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Can I Get More Money for My Personal Injury By Hiring a Lawyer? - Personal Injury Lawyer FAQsShould I Hire A PI Attorney?

Enjoy this ultimate guide to understanding how a lawyer can help you get more money. So, is it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer to deal with the insurance adjuster and pay the contingency fee?

Almost always, the answer is yes when pursuing compensation for your injuries! Hiring a Los Angeles PI lawyer is almost always the best choice. This fact remains true after paying your personal injury attorney the traditional one-third or even higher contingency fee. But the caveat is that you must hire a reliable personal injury attorney for a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, fall off of a Princess Cruise Ship, or other practice areas.

After all, an unvetted personal injury lawyer might just let your file sit in the corner and do little to work up the folder. Sadly, this is the reputation most personal injury attorneys have with dissatisfied clients, leading to the name “ambulance chaser” and another negative pejorative they probably deserve.

But it all depends on whether you hire an experienced personal injury attorney with a proven track record for meeting clients’ emotional needs and recovering millions of dollars for personal injuries. And unless you hire one to file a claim as soon as possible, you risk losing big.

A Personal Injury Attorney Must Offer Experience and Personal Attention

You don’t want to choose one quality over another; you need handholding and a proven attorney warrior to strike out at the insurance company on your behalf for the most compensation possible for your injuries.

You know that a personal injury lawyer will closely monitor your file when you retain us to handle your personal injury claim.

  • Insurance companies pay out 85% of bodily injury claims to parties represented by a personal injury lawyer.
  • 3.5 x more money per settled claim gets paid to parties with personal injury lawyers.

Other Advantages of Hiring Ehline Law Firm To Handle Your Personal Injury Claim?

Another advantage of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer from Ehline Law Firm is that you will know what is going on during the entire process. Most of all, our charismatic, compassionate team will become intimately familiar with you and your case. For over a decade, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients secure large verdicts and settlements.

Great Personal Injury Lawyers Make The Legal Process Far Less Mind Numbing?

This professional and personable approach will almost always make the process leading to a personal injury lawsuit more comfortable and far less confusing to a negligence victim with injuries.

The bottom line is that without a proper personal injury lawyer, only some evidence is readily available.

  • You can only get all your medical bills and records once you have concluded treating your accident injuries reasonably.
  • Sometimes Traffic Collision Reports will take months to be released. (LAPD reports typically take 30 days or greater.).

Hiring a personal injury lawyer at our firm could be one of your most important decisions after an accident. The idea is to strike while the iron is hot. But you need to know what to do, and our firm’s proven personal injury attorney handles that problem.

Our top personal injury lawyer will take the disputed personal injury claim to trial if we cannot get you a reasonable settlement for the accident. Simple as that! The good news is that educated consumers can make a formal complaint to the California Department of Insurance without a personal injury attorney.

But this can only be done if the insurer fails to resolve the accident claim within a reasonable period after submitting a settlement demand. Any personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm can fall back on our proven reputation for building on the entire legal process with speed, aggression, and diligence.

Like RECON Marines, our best personal injury lawyer can be swift, silent, and deadly as needed. Engage an expert attorney to handle your tough case. Contacting an attorney at our Los Angeles offices is the first step after being injured in a California accident with serious injuries. More than just free consultations with a top trial attorney makes us better.

Can Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Do Better?

Yes. Most of the time, after your initial free consultation and forming an attorney-client relationship, our Los Angeles law firm can recover far more than you or a loved one could unless you are a legal maestro or paralegal with knowledge of the extent of the severity you face by making a single mistake.

Let’s look at some things unsure clients receive after accepting us as their personal injury lawyer representatives:

