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Funeral Home Error Negligence Attorney

The funeral home negligence attorneys at Ehline Law Firm know that funeral home abuse or cemetery negligence devastates families. This behavior remains inexcusable.

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These incidents occur more often than people realize in the United States. And it leaves families feeling defenseless. The deceased victim of physical abuse or desecration is unable to protect him or herself against these atrocities.

Families honor their fallen family members through memorial services. So these include wakes, funerals, burial, or cremation. But during this emotional time, the family looks at the funeral home.

In other words, the cemetery, mortuary, and crematoriums assist them in honoring their family member. But in some instances, the establishment is dishonest; they do not have any respect for the deceased or the family and are only chasing dollars.

There is no sympathy or the urge to do the right thing. All these losers want is as much money as possible. And this commonly results in errors.

When you get suckered into an unfortunate situation, an experienced and conscientious Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm is there for you.

What About Mistakes, Errors, and Dishonesty?

Funeral homes, crematoriums, cemeteries often merge. But many are acquired by other companies. And at times, their practices can be questionable, with the bottom line being the most crucial issue.

And this has brought less than favorable attention to some of these parlors over the past few years.

Also, in the last ten years, allegations of:

  • Greed
  • Deception
  • Misconduct
  • Corruption has cropped up.

In some instances, these horrendous acts have made national news and, in some cases, prison sentences for the individuals involved. This behavior is egregious. And there common ways the funeral home, crematorium, or cemetery negligence and errors happen.

These causes can be:

  • Gravesites left unkempt or vandalized through lack of maintenance.
  • Multiple bodies in one burial plot or placed in the coffin.
  • Theft of expensive family heirloom jewelry, wedding bands, personal items, or clothing.
  • Expensive coffins switched with less expensive ones. Usually, that happens after burial when the family has left.
  • Human remains lost or switched. (source.)
  • Body parts sold.
  • Bodies being mishandled, disfigured, mutilated, or sexually abused.
  • Ripping off customers, etc. (source.)

What About Obtaining Legal Help?

If a loved one was harmed or abused by a funeral home, you must consult a lawyer with experience in this area of law. So this type of case is emotional for the family and hits sensitive cords.

Also, without the advantage of a knowledgeable legal advocate, claimants remain disadvantaged.

Is Our Firm Dedicated to Obtaining Justice?

Family members of disrespected, deceased loved ones call on us for help. That way, we can hold these entities liable. Also, we work on a contingency basis.

  • No Recovery, No Legal Fees.

The family will pay no upfront legal fees. Also, they won’t pay any fees until there is a resolution. Contact the Southern California Ehline law firm Los Angeles Injury Attorneys at (213) 596-9642 to discuss your case with a top legal advocate for justice.

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