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A California train crash remains one of the most devastating misfortunes once can face. Take the Chatsworth debacle as an example. Merely seeing, or hearing about such a nightmare of mangled sheet metal, steel, dead bodies and dramatically wounded victims, is enough to make one weep. I am expert train accident lawyer, Michael Ehline. Read below and I will explain the ins and outs of a train crash case.


The State of California is one of the top ten economies in the world. It is full of various types of transportation, transporting goods and tourists to many of the tourist attractions in the state. The sheer number of California residents, combined with the Greater Los Angeles metropolis areas, and intensified by the variety of tourist attractions, create many common carrier accidents every year (learn more about common carriers here).

Traffic Congestion and California Trains.

Many of the victims of these calamities are unwitting tourists seeking relaxing vacations. But City Buses and Light Rail trains cause even more injuries. Typically this happens when they are transporting people around California’s congested metropolis areas. If involved in a railway or Metrolink wreck, you need experienced train injury, lawsuit attorneys.

But there is so much you need to know before trying to pursue a train crash case on your own. Also, this remains true even if you are a well-trained lawyer. For example, CalTrans is often part of these cases, so they could probably be a named defendant.

What Makes Us The Right Choice for Your Case?

First, let’s discuss what makes us different and why we are a leader in personal injury law. This detailed information herein deals with understanding, litigating, and prevailing when one is made to suffer from the terrible events arising from negligent operations of the Greater Los Angeles Metrolink system.

Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm is a regular user of the Metrolink transportation system. So he sees on a day to day basis, the lackadaisical attitude of the government employees who run it. Also, he knows how it stands to reason that safety, along with basic customer service, could easily fall through the cracks in such a non-competitive system.

Due to our great leader’s close up view of this light rail system, his having befriended passengers and crew, we have our finger on the local pulse. We are not just a big firm that sues people a lot. We are also advocates in the real world, trying to make positive changes by educating the public. For example, Ehline works with military veterans and wants to help them gain work experience and learn marketing.

Michael also donates his time to the Circle of Legal Trust, teaching fellow attorneys how to brand their firms, and reach the public with a positive message about lawyers. Michael Ehline is a disabled veteran himself, so he understands the terrible outcomes of lifetime disabilities. So when he is out there face to face with the real victims, he can quickly drift from attorney mode, into real person mode.

Michael Ehline rose like a phoenix and earned his law degree after he was already a practicing lawyer to prove it could be done (read more). We have lawyers who have gone through real-life experiences with real people. Our lead attorney was in the military and he also had conventional warehouse-type jobs too.

Locomotive Accidents Are Common Worldwide.

Train accidents are not uncommon across the globe. In Southern California and across the country, these can cause severe injury, such as the September 12, 2008, Chatsworth train accident. These could lead to severe injuries for children and the spillage or leakage of trade goods and toxic chemicals.

Experienced Counsel is a Necessity When Facing Large Corporations.

Train Ride Accident at Disneyland Our attorneys are second to none when dealing with large companies out to rook the victims. Between 1960-2001 train wrecks resulted in 13,136 fatal injuries. This averages 325 fatalities per year. This is greater than the 3,061 fatal aircraft injuries from 1960-2001.

We know the severe issues that can come along with a train crash injury. These could include injuries such as broken bones, teeth, brain injuries, or severe pain. This and the opiate drugs ingested to treat them have led to addiction issues.

If any of these issues sound familiar, you must know your rights. The insurance company could try and bilk you through misleading statements and getting you to say things that go against your rights. Having an attorney that can avoid that is vital.

A serious train crash in the state of California can destroy more than just lives. When faced with a Metrolink, light rail, or other crash, the local attorneys at Ehline Law are there for you.

United States Train Crash Statistics-An Overview:

  • 3,000 train crashes per year;
  • 1,000 train crash deaths per year;
  • Approximately every 14 days, there is a toxic chemical spill. Also, this may cause forced evacuations of the public and homeowners.
  • In the U.S. every year, at least 600 rail stations and thousands of miles of railroad tracks are in use.
  • More than fifty percent of train accidents occur at unprotected railway crossings.
  • But most railroad safety measures were never improved.
  • Train derailments or collisions occur approximately every ninety minutes.
  • Also, the public has not had proper train safety training.

Statistics show how this could cause so many chemical or toxic spills. Train derailments are often the result of negligence, usually by the engineer, conductor, or safety officer. Some of these cases result in the train striking a passenger vehicle. A recent case showed a suicidal person parking their car on the track, contributing to a Metrolink accident and other serious injuries.

Metro Light Rail Accidents.

Long Beach train accident

Our skills make us second to none in Southern California, including paying for lost wages, medical bills, future medical costs, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages. Don’t wait to hire a lawyer. After the results of a train accident due to the collision, mechanical failure, weak tracks, or sabotage, you need legal help. The railway company is responsible for stopping these types of incidents before they occur. So when they don’t, they remain liable.

This case involves many moving parts and will be difficult. There could be overlapping state, federal and local statutes, codes, laws, and administrative procedures. So the lawyer needs the experience to bring it to court. Our lawyer never gives up attitude, and existing track records show why we’ve earned our stripes.

About Metrolink Travel.

The Metrolink system is a vital thoroughfare for the greater Los Angeles area, including the Inland Empire like Riverside and San Bernardino and parts of Orange County. These total 73.1 miles of rail, 62 stations, and 276,900 daily weekday boardings as of June 2006. So this also includes all of the bridges, subways, and tunnels needed for operation and the risk thereof.

Also, this can expand to doors that cause injury, pedestrians hit by railway cars, or collisions. The speed and weight of these trains, as well as the lack of seatbelts, can cause severe injuries. Victims face cuts, cracked skulls, or vehicle window ejections. Larger populations also lead to more people using park and rides for the commuter trains.

The Conveniences and Risks of Traveling the Light Rail System.

This type of transportation primarily helps lower-income people get around the city and medium to upper-income people going out and about. It remains the seventh most-used commuter rail system in the country. Also, it represents the second most deaths on similar systems, only behind New Jersey transit. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FTA), 39 of 61 deaths on trains were those involving the Los Angeles based light rail system.

For example, Metrolink catastrophes in Glendale, California, and the Metro Rail Chatsworth wreck of 2008 were the deaths counted. From the years 1998 to 2008, the Metrolink light rail system absorbed a total of 99 deaths, more than any other rail transport system in the country.

Getting Help From a Metrolink Accident Attorney.

Ehline Law Firm is here to help all train crash victims. Our lawyers are caring for our clients and Bulldogs in the court. Our experience and specialization in metro and light rail cases make us a must. We are a contingency fee company– we don’t charge until you win. Call us today for a free consultation.

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