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    Couple Tries Electric Truck and Had to Stop Every 100 Miles

With the rising popularity of electric trucks and cars, many people are looking forward to being able to get theirs, and this might be you as well. Couple Tries Electric Truck and Had to Stop Every 100 Miles

Electric Truck Fail!

Ultimate Guide to Stupid Electric Trucks

Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go when it comes to this technology and trucks, and this article discusses why.

You’ll learn about a real-life case of a couple who had issues with their truck, and you’ll also understand why having a top-notch lawyer by your side is the best idea. Let’s take a look with Los Angeles truck crash lawyer Michael Ehline.

Even though vehicles such as electric trucks are famous, people now understand that they’re not up to everyone’s expectations. In fact, they consistently disappoint drivers since they have numerous issues.

Numerous politicians want to push Americans to buy electric trucks. However, the truth is that their towing capacity, single-motor functioning, and other characteristics are not as convenient as some might think. The best cars are not electric, and the ones that often have many problems.

The Story

This happened last November when a couple bought a Rivian R1T, which is an all-electric truck that costs no less than $79,500. They decided to make a cross-country trip to Los Angeles from Detroit with one of the best trucks that exist. One of the best aspects of the story of this electric truck is that the owners documented their journey on their Instagram accounts. Therefore, all their followers could see what happened.

Overall, the couple’s all-electric pickup truck expedition amounted to 2,700 miles and no less than 27 charging stops, which is too much for a high-performance vehicle.

What the News Say

Car and Driver mention that the R1T has a single motor and 324 miles of range, which is not bad. However, many Americans think this is useless if the trucks don’t have enough towing capacity.

Unfortunately, it’s true for the R1T since its miles of range change when drivers start towing. Everything points to the fact that going electric might not be the best idea.

The couple towed their Ford Mustang Shelby GT four-wheels, using their all-electric pickup truck in a flat car hauler trailer. The total weight was 14,260 pounds, while the trailer was 6,000 pounds, and this is standard weight.

Two Days Traveling

On their first trip, the couple towed their truck from Los Angeles to Missouri and stopped 20 times to charge the electric truck. Therefore, they stopped every 100 miles, on average.

The second day was similar – they traveled 695 miles and stopped every 100 miles. Considering all the issues they had with the electric truck, it’s no surprise that the trip was uncomfortable.

Too Much Charging Time

It’s also worth noting that the owners spent around 20 hours charging their Rivian, which is too much for an electric truck.

Even though you must get the best deals when you’re buying trucks, it sounds like an all-electric alternative is not very convenient.

Additionally, the couple complained about their vehicle’s battery since there were very convenient pitstops. Some of them only offered 30 kV charging ports, which made them lose even more time.

The battery ran out often.

Even though the truck was supposed to have a standard towing capacity, it still ran out of battery every 100 miles, which made the couple lose time trying to park it at the nearest stop to charge it again.

Finally, the couple also had numerous issues since the vehicle had to take up most of the charging station. This sometimes caused problems with other users, so they had to do their best to park the truck while not blocking anyone else.

What This Story Represents

When people hear about EV technology, a Ford F-150 lightning, a Tesla Cybertruck, a Hummer EV, or battery-powered cars, they might get excited because technology has advanced a lot.

However, all-electric vehicles like the F-150 Lightning still have numerous issues, and this is something liberal politicians seem to ignore.

Deals delivered to clients promise more than what they give; once you buy an electric vehicle, you might encounter problems you never wanted, like the previously mentioned couple.

Comparing Benefits and Disadvantages

The max payload of the Ford F-150 lightning is 2,000 pounds. Other all-electric vehicles such as the Tesla Cybertruck (with a max payload of 3,500 pounds) or the Hummer EV offer convenient features too, for example, a primary gate that opens from the key fob, a sturdy tow rating, or a high-stated range.

However, none of this is convenient if the battery of the trucks runs out every few miles. Choosing the ideal model is essential.

What You Should keep in mind

When you’re looking through different trucks, you have to pick a model that allows you to drive wherever you want without losing too much time, and spending 20 hours recharging is definitely more than anyone should tolerate.

Although all-electric trucks are convenient, the truth of the matter is that companies must focus on reducing the time they require to full charge and improving their power and towing capacities.

People Consider Buying Electric Cars

Electric trucks’ production needs better improvement, but numerous people still consider buying them, and in the end, it’s up to you. Models such as the Hummer EV, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the Tesla Cybertruck are some of the most famous alternatives, and they might offer the power you need when you choose to hit the road.

According to different specs, the Tesla Cybertruk, for example, can go on for 350 miles before needing a recharge. Many clients consider the Hummer EV truck to be much better than the F-150 Lightning, the start-up Rivian truck.

However, there is much to consider when it comes to buying electric motors. It would help if you considered the price, power, battery, tow, torque, air, and more.

Electric Trucks Might Not Be Ready

Unfortunately, numerous clients believe that even though the F-150 Lightning, the start-up Rivian, and the Tesla Cybertruck are out on the market, they’re not ready yet.

Statistics say that at least 50% of all traffic will be electric by 2040. However, there is still a long time before getting there, and it’s evident that electric trucks still need some improvement.

Should You Get an Electric Car?

The car you get must align with your needs. Regardless of whether you choose one with a rechargeable battery or a gas-powered model, you have to buy something you can use and feel confident, safe, and calm.

When you’re getting a car, you must consider different factors. Some of the most essential ones are its range, power, torque, charge time, gear options, and price.

Make an Informed Decision

Once you consider everything, you can compare your options and choose the one you want. Electric cars are convenient for some people, so you shouldn’t let a single story deter you from getting one if that’s your decision.

