Tread Separation and Tire Defect Law

California is one of the many states where the resident spends a significant part of every day in their vehicles on the road. Most of us believe that as long as there are good tires on their car, they should be safe.

Tire tread recalls are not the only thing we have to worry about. Here is an example of testing the tread depth.
Image of a woman measuring the tread on a tire as part of an inspection.


The truth is that tires are not always dependable; there have been incidents in the past with defects in some of the major tire manufacturer’s tires. These tire defects can cause severe injury or death to the driver and any passengers in the vehicle.

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Are Tire Recalls Usually Too Late to Stop Deaths and Injuries?

As crazy as it sounds, even though a badly made vehicle can kill you, a recall usually won't stop that from happening. In particular, tire recalls by companies like Firestone issued a recall in 2000, Dunlop and Uniroyal have also issued recalls.

But normally these recalls are not issued until after there have been injuries and deaths.

Defective tires can be the cause of catastrophic injuries and deaths due to the flaw, and these can result in:

  • Tire construction, tire manufacturing defects, design defects, tread separation, de-treading, tire shredding, or adhesion failure.
  • Tire Separation: Tire separation occurs due to builder defects that cause the tread to separate from the tire at highway speeds. This higher speed can cause the tire to blowout. Also, it can cause vehicles like SUVs to roll over. And this can cause serious injuries or fatalities. Tire tread separation has been the cause of many recalls. And the Firestone tire recall totaled 14.4 million. That is a lot of bad tires! Anyone of them could mean the death of hundreds in a car accident.
  • Aged Tires: Aged tires can be defective. Because tires like other things have a limited life, they need to be checked. This means a tire that has never been used but is five years old can be defective. You see, after a certain amount of time the rubber chemically changes. Drivers having new tires put on their vehicle have no idea how long the tires sat in the tire retail shop.

    Old tires can slide out and cause the driver to lose control. Examples of why to include a tire blowout; both cause serious injuries or death. Traction is a major problem with aged tires.

Why Not Speak to a Tread Separation of Tire Defect Lawyer Now!

It is essential to seek legal representation after an injury or death due to defective tires. But he or she must know about obtaining money. The manufacturer or tire retailer will have legal help. They have probably already defended a legal claim over tire tread failure.

Often the manufacturer, tire maker, and distributor can be held liable in a product liability lawsuit. This is because blowouts often result in vehicle rollover crashes due to a defective tire.

The Ehline Law firm has lawyers with experience in defective tire accidents and SUV rollovers. So this means that we can provide the best possible guidance for the injured victim or family of wrongful death.

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