  • Advance Case Costs: After we are hired as your contingency fee lawyers, our best Los Angeles personal injury attorney will cover costs upfront, like court fees, copy fees, and ordering police reports (Ex: a car accident case or some other type of auto accident will usually have a traffic report you must purchase), etc. This extra expense can make or break a suffering plaintiff unable to work or even pay for basic necessities, let alone filing fees from beginning to end.
  • You are Maximizing your Settlement: When the insurance company refuses to help you obtain compensation solo, we can quickly evaluate and establish the value of your personal injuries. We can help get you the most possible to compensate you for your trauma without the hassle and expense of filing a personal injury lawsuit to receive damages in your favor.
  • Experience with Insurance Companies in Los Angeles: Experience negotiating with liability insurance companies extends to nearly every aspect of the business and the person on the other line. Take, for example, pursuing a typical rear-end car accident case where an occupant is injured. Ehline’s dedicated legal counselors are skilled in negotiation with these auto liability insurance corporations representing the at-fault party or parties. Accident victims can take on any insurance company attorney or adjuster trying to devalue their insurance claims. The goal of the defendant’s insurance company is to force you into an unfair settlement for your personal injury claim. We fight you to acquire a fair settlement for your severe injuries, or we go to trial with the advanced skills required to win.
  • No Recovery, No Fee: PI lawyer legal representation generally works around contingency fees — if you don’t win, we don’t win attorneys fees under the negotiated retainer agreement. You may be getting a raw deal if your lawyer wants to handle your case hourly and not by a contingency fee. Our lawyer fees are always fair and negotiable.
  • Client Resources: Besides working on a contingency fee, when you wish to seek compensation from an insurance company, we do our best to help you locate resources to pay your legal and medical bills. Then our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you build a foundation for your personal injury lawsuit. That way, you can concentrate on happy living for the rest of your life. Our team’s reputable contingency fee attorney can help injury and car crash victims from San Diego, Sacramento, and even the great state of Texas in almost any situation.
  • Paperwork and Motions: The Ehline Personal Injury Law Firm and its experienced litigators are pros at bringing motions and legal paperwork needed for a successful Los Angeles, CA, court case. When you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence, we do the heavy lifting so you can begin rebuilding your daily life as we handle your personal injury claims.
  • Hire Private Investigators: We will do our best, working with private investigators and researchers to determine the background of the liable parties involved in personal injury cases.
  • Objective Separation: We make sure that you and your time-consuming case stay on track. And advise you from years of experience so you don’t make rash decisions. So we don’t allow you to let emotions accept a small settlement. Also, we will work with you to never give in and accept a lowball settlement offer, ever!
  • Other Forms of Claim Dispute Resolution (ADR): Our PI attorneys know that lawsuits can eat much of the monetary award in fees and costs from experience. We can help you choose to arbitrate or mediate as another way to resolve disputes.
  • A Coalition of Personal Big Case Experts: Our team of champions will use all the resources to challenge the opposition until victory. This means we can advance costs for expert witnesses to help eleven the playing field, where most firms might need more bankroll to pay everything upfront.
  • You have qualified Case Value Evaluators: Ehline Law’s skilled attorneys have years of training and experience in cases like this. We can estimate the value of your case, making ADR negotiations with the other party and their California insurance companies easier. In most cases, this can help you determine how far to pursue the claim and whether to accept the deal offered to settle.
  • Top Jury Verdicts: Excellent helpers at our Los Angeles office won’t take no for an answer. Driven counsel will help you both in and out of court. For example, Michael Ehline relishes the chance to assist you in front of a jury and make sure that you can convince them that the injuries, whether mental or physical, are proportionate to the claim. Motivated representatives can convince jury pools that your emotional trauma has affected you greatly. Bodily injury, tort lawsuits, and defamation torts can be vital portions of your case. Hiring an attorney at our firm will help you understand whether to pursue this related litigation.

Reputable attorneys protect claimants harmed in accidents from Sherman Oaks, Huntington Beach, or anywhere else in Southern California. They can also go further than mere protection of individual rights. When your hire a lawyer from our office, we can help any wounded plaintiff like you obtain an award of maximum compensation. So stay on point and protect your legal rights. Stop thinking about dealing with the insurance company. After receiving medical attention, contact us for a free consultation by phone at (213) 596-9642.

  • A great representative can also mean attracting media attention and social change. 

So that can lead to enforcement of personal accountability, and even product recalls, for example. But for a victim, the main concern they must decide over is getting a more significant piece of the pie from the gross settlement proceeds. Families should stop wondering and call us today to discuss becoming our clients.

Do Statistics Say You Can STILL Get More Even After Paying Your Lawyer Their Fee?

Yes. Consider what the Insurance Research Council said in 1999:

  • Insurance companies payout 85% of bodily injury claims to represented parties.
  • 3.5 x more money per settled claim gets paid to parties with attorneys.

Statistics show you can get more by retaining legal counsel for your injury case. Doing things only a trained lawyer can typically do means the risks in proceeding with a defense of the insurer’s claim can often spiral beyond the acceptable risks.

  • A risk becomes more acceptable when a victim fails to gather evidence, certain witness statements, traffic investigation reports, etc.
  • The legal advocate is precisely the person that will do the necessary things to gather and protect evidence.

