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How Much Is My Car Accident Worth?

Want to know how much your case is worth? Most car accident victims are stymied after suffering severe injuries or the loss of a loved one during a road collision. You may think you can save money have engaging self-help services or lawyer referral services or attorney listings online to settle your case with the insurance company. But that is a fool’s errand 99.99% of the time for determining true settlement values.

Your personal injury case value depends on many variables, including related costs and fees. It’s impossible to predict injury claim values accurately. We can estimate case values. But that is just a shot in the dark.

The starting point in determining how much your car accident claim is worth depends mostly on the car accident injuries suffered by the car accident victims.

Auto accident cases like dollar value, are all unique, truck accidents usually involve greater forces than motorcycle accidents with a passenger car. Truck accident cases usually have higher insurance policy amounts, which is much higher than the standard 15/30/5 minimum auto insurance requirements under California law.

The more possible damage to a car or property, the more insurance coverage will be needed. No matter how severe the harm, if there is not enough insurance coverage you may not get paid, no matter how much your case is worth.

Explaining the value of your bodily injury claim to the insurance adjuster is just part of the formula in getting paid the full settlement value worth for your car accident injury claim. An uninsured or underinsured motorist may never be able to bay victims full case value.

Forming an attorney-client relationship helps with evidence gathering and conducting an accident scene investigation. Insurance companies in particular will base the pain and suffering damages if the accident victim in proportion to your medical bills, and therapy expenses to treat your car accident injuries.

Most insurers deny they use a car accident settlement calculator like Collusus to determine how just how much is your car accident worth. Wrongful death and survival action claims are handled differently when insurance companies are calculating damages.

A bad car accident requires a great attorney for collision victims receive the greatest amount of car accident damages from the insurance company or a jury. At the end of the day, the greater the dollar figure, the more the car accident victim will have to survive.

Ready to learn about how much your car accident settlement is worth? Tired of fighting with liability insurance adjusters? Let’s talk about car accidents and case value now!

What is Your Personal Injury Worth $$? Understanding Case Value

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Compensation Award
Traffic collisions cause many injuries to people and other animals. These include property damage, death, and permanent disabilities. Unfortunately, there is no way to value a car accident case until all the facts are available.

What Evidence Helps Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Lawyer Determine Car Accident Case Value?

The worth of a car accident claim depends on multiple factors. Most cases get assessed by claims adjusters and courts based upon:

Property Damage

  • Visible physical damage to the vehicle and property impacted by the crash;

Medical Bills

  • What is the meaning of the listed injuries of the victims? (Was it moderate whiplash? A severe like brain damage or a broken ankle?). Another big mistake is for victims to ignore the doctor. It’s vital to carry out all medical care protocols.
  • Does asset exposure of the defendant matter? (Does the defendant own a home or have other property? Does the accused maintain liquid assets? Is this property subject to seizure? Would it be enough to satisfy a money judgment for lost income, medical bills, and non-economic damages?)
  • Can different types of coverage vary court-ordered judgments? Insurance coverage can vary. Court-ordered judgments to pay back lost income and criminal restitution can differ. Excess or umbrella policies can affect the court’s judgment. An over-insured primary policy or an underinsured fundamental policy can influence the decision in a car crash case.

For consumers and insurance actuaries, no silver bullet exists to value a car accident claim. When it comes to quantifying the reasonable value of current auto insurance claims, it’s often a guess even for the best car accident attorney or liability claims insurer.

The jury often faces the same dilemma when evaluating a car crash case. By the time of trial, if you have a great attorney who gathered enough facts and evidence, you may get a great result.

There are some things to ponder affecting the value of the case and its “range.” 

Although there are many reasons for traffic crashes, the main ones remain:

Other factors include road environment, road design, and driver impairment due to legal or illegal drugs and alcohol. Some additional factors include activities like illegal street racing. Our specialists have handled thousands of similar cases. Also, we have had many victories. And we have helped make many clients whole. First of all, car accident claims can vary in many ways.

There are usually variations in the extent of vehicle damage, personal injury, and suffering. Most of all, the level of quality of legal advice affects the potential value of your car accident compensation.

While these fact patterns may vary, there are several consistent factors for victims and the law firms representing them to consider when making or valuing a car accident claim dollar figure amount.

Courts can determine if the other driver was negligent. But what if the driver acted in good faith? Were there were factors beyond their control?

  • Acts of God, evasive action to counter a bad move you made, poor weather, or poor moto vehicle or parts manufacturing can intervene to complicate your car accident claim.

