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Wrongful death attorney for tort victims
Wrongful death attorney for tort victims

Death is the ultimate wake-up call. Bereaving families often place enormous trust in funeral homes that will avoid harming the remains of our loved ones.

Providing Support to Grieving Families

When a funeral home fails to do its job, families suffer. Making sure that a loved one is properly buried or cremated after passing away is one of the last things you’ll ever do for them.

Memorial pyre of candles
Memorial pyre

Failing to store a body properly, cremating the incorrect body, losing ashes, misplacing more than one body, or even putting two bodies in one coffin can all occur when funeral homes fail to abide by their legal obligation to families. This is why many families expect reputable funeral homes to care for the remains of their loved ones in a respectful manner.

These survivors expect meaningful memorial services and the best possible treatment in California towns like San Diego or Los Angeles. Survivors expect honor to be foremost in critical end-of-life burial preparation and execution.

Sadly, sometimes some other funeral homes make mistakes or act negligently, adding to the grief a family is already suffering. We have heard stories about gravesites left unkempt, poorly secured, and vandalized, or even multiple bodies in one single coffin. When our clients are offended, we go the extra mile to get them back on their feet and garner them a fair settlement.

Still worse than this fraud:

  • Jewelry or money might have been stolen from a body at the hospital or the graveyard embalming facilities.
  • They are failing to embalm a body correctly.
  • Stealing valuables from the body and failing to create the correct body is a service gone awry that parents, wives, husbands, children, and civil partners can sue.

Fortunately, you can hold these negligent funeral homes responsible for their theft and other egregious conduct harming your dignity by hiring surly, professional personal injury attorneys to investigate and bring a lawsuit from the ashes of the survivor’s pain and suffering.

Clients deserve better, and that’s why you can call us to schedule a free consultation over our legal services and learn about the damages recovery process in California.

You might be entitled to considerable compensation if a funeral home mistreated or abused your loved one.

Suppose you’re looking for an excellent personal injury lawyer to help you seek justice for funeral home abuse, misplaced organs, and other injuries at funerals. Go ahead and book a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers today!

What Counts as Funeral Home Negligence?

There are several ways in which funeral home abuse may occur, including:

  • Losing cremated remains
  • Dismembering body parts
  • Using a single casket for multiple bodies
  • Not securing a body correctly
  • Burying or cremating the wrong body
  • Mishandling, mutilating, maiming, or sexually abusing the body
  • A failure to correctly embalm the deceased
  • Not securing or failing to maintain a burial site
  • Overcharging a family member for their loved one’s funeral
  • An auto accident caused by negligence that led to the mutilation of the body.

Family Members Can Recover Compensation and Hold Funeral Homes Accountable for Their Actions

Things that cause negligence over human remains at Southern California funeral homes:

  • Incompetence or lack of training
  • Cremation errors
  • Embalming errors
  • Greed (Stealing gold teeth before the body is cremating, etc.)
  • Corruption
  • Misconduct
  • Sexual perversion (sexually abusing bodies)
  • Deception
  • Maliciousness.

Injured individuals have the right to take legal action and seek compensation against a funeral home if they have proof that it intentionally or negligently mistreated, mishandled, or abused they’re departed loved one, causing you or their family to suffer emotional, psychological, or financial loss caused by funeral home errors after added stress of death. Schedule a free case evaluation today to discuss what happened to your loved one’s body. We will respectfully discuss everything as we give you a free case review based on California law.

How an Attorney Can Help With common types of funeral home negligence

Hiring a skilled lawyer specializing in mistreatment at funeral homes is the first step in obtaining restitution. Your funeral home error negligence attorney will work with you to gather evidence and answer your questions as they handle settlement negotiations and earn your trust during this difficult time.

Before filing your lawsuit, you must ensure sufficient proof to prove that the funeral home owed your loved one the right to a dignified burial or cremation cases.

Our team of compassionate Los Angeles funeral home abuse lawyers will tirelessly work hard to prove your negligent funeral home case and violation of regulations. Treating you with respect is part of our understanding and caring legal services over these events, forever ruining your memory and focus as you try and cope with your circumstances.

To Win a Case, You Must Prove Neglect, which means That:

  • There was a duty of care to treat the deceased with respect
  • The funeral home breached this duty of care
  • This breach of duty or funeral home negligence resulted in harm to the deceased
  • There were losses, such as emotional distress, that victims in the family suffered due to the cemetery employees’ actions before, during, and after burials, memorials, and wakes.

The Compensation You May Be Entitled to

You can recover significant financial compensation for these damages following the funeral home’s actions:

  • Emotional distress
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

The compensation you can recover depends on the unique facts of your case, so to find out more, get in touch with our law firm after reading past client testimonials and reviews!

Book Your Free Consultation with One of Our Funeral Home Negligence Lawyers in Los Angeles County Today!

Contact Funeral Home Negligence Lawyers today (833) LETS-SUEAre you or a loved one the victim of decedent abuse? Whether the funeral home buried the incorrect body or lost your loved one’s remains, our injury attorneys can help grieving families hold the party at fault liable for their actions over your financially stressful situation. Let our serious injury law firm help you get closure over your matter too!

Families may even be entitled to punitive damages in your improper care case against most funeral homes for demeaning the body of their deceased loved ones in Southern California. Our law firm will not charge you legal fees until there is a resolution, so contact us today at (833) LETS-SUE to take the first step toward holding the funeral home responsible for its actions.

Please consult with us via phone or our convenient online website contact us form via email for all urgent matters regarding funeral home negligence. We promise to meet or exceed your expectations while fighting for your rights. That’s the Ehline Law difference and the Ehline no recovery, no fee guarantee. And we will work tirelessly till we win big!

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