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What Is My Car Accident Worth?

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What Is My Car Accident Worth?

Car Accident Case Value – The Insights You Must Know

Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Car Wrecks
Were you hurt in a serious accident? How much is your car accident case worth?

Sadly, most of those who have been in an auto accident in Los Angeles suffer severe injuries. Worse, some personal injury cases are characterized by victims who passed away, leaving loved ones behind.

Saving money on your personal injury claim using online attorney listings, lawyer referral services, or self-help services may sound appealing after a Los Angeles car accident. However, settling car accident claims with an insurance company that way never really allows you to determine the proper settlement amount for most motor vehicle cases.

There’s a lot that personal injury lawyers factor in on your behalf, even for minor common car accident injuries. Therefore, accurately making predictions is next to impossible.

The injuries suffered by car accident victims in Los Angeles make for a starting valuation point.

But injured victims face lost income and intangible losses like pain and suffering.

Think of motor vehicle accidents as having a dollar value that auto accident attorneys negotiate.

Truck accidents involve more force and present worse injuries than a motorcycle or car accidents, for example. Therefore, they tend to have higher insurance policy numbers to cover lawyer fees and other damages.

Having the right insurance coverage plays a big part in helping personal injury attorneys find success as they represent injured parties. If you met in a car accident in Los Angeles and did not have enough insurance, you even risk not being paid. Your coverage typically needs to be proportionate to the potential damage you can sustain from a car accident.

Explaining your bodily injury’s value to the insurance adjuster is a single part of getting a fair car accident settlement. Car accidents featuring uninsured or underinsured motorists are complicated. There is also the issue of “Acts of God.” You may never get fully compensated even with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who knows the ropes. But not all law firms are capable of getting your maximum compensation, especially if you require ongoing treatment over your life.

Acts of God and Car accidents

Without a proper car accident attorney, you can find yourself in several pitfalls, such as insurance companies wanting to use your medical bills to gauge your pain and suffering. Even so, they deny utilizing a car accident settlement calculator during their evaluation.

Even so, wrongful death and survival action cases in Los Angeles seem to be handled entirely differently when the insurance company calculates the damages.

California car accident laws are comprehensive, and only a reasonable attorney can handle your personal injury lawsuit. Bad accidents almost necessitate good lawyers. The greater your car accident settlement, the more money you have for survival.

Are you ready to learn more about what your insurance claim after a Los Angeles car accident may be worth? If you find the battle with liability and insurance battles tiresome, here’s the information you need!

How Does Car Accident Case Value Work?

Many people and animals fall victim to traffic collisions in Los Angeles. Permanent disabilities, death, and property damage may result. Even so, expert car accident attorneys know that the case cannot be valued without all the required information present. This is why we represent clients who work hard to assist us in building their claims. Only the best lawyers can inspire this teamwork into clients.

What Evidence Is Key in Assisting a Car Accident Lawyer and an Insurance Company to Determine Your Case Worth?

There’s a lot that feeds into a car accident claim. Most courts and claim adjusters use the following elements:

Property Damage

This element of the injury claims process looks at the damages that can be seen on the vehicle and any other property.

Medical Bills

  • What may the injuries corresponding to the medical expenses mean? Did the victim seek proper medical care from reputable doctors?

  • What kind of assets does the defendant have? Would they be enough to meet the figure of a money judgment, reflecting actual case worth?

  • Do different types of courage impact the judgments that a court may hand down? The best personal injury lawyers know that both overinsured and underinsured policies can sway things for or against needy families.

Silver to make bullets

Nevertheless, car accident lawyers represent your best chance at fair compensation. Form an attorney-client relationship as it helps with different layers of evidence and data gathering.

No Silver Bullet

No hard and fast rule can be used to value a Los Angeles car accident case. Neither your law firm nor the adjuster can assign an accurate value at the onset. Even car accident experts have to guess sometimes. They need to investigate and find the missing evidence to support their claims. If you recruited an experienced lawyer with a history of winning, the evidence presented could make things end up in your favor.

Reason for the Crash

There are numerous reasons that a crash may occur. Some of the main ones are as follows:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Road rage
  • Vehicle design
  • Little driver experience
  • Distracted driving
  • Road conditions
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Illegal street racing.

This is still not an exhaustive list of why an accident may occur in Los Angeles.

Factors Beyond Control

As you can imagine, the amount of variety in vehicle damages sustained is quite vast as is the level of suffering and injury. Be careful and don’t forget that the quality of the legal service provided by the law firm you choose. This decision will have a significant bearing on the level of financial recovery.

As you can imagine, there’s quite a bit of variety in these areas. It’s not hard for the courts to determine the level of negligence a driver displayed. However, factors that may have been beyond their control must also be accounted for. These include:

  • Acts of God include poor weather, parts manufacturing issues, or a poor motor vehicle overall. It may even speak to the fact that the other driver had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid you.

