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Connecting the Los Angeles Basin to the Pomona and San Gabriel Valley, the SR-57 covers almost 26 miles and links the I-5 and SR-22 (Garden Grove Freeway) to the I-210 and SR-210. Beginning at the Orange Crush interchange, the SR-57 joins the Santa Ana Freeway on the I-5 heading north and crossing the Santa Ana River.

Covering parts of Anaheim, the SR-57 joins the Riverside Freeway and passes through Placentia and Fullerton. Students at the prestigious California State University use the route to get in and out of their university campus.

After passing Fullerton, the SR-57 continues along the SR-90 (the Imperial Highway) with a short overlap with SR-60 as the two routes head northeast.

Then State Route-57 climbs the Brea Canyon before cascading down the hills as the highway curves north, exiting the canyon and reaching the Pomona Freeway.

It then meets the San Bernardino Freeway, and as the freeway heads north, climbing the San Jose Hills, it soon sees Glendora, where it comes to an end at the junction at Glendora Curve.

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According to the Orange County Register and the 2017 figures by the California Department of Transportation, the SR-57 is a traffic-congested route that sees average daily traffic of 278,400 at Fullerton Chapman Avenue and 279,300 at Placentia.

It provides access to many different neighborhoods and routes such as exit 13 at Diamond Bar that lets drivers get on the Brea Canyon Road.

The Federal Highway Administration states that the SR-57 is part of the larger highway systems across the United States that contribute to the economy, defense, and mobility of the country.

Historical Facts about State Route-57

State Route-57 has had its roots since the 1910s when, before the Brea Canyon Freeway Plan, the Brea Canyon road was just oiled dirt down to the City of Orange.

Let’s look at some of the historical facts about SR-57 to understand the importance of this route and why it got expanded over the course of a century:

  • Construction on the Orange Freeway began in 1967
  • In the mid-1930s, the state government started building a bypass of the Valley Boulevard part of the SR-57 that went along the present freeway alignment.
  • In 1957, the northern part of the SR-57 got added to the SR-240 by the metropolitan transportation engineering board.
  • In 1959, the Orange Freeway north saw an extension to link the Pomona Freeway to the Temescal Freeway, completing the proposed freeway corridor.
  • The Orange Freeway hub, dedicated to opening after May 1, 1972, introduced a four-level Kellogg Hill Interchange to cater to the increasing traffic. This is now recognized as a northerly extension of the SR-57.

Accidents from Orange Freeway to Foothill Freeway

For the most part, the SR-57 is also known as the Orange Freeway, and it ends at the I-210, or Foothill Freeway.

This stretch of road witnesses heavy traffic during the day, resulting in several car accidents annually. Let’s look at some of the recent motor vehicle accidents on the SR-57.

  • Construction accident: On October 30, 2021, a white sedan hit an arrow board near a construction site just south of Lincoln Avenue. The vehicle hit the board and then swerved onto the freeway before coming to a halt. Emergency services reached the site to find a half-wrecked sedan that had a driver and a passenger already inside a crashed vehicle. The team scrambled to take both the people out, but the passenger was dead, while the driver, who got taken to a nearby hospital, died from severe injuries.
  • Mess at Fullerton: On October 24th, 2021, a sedan collided with an SUV, resulting in three-car accident victims at the spot of the accident. One of the vehicles had bounced into a tree, with the driver stuck inside the wreckage when the paramedics arrived. Firefighters pronounced one of the victims died on the accident site while the other two got rushed to the hospital immediately.

Orange County Sees a Spike in E-bike Accidents

The SR-57 provides routes across Orange County, a county recently known for a spike in E-bike accidents.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a new hobby in Orange County: riding E-bikes on the road and deadly bicycle lanes.

Many parents often fail to realize how dangerous riding an E-bike on a road during traffic hours is, and this has caused a rise in the number of E-bike accidents in Orange County.

According to recent reports, E-bike accidents have increased by 500% since last year, making them one of the most dangerous “electric motors” on the road.

Injuries sustained from riding E-bikes are more on par with motorcycle accident statistics, and despite this, the majority of the people riding bikes are not wearing proper safety equipment or following traffic rules.

There have been many E-bike accidents across Orange County recently, with victims hospitalized at the nearby Orange County Hospital, northerly to Hermosa Beach.

With teens and adults riding E-bikes on major roads, these vehicles pose a danger not only to the riders but also to other drivers traveling on the SR-57.

Ehline Law Car Accident Attorneys Know the Law

Accidents on the SR-57 have serious consequences, whether it is with a car or an E-bike, and hiring a qualified personal injury attorney can get you the desired results.

The confusing world of insurance and how insurance companies deal with injured victims can add to the stress, and having our qualified attorneys on your side can help navigate through this chaos.

Handling a car accident claim on your own is only advisable if the other party concedes to their fault and you only suffer minor injuries. However, car accidents on Interstate Highway Systems cause serious injuries to survivors, and a knowledgeable lawyer can protect your rights.

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Our attorneys will advise you on your case, California law, and how to move forward. We work on a contingency fee basis, which is a great incentive for our lawyers to win the case and for our clients to get the best legal representation without worrying about legal fees.

Having a lawyer by your side provides injured victims with the reassurance they need to get their life back on track. If became a car accident statistic in Los Angeles, and it was not your fault, contact us at (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation on your personal injury case today!

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