Determining Case Value

What is Your Personal Injury Worth $$? Understanding Case Value

How to tally the value of your personal injury case depends on many variables and a whole host of related costs and fees. And it remains impossible to predict case values accurately. So all we can do is estimate case values. But that is just a shot in the dark.

First, the dollar amount of bills, therapy, and lost work are significant and critical components. And intangibles like mental suffering and physical pain must be calculated creatively. Usually, experts are required. Of course, most lawyers will advance these costs. But the victim will pay it back out of the settlement. In any event, most injury claims pay cash for the same items of loss.

Let's take a look at your potential items of economic and non-economic recovery as follows:

  • Loss of past, present, and future wages. (you may have a total disability, or have to be retrained for new work too).
  • Loss of past and future medical care. (for example, you may need expensive in-home nursing care. The total rehabilitation and medical expenses connected with your injuries.)
  • So you may need a mobility chair, pool lift, wheelchair lift, or another assistive medical device.
  • General compensation damages for your pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium damages for loss of sexual intimacy, love, care, and affection. (These are more common in death and survivor actions).
  • Also, exemplary damages act as a warning to others not to engage in the same bad conduct. Commonly, these are called punitive damages. But these are designed to punish reckless, intentional and grossly negligent conduct. Los Angeles courts, in particular, have awarded some of the largest damages awards. But most of all, a great personal lawyer is the decisive factor in winning an award whether it happens at the Airport Courthouse or the Stanley Mosk Superior Court.

And although there is no magical personal injury case value calculator, the court, adjuster, or jury will look at the above. 

EXAMPLE: A Typical Breakdown of a $100,0000 Settlement

By using this information, our accident lawyers will determine the reasonable probability of the recoverable dollar amounts of damages for your injury case.

So obviously, the lawyers you retain will play a major role in the damages recovered. And we help in many challenging situations like yours. Again and again, people get stumped by insurance companies.

So they feel like they got the runaround. Some clients want to make a change. Of special concern, many clients we work with fired their old lawyer. Most of them suffered injuries in traffic collisions with other motorists. But they are all undergoing a stressful experience.