This would mean there really may be no case against the opposing party. Alternatively, supervening may be at play. Whenever the chain of causation under California law is broken, this is the term that would be applied.

Of course, the circumstances are different if the other party demonstrated gross neglect or recklessness. Such a situation may see your attorney able to assist you in recovering the full value of your claim.

Pure Comparative Negligence

Regardless of the kind of injuries and damages suffered, all relevant factors must be weighed adequately. State law could change the situation at any time. Twelve states allow you to get paid regardless of the problem, for example. California happens to be a pure comparative negligence state. Whatever relevant case law may apply will be consulted.

The courts as a whole will review the situation. Who had a role to play in the accident? This could even include the plaintiff. Anyone with any level of blame must pay based on the share of responsibility applicable.

How Is the True Cost of an Accident Determined?

The court has the job of ascertaining the extent of damage the suffering party has to deal with. Personal injury, pain, lost wages, and auto repairs may all be applicable. Economic and non-economic damages are established and quantified, with the latter being rooted more on the intangible side.

You find that economic losses are easier to value since they tend to include bill-related expenses. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, may consist of disfigurement-based embarrassment or pain and suffering damages. There may even be a sense of grief and anxiety over losing a loved one. Don’t forget, however, that some damages cannot be proven without assistance.

A host of expertise is needed to value a person’s emotional damages, but this is the kind of thing skilled attorneys excel at.

Is Your Compensation Limited to Insurance Company Amounts?

Insurance policies go so far and no more. The cap may not be adequate for the plaintiff based on what is deserved. While some policyholders have multiple policies, some drivers have none at all.

Uninsured and Underinsured Protection

Being uninsured in California is illegal and causes many problems. If the negligent party is uninsured and a claim is filed, uninsured motorist protection can come in handy if the victim has it. Underinsured motorist protection may also apply if the offending party doesn’t have enough coverage. For example, what if you can’t find the at-fault driver? This insurance coverage can be beneficial for car crash victims in wrongful death cases surrounding a hit and run motor vehicle case.

Determination and Protection with Expert Personal Injury Lawyers

California legal negligence law principles may come into play. Having an experienced personal injury attorney is part of the battle of determining case value. You must get one with relevant vehicle accident law experience, which comes with intricate case law and precedent knowledge. The value of experience in determining liability and the figures to ask for is critical. The presence or absence of these factors can make or break the case.

Such lawyers can prove the worth of your pain and suffering and keep you well protected by telling your side adequately. Contact Ehline Law Firm at (213) 596-9642 for more details on Southern California’s top personal injury lawyers.

Lost work, physiotherapy costs, total dollar figure of bills, and more are all essential in proving losses. There must also be the creative calculation of intangible losses, such as physical pain and mental suffering. Typically, lawyers advance costs and are then repaid from victim settlements.

Potential Economic and Non-economic Recovery Elements

  • Past, present, and future lost wages

  • Past and future medical care

  • Assistive medical devices such as a wheelchair lift or mobility chair

  • Pain and suffering compensation

  • Loss of consortium damages, including loss of sexual intimacy, affection, and care

  • Punitive damages to punish grossly negligent, intentional, and reckless acts.

The jury, court, and adjuster will examine all the above elements. There is no magic calculator here.

A Typical $100 Thousand Car Accident Claim Example

Using the available information, our accident lawyers determine the reasonable probability for the dollar amounts associated with your damages. In a typical case that settles for 100k, the lawyer would typically recover 33.33% or 1/3 of the gross settlement. This would leave the car accident victim with a maximum settlement net amount of approximately $67 thousand. Remember, the lawyers you choose significantly affect your case outcome. We are adept at these situations since insurance companies often swindle victims.

Should I Fire My Lawyer?

Sometimes, clients want a change because they think they deserve an above-average settlement or hate their current lawyer. We’ve worked with many clients who previously fired lawyers. After suffering injuries in a traffic collision, things get stressful, especially when the police report is full of mistakes that favor the responsible driver.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer to Get More Insight into Your Car Crash Claim Value

Are you unhappy with the way your current lawyer is handling the insurance companies and other legal needs? Did you get a ridiculous, lowball settlement offer? Taking a claim solo and want to know more? We will discuss your case privately during a risk-free consultation. We do consultations around the clock. Don’t hesitate to call us today, talk to a lawyer, and take advantage of our professional experience after a severe accident!

The free consultation will not cost you a penny. We have a no recovery, no contingency system to earn your trust. Call a passionate lawyer on our world-famous legal team today at (213) 596-9642 after receiving medical treatment to begin settlement talks.

Alternatively, our convenient online contact form designed for verification processes will give us insights into your case and injury type before the time to sue passes.

  • This is attorney advertising and does not constitute legal advice.

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