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Date Modified: June 13, 2023

Criminal acts at retail stores, and businesses like nightclubs, are often accompanied by grievous harm, injuries, and other damages. When these occur within Los Angeles businesses, or other properties held out to the public, the applicable repercussions may not necessarily be limited to the typical criminal charges against the defendant.

That’s because establishment property owners and California-based organizations must prevent an attack if they knew or should have known about dangers in the locale. With knowledge of local crimes and risks to customers, these businesses are legally responsible for ensuring that proper security measures are in place. They have a duty to protect you and your family and prevent these unwanted acts from occurring near their properties.

Failing to do so is one of the core concepts in a negligent security claim, and a personal injury lawsuit may follow. Unfortunately, negligent security victims are not suited to represent themselves or can even maintain a lawsuit. Additionally, considering the mental anguish that follows these high-risk, dangerous condition incidents, there needs to be a focus on recovery for the victim, their family, or children by hiring a professional negligence law attorney to recover maximum compensation dollars.

We Help Build Inadequate Security Claims

At Ehline Law Firm, we boast a strong team that is well-suited to helping you recover compensation following a personal injury claim. Implied accountability lies on the part of the business/property owner, and we do not stand for the negative effects security negligence or bouncer attacks may have on you at a bar or even a nursing home facility.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our negligent security lawyers today by calling (833) LETS-SUE! We are available 24/7 with convenient office meeting places in Northern, Central, and Southern California.

We can meet you in Orange County cities like Newport Beach and L.A. cities like Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Torrance, head across the border into T.J., or form an attorney-client relationship in National City, San Diego. For faster service, feel free to fill out our online form and receive a prompt return call from a support staff member to protect your rights and discuss the crime and injuries you suffered.

Understanding Negligent Security

By the California Civil Code definition, negligent security cases fall under the premises liability umbrella. It levies property owners’ responsibility to ensure those who visit their premises are safe.

Of course, a property owner cannot prevent all forms of unfortunate outcomes. However, some are highly preventable by implementing adequate security measures that would be reasonably expected.

A property owner’s failure to meet this requirement that results in negligent security injuries is grounds for filing a claim.

When Property Owners Are Liable

Security guard on patrolContext is a big part of inadequate security claims, one of the biggest reasons our expertise and professionalism are invaluable. For example, the absence or presence of a parking lot as a part of a facility can make the lines of responsibility of two property owners significantly different in two similar incidents with other individuals.

The measures needed are directly based on the dangers in each situation.

Here’s a quick look at some contexts that may present a negligent security lawsuit for different reasons:

  • Health clubs – Security guards and security cameras are two potential essentials in such a context at these establishments, as risk factors here include theft, sexual assault, murder, etc.
  • Nightclubs/Bars/Restaurants – With potentially intoxicated patrons, lighting concerns, and the overall harsh environment typically associated with these venues, criminal activity is a significant concern, and many have been attacked, even tenants after hours when store owners failed to install adequate locks on windows and doors. Security guards and systems are examples of substantial priority concerns to prevent foreseeable harm. For example, if you hire a UFC fighter with a record of assaulting people, bouncer attacks against patrons are foreseeable, and he is a deadly weapon.
  • Parking lots, Garages, and Gas Stations – Robbery is among the more significant concerns in many cases, necessitating security personnel and adequate lighting.
  • ATMs, Motels, Hotels, and Banks – If they are located in a high crime location, such as everywhere in Los Angeles, and the establishment has specific or constructive knowledge of criminal activity history at the property, they can be sued. (Ex: Disgruntled worker who was fired or a bank customer angry you wouldn’t cash a check and returned with a knife to kill a banker or teller, etc.)

Other areas include shopping malls, apartment buildings, sports venues, etc., and we stand ready to support you in cases where a property owner fails to carry out the designated legal responsibility of security.

Typical Flaws Leading to an Absence of Adequate Security

Certain circumstances do not cover the bases of reasonable care, leading to lackluster security implementation. In other words, it’s not that there’s no security altogether.

Instead, what has been implemented is insufficient to prevent criminal attacks and incidents. Some of these that result in negligent security lawsuits are:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lack of or insufficient security guard presence
  • Lack of or flawed alarm systems
  • Improperly maintained security equipment
  • Failure to bolster security, given a history involving security incidents
  • Lack of or flawed security policies and procedures
  • Lack of or inadequate surveillance.

Our team of personal injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm will ensure a comprehensive situational analysis is conducted to identify what flaws may have been at play in the medical bills, lost wages, and other injury-related costs you are likely now facing.

Common Negligent Security Incidents

In our time providing legal representation to secure financial compensation for our clients, we have noted a series of common negligent security claims. Some of these that we have dealt with include:

  • Forceful or dangerous actions taken by security guards
  • Bar fights that lead to injuries to those who are only bystanders
  • Patrons and other property visitors are being sexually assaulted
  • Armed robbery or mugging
  • Unprovoked attacks that take place on the property

Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers is intimately familiar with the legal process of a claim. Even beyond prosecution in a criminal court, we understand how to separate and pursue compensation on the civil court side of the spectrum.