So then, there may not be a case against another driver, or there could be supervening, intervening acts that break the chain of causation under California negligence law.

  • But if the other driver had been acting recklessly, or with gross neglect, then a case could surely follow up to the full value of your car accident case.

Factors must be weighed. Depending on your state laws, the situation could change. For example, there are 12 no-fault states where you get paid no matter what.

Since California is a pure comparative negligence state, we can review pertinent case law to determine negligence. Courts determine if another person, even the plaintiff, had a role. Those parties causing the accident must pay for their share of responsibilty.

How Do You Determine the True Cost of Accidents?

In the aftermath of a crash, the court has to determine how much damage was done to the suffering party. So this could include the cost of repairs to the auto. Also, it encompasses the cost of lost wages, long-term care, and personal injury and pain.

These can become broken down as easily quantifiable losses. So these are economic and non-economic losses. So they can also include more intangible long-term issues or non-economic damages.

The economic costs are somewhat easier to determine. These can include the bills piling up in reaction to the accident. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering and embarrassment from disfigurement.

Add anxiety, grief over the loss of a loved one, and other factors. But remember that proving some damages requires more assistance.

Experts are often used to determine the exact value of a person’s emotions. And this is where the help of skilled attorneys can make a significant difference.

Can You Recover Beyond the Insurance Company Amounts?

The insurance policy of the other driver can only get stretched so far. There are usually caps. Sometimes these won’t allow a plaintiff to recover the full amount they justly deserve.

There are many policyholders with additional insurance. But there are thousands on the road without any protection at all.

But it is illegal in California to be uninsured in a car and causes many issues on and off the road. If the other driver does not have insurance, the injured person files an insurance claim. Hopefully, the injured party will have uninsured motorist protection.

Similarly, underinsured motorist protection also can kick in sometimes. And this is if the offending party does not have enough coverage.

How Do Determination and Protection come with the Right Attorney?

Determining the amount of money a case could bring is not just an issue of having an attorney.

A lawyer specializing in the field of motor vehicle law is what you need. So this will be a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. These highly skilled legal professionals will know the intricacies of case law and precedent.

And to determine how to proceed with a claim properly. Having experience in determining liability and the amount to ask for is critical. These keys to recovery are both factors that can make or break your case.

When you have a staunch supporter, they can prove in court what your pain and suffering are worth. Also, they can show a jury what it has done. Because someone told your side, you will be well protected.

For information about the best personal injury lawyers in Southern California, contact Ehline Law. Call us at (213) 596-9642.

First, the dollar amount of bills, physical therapy costs, and lost work are significant and critical components showing a loss. And intangibles like mental suffering and physical pain must be calculated creatively. Usually, experts are required.

Most lawyers will advance costs. But the victim will pay it back out of the settlement. Most injury claims pay cash for the same items of loss.

Let’s take a look at your potential items of economic and non-economic recovery as follows:

  • Loss of past, present, and future wages. (you may have a total disability or have to be retrained for new work too).
  • Loss of past and future medical care. (for example, you may need expensive in-home nursing care for total rehabilitation and medical expenses connected with your injuries.)
  • So you may need a mobility chair, pool lift, wheelchair lift, or another assistive medical device.
  • General compensation damages for your pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium damages for loss of sexual intimacy, love, care, and affection. (These are more common in death and survivor actions).
  • Also, exemplary damages act as a warning to others not to engage in the same bad conduct. Commonly, these are called punitive damages. But these are designed to punish reckless, intentional, and grossly negligent conduct. Los Angeles courts have awarded some of the most significant damages awards. A great personal lawyer is a decisive factor in winning a prize, whether it happens at the Airport Courthouse or the Stanley Mosk Superior Court.

No magical personal injury case value calculator exists. The the court, adjuster, or jury will look at the above. 

EXAMPLE: A Typical Breakdown of a $100,0000 Settlement

Our accident lawyers will determine the reasonable probability of the recoverable dollar amounts of damages for your injury case using this information.

The lawyers you retain will play a significant role in the damages recovered. We help in many challenging situations like yours. Again and again, people get stumped by insurance companies.

Some clients want to make a change. Of particular concern, many clients we work with fired their old lawyer. Most victims suffered injuries in traffic collisions with other motorists, undergoing a stressful experience.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Personal Injury Lawyers To Learn More About Car Accident Case Value

Are you unhappy with your present lawyer? Want to more about a car accident insurance claim you are handling solo? We offer a risk-free consultation to discuss your case privately. We help new clients 24 hours per day, seven days per week legal consultations. Feel free to call us today.

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