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Local Los Angeles Attorney Michael Ehline spent some of his childhood in Anaheim Hills, CA. Hence, he has seen his fair share of fires. So he has had first-hand experience with commercial structure fires. Also, he saw his neighbor’s residential homes consumed by licking flames.

Many homes got burned to the ground. He has personally walked through hundreds of fire scenes. Ehline is an expert in making origin analysis determinations. Furthermore, our law firm has successfully represented thousands of personal injury victims.

Additionally, many of those claims included helping people burned by embers. Infernos even terminally wounded some. During a structure fire, there is not a second to waste in escaping the blaze.

Is A Burning Structure A Deathtrap?

Yes, it is! A home or other structure getting devoured by flame and smoke is a deathtrap. Also, this is one of the reasons firefighters wear unique masks. They won’t enter burning buildings without their gear.

The ability to breathe becomes extinguished long before fires get licked down. When your home or business gets turned into a searing pyre, you will have numerous questions. For one, people wish to learn about how they will survive.

After all, you have lost:

  • Papers.
  • Clothes.
  • Computers and other valuable property.

So how will you go on? First off, let us get down to the bottom of it and find the responsible party.

What Are Some Things We Investigate?

The cause could be arson. But it could also be a defect in construction or inspections. We will go all the way to determining the cause and finding those deep pockets to get you patched up. Ehline Law Firm has the experience and stellar success record concerned clients need to heal from their severe adhesions, nerve damage, and skin graft surgeries.

Can We Help Navigate Insurance Claims?

Burn Injury Compensation In A Nutshell (Video With Transript)

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 Hello I’m Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC here today to discuss burn injuries. You know in the 1950s there were fewer than ten hospitals in the United States dedicated to burn injuries. Now there are many more. Our experienced burn injury attorneys could help you find an experienced medical professional to help you get the best care. Andwe can help you recover money damages for your serious burn injuries like water heater burns, acid and chlorine chemical burns, natural gas explosion burns, and other types of burns. Don’t leave money damages on the table. Hire an experienced and aggressive attorney like me. I am an inactive U.S. Marine. And I will fight hard for you. Call me now at (213) 596-9642. Don’t leave money damages on the table. At Ehline Law Firm we make it happen. You’re not just a file with us. You’re also our friend. [Music]

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We can help you. For example, we know how to secure life insurance, commercial, and homeowner’s insurance money. Also, we can sometimes find grant money, loans, and liens to assist people.

Some people we help had houses and offices go up in smoke. Read on, or call our experienced house-burning injury attorney to get answers now.

What Are the Structural Fire Statistics In the U.S.?

The U.S. has the highest rate of building fires leading to bodily harm and death. It has more than any other country.

These fires are in:

  • Homes.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Live concerts and more.

Also, they arise in other types of buildings and even in the workplace. More Americans die in fires according to the statistical data in the U.S. than any natural disasters yearly.

From the years of 2006 through 2010, the statistics for fatal injuries and burn injury data includes:

  • 2006: 392,000 residential fires occurred.
    • Of these, there were 2,490 fatal burn injuries.
    • Twelve thousand five hundred fifty burn injuries were treated.
    • Ninety-eight thousand nine hundred nonresidential building fires resulted in 75 fatalities and 1,350 burn injuries.
  • 2007: Residential fires totaled 390,300.
    • Of those, 2,765 deaths and 13,525 burn injuries were caused.
    • One hundred three thousand nonresidential fires caused 90 deaths and 1,275 burn injuries.
  • 2008: Residential fires totaled 378,000. Two thousand six hundred fifty deaths and 13,100 burn injuries resulted.
  • 2009: Nationwide, 356,000 residential fires caused 2,480 deaths and 12,600 burn injuries.
    • The nonresidential fires totaled 89,200.
    • Also, they were responsible for 90 deaths and 1,500 burn injuries.
  • 2010: The residential fires amounted to 362,100. Two thousand five hundred fifty-five deaths and 13,275 burn injuries resulted.
    • Eighty-four thousand nine hundred nonresidential fires caused 80 fatalities and 1,375 burn injuries.

Did You Know House Fires Are The Third Leading Cause of Deaths?

The third leading cause of accidental death in the United States is due to fire. And statistical data shows approximately 80% of fire fatalities occur in homes. But in 1991, the National Safety Council estimated 3.3% of workplace fires caused death or severe burns. One of the contributing factors to the place of work deaths is smoke inhalation.

What About Workplace Related Fires?

Workplace accidents causing death and phlogiston are even more prevalent. This is due to the equipment used and the taxing of electrical systems. Many workplace injuries and fatalities have occurred in the past.

But one of the most memorable catastrophes was in New York City in 1911. This sea of flames occurred at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. It killed 150 women and young girls trapped in the tinderbox. The high death toll resulted from locked fire exits and inadequate fire extinguishing systems.

There were not modern extinguishing systems of today. Modern factories have better protection systems than in the past. But that still has not stopped deadly workplace fires. For example, recently, a fire caused the deaths of 25 employees.

This occurred in North Carolina at a poultry processing plant. Fire extinguishing problems got uncovered in that case. Also, problem fire exits had become blocked or were nonexistent. So it was a deadly fire and the place burnt up like dry kindling.

OSHA standards must get followed in the workplace. Also, OSHA agents conduct workplace inspections. Additionally, these get designed to keep employees safe. The idea is to protect people from death and burn injuries by ensuring the workplace is safe.

So these inspections and regulations require employers to use proper ventilation. Also, they must use spark resistance systems. Buildings must also have working fire exits. Also, they need handy fire extinguishing systems. Last, employee training in fire safety and combustion avoidance is required.

Why Must You Learn About Your Rights From A Legal Expert When Touched By Flames?

If flames have devoured you or a loved one, such as a workplace bonfire, you’ll need medical and legal assistance. One thing is sure; you must seek payment from those who were at fault. So it would help if you discussed your case with an experienced, fierce attorney.

Ehline Law Firm’s residential and commercial fire injury lawyers can help. These lawyers have the experience to evaluate your case. Also, they can explain your rights.

Let them counsel you on your legal options after suffering burn injuries. Even if you lost a loved one, we are brave enough to take on the odds. And this is true even when the tables get stacked against us.

Why You Must Don’t Delay In Getting Local Burn Injury Legal Help!

It is crucial to consult an experienced fighter in the law as soon as possible after your injuries. You must preserve critical evidence. Also, you need to ensure that you recover the compensation that you deserve. Hence, it remains crucial not to lose valuable evidence.

Unrepresented parties must be vigilant and not waive the statute of limitations.

Why Must You Beware When Suing The State, Local, And Federal Government?

Some defendants have different rules that apply to them than regular folks. For example, if the government is a potential respondent, you may only have six (6) months.

And if you fail to make a claim or investigate viability, you waive your rights to the money. Ehline Law Firm has the resources. We will thoroughly and rapidly investigate your case. Also, we can hold the negligent party or parties responsible. We sue reckless or careless employers.

Schedule a Free Case Review With A Los Angeles Building Fire Injury Lawyer Today

We find the potential defendants like companies and manufacturers and hold them accountable. Ehline Law Firms’ courtroom champions are waiting. Contact us at (213) 596-9642. Let us fight for you!

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