Reasonable Safety Measures

The level of security measures implemented based on context is a central focus of negligent security cases.

A property owner must adequately anticipate any specific risk factor that third parties could introduce based on context.

When we represent clients, our legal team will ensure to ascertain the extent to which the events that unfolded constitute preventable harm.

Insurance companies may try to deny our arguments that support foreseeability being a factor. However, we have dealt with enough concerning these criminal acts and a lack of safety measures to circumvent such futile attempts.

What Does It Mean to Provide Adequate Security?

Our Los Angeles negligent security lawyers, while aggressive as we seek compensation, do not go beyond the lines of reasonable steps to ensure adequate security is in place.

A property owner does not need to spend hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands in some cases to exercise reasonable care.

As indicated before, adequate security measures are not all-encompassing because every business needs to take the same precautions.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in a Personal Injury Case?

As with a car accident and other matters requiring a personal injury claim, your legal rights only allow you to pursue compensation within an established time limit.

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years. So, if you were physically assaulted on someone else’s property and have required years of medical care. As a result, you may not be able to get compensation if you allow the two-year period to pass.

Depending on the circumstances, the appropriate time could be shortened or lengthened, but we don’t advise waiting. Tackle security negligence concerns immediately.

Waiting can make building your case more challenging since a property owner may use the time to begin to provide security adequately. Alternatively, the feed from security cameras can also be tampered with.

Don’t underestimate the tactics someone will use to avoid being held liable to pay money under the premises liability clause, even in a high crime area.

Remember to Call Your Los Angeles Negligent Security Lawyer in Short Order

As stated above, you need to act quickly in pursuing a settlement where inadequate security led to an incident you suffered in Los Angeles.

If you do nothing else immediately, reach out to your lawyer. Victims are often immensely shaken up and may need guidance and assistance in seeking medical help and avoiding pitfalls that can compromise the chance of a fair payout from landlords and other at-fault parties.

Call us for a free case evaluation before you speak to an insurance company. Even if the victim passes away and you are a loved one, we can assist in pursuing a wrongful death claim. Ensure you and your employees are protected with a trustworthy lawyer so you don’t suffer further. Let us provide the legal protection you deserve during this painful, emotional, difficult time.

Typical Damages from Negligent Security Claims

Damages resulting from a lack of proper security measures are widespread but come under economic and non-economic categories.

Here’s a high-level look at both categorizations:


Economic damages tend to have an established price tag that can be used as a point of reference in claiming them. The category includes lost wages, medical bills, property damage, etc.


An attorney will still seek monetary compensation for non-economic damages. The difference, however, is that these cannot be valued based on a set cost as the economic counterpart can.

The valuation is primarily based on our vast expertise in these premises liability cases. Some examples of this category include physical pain, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and other quality-of-life reduction elements.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Even in the face of a blatant absence of reasonable security measures, getting a property owner to compensate you is not guaranteed. Additionally, not all attorneys are built equal. Here is a look at some of the elements we bring to the table that are central to choosing an attorney.

Relevant Experience and Qualifications

You’ll find that most attorneys you may run into are registered and have completed the course of education required, but this is almost meaningless to injured people who need expert representation if the relevant experience is not also covered.

Ehline Law Firm is a sought-after, award-winning organization with immense experience in personal injury matters such as security negligence.

Track Record

We’ve won over $150 million for our clients, which is a testament to our success in recovering settlements.


You are more than a source of business for us. You’ll immediately feel the warmth in our environment and our passion for seeing justice being served.

If you can’t feel comfortable with your Los Angeles negligent security lawyer, the synergy required to work together will not be possible.

Action Plan

An experienced personal injury attorney can begin to develop an action plan based on a case assessment. Why trust Ehline Law Firm with your inadequate security claim? Simple, we understand security, as a Marine runs us, and we know service and commitment for the same reason. We can utilize this to prove your case and ensure you know and are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Retain the Services of an Experienced Los Angeles Negligent Security Lawyer Today!

But you must act quickly to protect your financial compensation rights and preserve vital evidence in your dilemma. Apartment complexes, parking lots, hotels, and office locations are sometimes the hosts of criminal activity that sometimes leaves innocent people injured, discombobulated, and even fatally wounded.

A property owner must implement the necessary security measures to keep patrons safe. We have recovered millions on behalf of consumers just like you. We have over 30 years of combined experience winning cases. We have proven results and abilities and staff of lawyers and paralegals to hold defendants accountable for their lost wages, medical bills, pain, and suffering.

We won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit if insurance settlement negotiations fail. If you were hurt by negligent security, contact Ehline Law Firm at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation about your event today!

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