They will fight to recover financial compensation on behalf of the client for their injuries, losses, and future damages. The lawyers at Ehline will be able to talk most people through the complicated process they suffered. Our staff can handle the claim promptly after the at-fault party’s insurance company tries to refuse, deny, delay justice, or reduce the total amount you are entitled to receive.

  • Our attorneys do this by direct negotiations with the insurance adjuster.
  • The lawyer will file a civil courtroom lawsuit if it is impossible to obtain a decent settlement amount.
  • So a jury determines the amount of financial award after filing the lawsuit.
  • Accomplished attorneys have an intricate knowledge of negligence law. Plus, they know the obfuscatory strategies that insurance claims adjusters use to keep settlement amounts low.

Claims adjusters do not look at what is in the victim’s best interest. After all, it is their responsibility to protect their employer and corporate shareholders.

The plaintiff’s “PI lawyer” at Ehline Law can ensure a fair and reasonable settlement is obtained. This victory can be through negotiations or litigation.

Does Preparing the Case Properly Mean More Money?

Yes. When an accomplished practitioner represents a client in these situations, they build the case. They do so by gathering evidence and investigating all the pertinent elements of the incident.

They will also determine all the negligent parties who can be held liable, so victims can recover the financial award they deserve.

Do the Better PI Lawyers Use Conditional Fee Agreements?

Most better lawyers will work on a Conditional Fee Agreement or a CFA. They don’t claim a fee if they don’t win the case for you. When they win, they will receive the standard fee, also known as a success fee.

A Trained Lawyer Knows that These types of claims allow the victim to sue for financial compensation for their losses caused by others’ actions.

These can include:

  • Medical Expenses include medical expenses incurred due to the incident and estimated future treatment.
  • Lost Wages: With the loss of a job, many victims can expect bankruptcy, divorce, and more. This damage award can include past, present, and future lost wages. This fact especially remains valid with disabled victims. Awards may consist of money for a lost pension or other 401K benefits. When we represent you, you will receive what you are entitled to because you know our focus is to prove and win a significant award from the person involved with the blame.
  • Pain and Suffering: These damages can include money awarded for being forced to undergo the long and complicated healing process and ongoing medical treatment.
  • Property Loss or Damage: Plaintiff can request financial recovery for property damage or loss, including automobiles, belongings, houses, or other property. The intent here would be to repair or replace damaged items with a lump sum payment.
  • Enjoyment: These can include cases where victims cannot enjoy their daily lives. So this includes time with their family, hobbies, or activities they did before the incident.
  • Loss of Consortium: The injury victim or spouse can bring consortium claims in a wrongful death claim. Here, the eligible survivor(s) get money for personal relationship losses, such as lost matrimony from the injury or death.

So punitive damages can be awarded by a court or jury. And this would be in addition to available compensatory damages. Awards granted by courts come when a responsible party acts with blatant or exceptional recklessness.

  • Also, compensation may get awarded for a negatively altered, changed lifestyle., including the associated stress of not being able to afford the basics of life.
  • Examples are victims unable to play in their regular cricket season or a tennis player with wrist damage unable to play in the season.
  • What if someone set you or your home aflame recklessly or intentionally? Indeed, a burn injury victim could seek punitive damages by a jury instruction.
  • This lifestyle change is called a loss of amenities. And this is an award for pain, suffering, and loss of comfort.
  • And this can be due to the inability to work, known as the loss of congenial employment, often involving compensation above the amount for the initial injury.

Yes, lawyers can get you more money in almost every case because they have the knowledge, training, and skill to negotiate with insurance or file a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Schedule a Call With a Well Educated Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Still reluctant to have an accident lawyer file a claim on your behalf or take over your accident case? Do you want to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury expert? Do you have questions about contingency fee agreements or switching attorneys? Want to make an appointment for some free legal advice and save your case from the jaws of defeat? After reading our helpful article above, you may be ready to hire us to negotiate on your behalf.

No matter what you do, issues like the statute of limitations mean you could waive your rights by sleeping on them. This is why it is imperative not to ignore your rights and why most victims need to hire an attorney to take charge and swiftly navigate their expensive accident claims. Schedule a free legal consultation with a personal injury lawyer at Ehline Law Firm today by calling (213) 596-9642 phone number or by using our convenient online website contact us form before you blow your rights to acquire justice in your case.

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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