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Long Beach Car Crash Lawyer Help.

Out of the blue, you or your family could be out for a spin in the beautiful seaside city of Long Beach. But then all of a sudden, you could get hit in a roadside accident.

Car operator with neckbrace.
Fireman helps an injured Long Beach car driver.

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When your car gets rear-ended, sideswiped, or clipped while riding in a car in Long Beach, you will need personal injury legal help. Ehline Law Firm is the plaintiff’s lawyers, many injured people like you have turned when dealing with the upheaval of a terrible roadside tragedy like a rollover or bad T-bone collision.

Freeway crash
Do Not Enter sign in Long Beach City.

Our superior law firm has assisted many car satisfied accident victims over a ten plus year period. With millions of dollars recovered in verdicts and settlements, our track record speaks for itself.

What are a Few Reasons You Should Hire Ehline Law Firm for Your Long Beach Car Accident?

  • Our daily, proven results demonstrate our extensive knowledge.
  • Ehline Law Firm’s commitment to superior personal injury representation is undisputed.
  • People know us in Long Beach and the United States as excellent lawyers.

We take pride in helping motorists injured by inattentive drivers file their lawsuits. When clients contact us, they see right away that we enjoy helping our fellow man.

After a vehicle smash-up, what is the first thing you need to do after getting medical attention?

The answer is that you must contact one of the best Long Beach car crash lawyers like Michael Ehline. Michael and James Carr at Ehline Law Firm are a cut above the rest.

Noteworthy Legal Representation.

Noteworthy is that attorney Jim Carr is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. He helps with accidents covered in US News and World Report and other major news publications. Also, he is famous in the world scene.

Thus, he is a crack trial attorney. But experience is meaningless without dedication. Ehline Law Firm remains a loyal and aggressive legal firm. What this means is that you can count on us to act swiftly to get you a tactical and strategic advantage.

  • Victims like you deserve benefits when going up against large, sinister auto insurance carriers.
  • Adjusters are usually the ones who do not want to pay the insured’s “fair share.”
  • Unless people hurt in car accidents get someone like Ehline Law Firm to intervene, they can ruin their liability insurance claims.

If you still aren’t convinced to hire us now, scroll down and read more.

Is Ehline Law Firm a Proficient, Skilled Team of Car Accident Lawyers in Long Beach?

Yes, we are, and we want to prove it to you. But how do you know how to hire the most excellent car accident lawyer for your case?

What else makes us so proficient is that:

  • Ehline Law Firm looks at the evidence
  • Our aggressive lawyers find and hear from the eyewitnesses
  • We’ll even go see the accident scene ourselves

After all, in crowded Long Beach and neighboring areas, car accidents are a daily hazard. These mishaps pose a clear and present threat of injury to anyone.

  • Roadways, sidewalks or structures near the roads are all in the zone of danger.
  • Sooner or later, chances are you or someone you know will need a proficient PI lawyer.

In fact, we have a proven, results-oriented system from sign up to settlement or verdict.

  • This philosophy has made us a nationally recognized law corporation.
  • Our success shows in our high percentage rate of success.
  • Recovering damages for the downtrodden victims of accidents is something we enjoy doing.

It is a pleasure to serve you.

What are Some Statistical Dangers of Driving In Long Beach?

If you travel here, there is a statistical likelihood of a traffic wreck.

  • In the City of Long Beach in 2009, 29 people died as the result of horrific traffic accidents. (Source.)
  • Faulty traffic signal phasing near the Long Beach Airport at Signal Hill increased the chances of these wrecks.

News stories have pointed out many bad wrecks in Long Beach:

  • South of Del Amo Boulevard by the Lakewood locale.
  • The I-605 San Gabriel River Freeway is a place where many accidents happen. Right there is a merge to I-405 San Diego Freeway that bottlenecks passenger cars with big rigs.
  • Because of this, brain and spinal cord injuries near Long Beach Airport are reported often in the news.

The same goes for Palm Beach near the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Shoreline Drive. Even drivers paying careful attention to driving and surrounding vehicles may not be safe. So getting in an automobile collision is sometimes unavoidable as you can see now, right?

  • Who is Long Beach Lawyer Michael Ehline?

First of all, he was a Marine. So you know he is aggressive. Michael Ehline has garnered continuous successful outcomes for people injured in the city since passing the bar exam in 2005.

Because of this, Michael is a qualified vehicular accident attorney. Mike and his team will provide you with the very best legal representation.

Also, the Ehline Law Firm has a winning history of recovering the most Compensation. This respected law firm has done so in thousands of personal injury cases. Many satisfied clients were in cases involving car collisions. Our “Yelp!” and Google reviews buttress this claim.

Retaining the Services of a Car Accident Lawyer – Why is Timing is Everything?

Hiring a competent representative is impossible unless you do it the right away. Many uneducated or ill-advised victims get suckered into going it alone by the car insurance adjuster.

Such people like you often become faced with the quagmire of dealing with a two-faced insurance company.

  • WARNING: Unrepresented plaintiffs are often guilty of failing to seek proper medical care timely.
  • Thus, the case becomes almost worthless.
  • A jury or insurance adjuster just won’t take your case seriously unless you: 1. got a police report and; 2. took an ambulance to the hospital, and documented your injuries.

