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Get a Concussion along the 710 Freeway or the LBC Proper?

After roughly 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, you arrive in Long Beach, CA. Additionally,  Long Beach, CA, is the second-largest city in Los Angeles County, containing a population of almost half a million individuals, and the Port of Long Beach is the US’s second-busiest seaport. I am Long Beach injury attorney Michael Ehline. My team of award-winning Super Lawyers, Rising Stars, and I have been assisting Long Beach residents and tourists with brain injury claims since 2005.
Are you or a close family dealing with a brain injury victim, mood swings, and other problems after a Long Beach head injury or partial drowning?

Long Beach, CA, is a vibrant city with its own set of hazards. People in a bustling metropolis must move quickly, and they almost certainly make poor decisions that harm others, leading to a brain injury. Truck or car collisions during peak traffic are a common cause of brain injuries in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.

Even sports injuries from school football, a major cause of Southern California CTE head injuries in our youth seen with devastated families suing the school district. After forming an attorney-client relationship, we can help bring a serious brain injury claim on your behalf when these things occur.
We can sue for things like oxygen deprivation from a child drowning in a City of Long Beach pool, or a private residential pool with inadequate security or supervision.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases in Long Beach, California

In the United States, roughly 70,000 people are permanently affected by brain injuries each year. Many of these brain injuries result from someone else’s negligence or carelessness, such as a car or a product failure. If you or a loved one has recently suffered brain trauma, you should seek the advice of a knowledgeable traumatic brain injury attorney. The majority of brain trauma or traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients are quite complicated and will require physical therapy and time off work to heal after these brain injuries.
Our lead Long Beach personal injury lawyer has a team of experts in neurology, life-care planning, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, and economics are typically required for the brain-injured client.

The legal team at Ehline Law Firm has the decades of expertise and knowledge needed to effectively defend clients whose lives got altered as a result of these types of damages. Our five-star client ratings, peer nominations, and peer recognition speak volumes about our superior, personable brain injury client services in Long Beach, CA. Don’t just rely on a lawyer rating service. Call us and discover why serious brain injury clients and their families love us!

An Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer in Long Beach, Los Angeles

In the US, around 5.3 million people suffer from brain injury and seek medical attention. Mild brain injuries account for about 75% of all brain injuries seen in emergency rooms, with immense pain and suffering, including memory loss. TBIs are more common in young citizens aged 15 to 19, while adults aged 75 and up are most likely to get hospitalized for medical care and die as a result of a TBI.

An experienced California brain injury attorney represents clients who suffered brain trauma in a range of accidents and is ready to represent brain injury victims in a variety of states and in the California and Los Angeles area. According to research, these injuries can occur in a variety of ways to any individual. That’s why you should contact us today before you blow the statute of limitations to sue. We may be able to turn lemons into lemonade and find insurance coverage for your Long Beach, CA, brain injury claims.

A few examples are:

  • Slip and falls result in 28% of brain injury cases
  • Car accidents cause 20% of these incidents
  • Falling objects or getting struck on the head cause 19% of accidents
  • Violent actions result in 11% of TBIs
  • Other events make up the remaining 22%.

Physical disabilities such as lack of coordination, absence of motor control, impairment of cognitive ability, communication problems (locked-in syndrome), behavioral abnormalities, changes in personality, emotional distress, and more may occur in people who suffered a brain injury. In pursuing a claim on behalf of a client, the legal team’s top concern is to safeguard the injured person’s quality of life, and they rely on rigorous investigation, paperwork, professional witness testimony, and more. To receive representation by a responsive and caring personal injury lawyer, contact Ehline Law Firm.

For help filing a claim for a brain injury in Long Beach, Los Angeles, contact a brain injury attorney at (833) LETS-SUE to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on our website for interaction and some free legal advice from one of our professional lawyers in California.

What to do When Someone Suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury

For brain injury victims and their families and friends, brain injuries can be life-changing. Brain injury can cause comas or, in certain instances, premature death due to major injuries experienced in a car accident, based on the severity. When people experience a brain injury, they are rendered unable to function and may require hospitalization for an extended amount of time to heal appropriately. When the victim is the family’s primary breadwinner, the recovery period may be financially crippling, especially if the family does not have any savings to assist them in getting by until the injured member can return to work.

It is a difficult moment for the family because, in addition to handling the emotional impact of seeing a loved one in pain or ambiguity, they must also worry about hefty medical bills of the injured person, lost wages, and monthly hospital fees; the world does not stop for accident victims, unfortunately. But medical attention is necessary to help the brain recover from slurred speech and other cognitive dysfunction in a serious brain injury case.
Suppose you or a loved one suffered brain damage due to another party’s negligence. In that case, you must seek the advice of an experienced brain injury lawyer who can assist you in your quest for justice with some initial legal advice to help you decide your next steps.

Do You Need Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer in Long Beach, Los Angeles?

As a brain injury can be extraordinarily difficult to recover from, several brain injury cases end up becoming wrongful death lawsuits rather than personal injury lawsuits. This is why choosing an experienced brain injury lawyer in Long Beach, CA is critical. You need a brain injury lawyer who knows what to do in the worst-case situation or when the facts of the case change and who can successfully approach litigation with the person’s best interests in mind.

Get a Free Consultation Today With a Top Rated Long Beach Brain Injury Attorney

When seeking a  friendly and charismatic brain injury lawyer in Long Beach, CA, you should look into the firm’s history, practice areas, and track record to ensure that they are the most qualified individuals to fight for your rights as a victim. Even if the brain injury is not serious, it is never easy for the victim or the sufferer’s family to cope with it.

You can rest assured that Ehline Law Firm has all of the answers to your questions. Brain injury lawyers from Ehline have helped brain damage clients win millions of dollars in settlements. It is one of Long Beach, CA’s most prestigious legal offices. Call the superior, Ehline Law Firm, for further information or a free consultation regarding your settlement at (562) 731-0668.

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