts more than 17,000 people at every event. The environment here is electric, and the music is fantastic, providing great fun for all visiting.
Although concerts are usually safe, accidents happen due to a lack of safety measures. People can fall from heights, suffer injuries in mosh pits or even get involved in tailgate party fights. Drinking can worsen situations after the event, causing drunk driving accidents or fights in the parking lot.

Regardless of the case, you must speak to a personal injury attorney if you’ve suffered injuries at the Hollywood Bowl. Legal experts at Ehline Law can determine the negligent party and help you understand your legal options to pursue compensation.

Types of Accidents at the Hollywood Bowl

A lot can go wrong when a large crowd is gathered in one place.

Here are some of the types of accidents that can happen at the Hollywood Bowl:

  • Trampling: This can occur when an emergency evacuation at Hollywood Bowl or the main act hits the stage, resulting in many people rushing forward. Besides other types of injuries, trampling can also cause a traumatic brain injury.
  • Fights: Where there is live music, alcohol is abundant. Concert goers drink throughout the event, get intoxicated, and could start or get into a fight.
  • Mosh pits: Common in heavy metal concerts, mosh pits are violent forms of dancing that are extremely dangerous and result in fights.
  • Slip and fall accidents: With drinks moving from one place to another, floors can get extremely slippery, and due to bad lighting, one can easily slip and fall.
  • Projectiles: In the heat of the moment, fans can get unruly and start throwing around objects that can hit another person, causing serious harm.
  • Overdose: Unfortunately, music events attract a lot of booze and drugs, causing serious intoxication and even overdose if individuals are not careful.
  • Heatstroke: Although not an accident, dehydration and heat during summer events can cause heat injuries, exhaustion, and sunburns.

Determining Liability at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles County

Depending on the specifics of the accident, victims can pursue a personal injury claim against the property owner or a third party.

Holding the Property Owner Responsible

Public stairs at Hollywood Bowl Public Museum entrance Premises liability requires owners to ensure reasonable care for their guests and occupants, ensuring their safety while on the premises. This could include providing security at an event, ensuring safety rails so people don’t fall from heights, and clearing wet floors immediately.

For example, a motor vehicle collision happens on the Hollywood Bowl premises due to insufficient lighting. The accident wouldn’t have happened without enough lights in the parking lot. Therefore, accident victims can hold the property owner responsible for not ensuring adequate lighting for the car accident.

The most common type of accident at a concert is a slip-and-fall accident due to the property owner’s negligence. Owners must ensure a safe environment for all their guests, and accident victims can hold them responsible for any slip and fall accidents due to slippery floors.

Holding a Third Party Responsible

A massive crowd and the constant flow of alcohol can be an accident. Excessive drinking can cause tailgate fights to break out among other drunk concertgoers. The security team handles the situation and ensures no one gets hurt. Any injuries during the fight due to the failure of the security team could make them responsible for the injuries.

Over the years, many car crashes near the Hollywood Bowl have occurred, either due to sheer negligence, carelessness, or intoxication. Victims can hold other drivers responsible for car accidents outside the premises due to the driver’s negligence.

You must hire a personal injury attorney to help investigate the accident and determine the party responsible for your injuries.

California Statute of Limitations and Personal Injury Claim

Whether vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents, or any other personal injury accident, the California statute of limitations allow an accident victim to pursue a claim or personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party within two years following the accident.

After the two years ends, accident victims lose their right to pursue legal action against the negligent party. You must start the legal process immediately, as gathering evidence, filing claims, and negotiating with the insurance company can take considerable time.

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