The moral of the story is, don’t sabotage your case. Do your research and learn the ropes to protect your case.

Why Must You Not Blow the Time Limitations Statute?

Great legal advocates will file court documents before the statute of limitations runs out. Timing is more important than ever. Some cases, such as those against the City of Long Beach may have a six-month time constraint, while others against private actors may allow you more time to sue.

James and Michael are counsel who looks at cases with a sense of urgency so you can sleep well at night and turn your troubles over to Ehline Law Firm.

  • Beyond that, these seasoned attorneys will investigate every element of your car crash.
  • Ehline Law Firm will preserve critical evidence that could be lost or damaged; they will interview witnesses before their memories fade.

How Does Ehline Law Firm Deal With Your Long Beach Car Accident Claims?

Most car smash-ups will settle through skilled negotiations of a lawyer. If your case is not resolved, there is also arbitration or mediation in underinsured and uninsured motorist claims without the need to go into court.

But sometimes there are some cases where an adequate settlement simply cannot happen. Then it is necessary to take the lawsuit to trial. In these cases, your legal expert identifies all the parties potentially responsible. Only then will a trained attorney name them in the suit.

There is often more than one negligent party at fault in a traffic accident. Therefore, more compensation could be available due to more deep pockets. But understanding the pulse and heartbeat of Long Beach is necessary for a legal expert.

The Many Potential Defendants

The city also has a dilapidated infrastructure with big trucks everywhere. Thus, dangerous curbs, potholes, and sharp shoulders are all causes of car wrecks. So the city, state or county of Los Angeles are all possible defendants.

Defendants may include:

  • Other drivers involved,
  • Taxis,
  • Uber, Lyft,
  • Private tour bus companies,
  • Public municipal bus operators,
  • Shipping companies,
  • The owners of the vehicles, if different from the driver,
  • Employers of drivers who were driving as a duty of their employment,
  • Automobile manufacturers, when there is a poor design or defective part that contributed to the accident.
  • Auto mechanics, when there are inadequate repairs that cause or contribute to the crash,
  • Government entities when they have improperly cared for a roadway that causes or contributes to a collision.

Thus, an auto-related trauma victim may be able to sue parties other than the at-fault motor vehicle driver. Only a great lawyer can track down those people potentially liable for a person’s car accident damages.

  • In the event the other party is under-insured or uninsured, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company.
  • The insurance company will look out for their interests alone.
  • So if you feel you deserve more, your lawyer might advise you to bring a lawsuit.

What Is My “Recovery” in a Long Beach Car Accident Case?

Recovery is another way of saying how much “money” you will get for your accident. When a settlement is not able to be negotiated, the case usually goes to court. Sometimes a judge or jury will award damages to the victim. Other times, you may get nothing. Getting nothing for your case is not a functional recovery.

What you must know is that your recovery award is designed to compensate the financial and other intangible losses resulting from your auto accident.

Your recovery can include:

  • Medical care expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Assisted living services
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced or loss of future income

Also, if your loved one dies in the crash, your family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

  • Lawyers file these death claims lawsuits to recover damages for losses families suffered. The damages awarded are for things like your loss of consortium and lost earnings the decedent was brought to your family.
  • Your wrongful death damages include loss of tangible and intangible support by the victim.

Hence, things like loss of love and companionship are compensable damages.

Survival Action Distinguished

Often, the estate of the victim may be entitled to file a legal action for Compensation. Claims are on behalf of the heirs. This claim is called a “survival action.” (Learn more about Survival Actions Here.)

Contact An Honest LBC Car Accident Attorney

Our legal team travels through the city daily. We can empathize and visualize the accident while you narrate. Our lawyers work hard to escape the image of “ambulance chaser.”

In the tiny legal community, character reputation means the world. Keep the services of a fast, silent and deadly champion. Expect positive results since you hired the best.

Defense counsel knows that they are between a rock and a hard place when Ehline Law Firm is your advocate. You can rest assured that when people hire our team, they are always in good hands.

Do Greedy Insurance Companies Fear Us?

We think anyone who wants to steal away your benefits should fear us. Of particular concern, California courts, and greedy insurance companies know we are VERY selective in who we represent.

Because of this, the clients we help must have legitimate injuries. So already, your opposition knows we only help with big injury claims that have material evidence to back them up. The result is a superior bargaining position for the plaintiff, you.

Also, we know how to win the motions in Limine. Therefore, defendants don’t want to risk further losses in court. So after being stung by our pretrial motions, defendants are ready to negotiate anew. Whether pretrial or post-trial, we feel the defendant should always fear us.

Speak to a Long Beach Car Accident Attorney Now at No Cost To You

Ehline Law Firm knows being relentless pays off for clients. Thus, we offer a free consultation no matter where the victim resides. Plus, we can come to your home, office, or hospital room. Heck, we’ll even go to your rehabilitation facility or other location.

No matter what, we will discuss your case in confidence and keep it a secret. Let us help you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. But if you can’t get through, try using our website contact form.

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