Instead, remember that the story was a couple’s experience and that you must decide for yourself and determine if you want to risk going through the same things.

Risks of Getting Electric Trucks

If you decide that you want an electric vehicle, there are some things you should keep in mind before buying it. At the same time, if you already have one, you should consider several essential factors whenever you hit the road.

You Can Cause an Accident

Firstly, you can cause an accident. This is, of course, not exclusive to people who own battery-powered cars. Anyone driving a vehicle can go through this, so it’s crucial that you’re responsible while you’re behind the wheel.

When you go outside, you’re not only responsible for your life but also for other people’s. You can impact them immensely, and this is why you should drive carefully and follow the traffic guidelines and rules.

You Might Lose Time

Getting quickly to different places is probably one of the most common reasons why Americans buy cars and trucks in the first place. Using public transport means you have to spend more time on the road. It’s not convenient if you need to arrive at work at a specific time or if your schedule is full of numerous tasks to complete.

When you have an electric truck or car, you should keep in mind that losing time is a possibility. If your battery runs out, you need to stop and recharge it, which might also take more than you think.

As this article mentioned before, the couple spent around 20 hours recharging their truck. This is more than usual because their journey was very long (from LA to Detroit), but it’s still an effective example of how things can go when you’re not driving a classic, gas-powered car.

Other Drivers Can Crash Into You

If you have any issues with your car and can’t sort them out, losing control of the vehicle might make other drivers crash into you.

Clearly, this is not something that always happens, but you should still consider it because it’s a possibility. Driving an electric vehicle means you should be extra careful since you don’t know what’s going to happen.

You Must Be Responsible

Many people say that driving these vehicles is a fantastic idea since they’re comfortable and practical, and their technology is beautiful. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not at risk, so you must remember that when you’re behind the wheel.

You Might Lose Control of the Vehicle

Just like with any other type of vehicle, choosing an electric one does not exclude you from having issues. On the contrary, you can still crash into someone or something, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Driving requires you to be responsible regardless of the vehicle you have. Therefore, when you buy an electric one, you must still respect the law and guarantee that you’re doing your best to keep yourself and others safe.

It would help if you also remembered that car malfunctions could occur. Thus, you never know what might happen, and if your vehicle starts having issues, you may also lose control of it and harm yourself or someone else.

Why a Lawyer Might Be of Help

Now that you know the couple’s story and understand the essential factors to keep in mind before buying these vehicles, you might be wondering how a lawyer can help you in these matters.

Although attorneys are not experts in motors, towing, performance, trucks, or torque, they know the law. Experts at Ehline Law Firm are experienced, empathetic, and ready to help all sorts of clients with their cases.

They Could Help You in Different Instances

An attorney might be of help in different situations. If your car malfunctioned and caused an accident, you might need legal assistance to file a claim, especially if you sustained injuries or harmed someone else.

Therefore, lawyers are the professionals you should call for legal problems or doubts. The experts at Ehline Law Firm are unique, though, and they can offer the support you need during your process.

How to Pick the Ideal Attorney

Picking an attorney when you need expert help might be the most crucial step in your legal process. Even though you may be ready to file your claim, you must guarantee that you choose someone who can help you.

Michael Ehline is one of the best attorneys in the field and is ready to defend his clients passionately. However, if you’re unsure how to know that he’s the lawyer you need, take a look at the following guide and try it.

Do Research

The first step in the process is to do some research about the field. Some lawyers specialize in a specific area, and you probably want someone with experience in your issue. Therefore, you must decide if they’re the ones you need.

Michael Ehline, for example, is a top-notch personal injury attorney. He listens to his clients and attends to their needs while passionately defending their cases to guarantee they get the best settlement possible.

Make a List of Options

Once you know about a few lawyers who specialize in your issue, you can list options. It doesn’t need to have many details – it can just include each alternative’s name and contact information.

Having four or five alternatives is more than enough in this step. If you have too many, you might feel overwhelmed, and if you only have a couple, you may miss the opportunity of getting a better professional.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

A fantastic strategy for choosing the ideal lawyer is to get a free case evaluation. Instead of hiring the person, you think would work for you, contact them and meet with them first.

You can tell your potential lawyer about your case in your free case evaluation. You must assess how you feel with them – are you comfortable and confident about their skills? Are they empathetic and understanding?

There are numerous lawyers, but few truly understand what it’s like to defend someone else indeed. This is not the case for Michael Ehline because he is an ex-Marine who is now committed to helping his clients get the settlement they deserve.

Consider the Type of Expert You Want for Your Case

After your free evaluation, you’ll probably have an accurate idea of who you want for your case.

Take some time to ponder on it before deciding. Getting help from the correct people is essential if you’re filing a claim. Thus, choosing Michael Ehline as your attorney might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Pick Carefully

Unlike some other lawyers, Michael Ehline values justice, empathy, and passion. Therefore, he wants to guarantee that his clients feel comfortable with him, and he aggressively defends them to ensure they get the desired outcomes.

If you look online, you might find different experts who promise to help you. Some may say they’re an author specializing in legal, but you should only choose someone who can offer top-notch services like Michael Ehline.

Choose Your Favorite

Picking your lawyer might be daunting, especially if you’re looking for someone willing to work with a case involving electric trucks or cars.

However, remember that Michael Ehline is available and ready to help all clients through their process.

One Last Tip

Now that you know how to choose among different attorneys, it’s time to decide, mainly if you were already in a car crash or had any legal matters to attend to. Don’t wait any longer, and hire a top-notch expert as soon as possible.


Getting a vehicle such as a Ford F-150 Lightning or another electric truck model might sound like an attractive idea. However, some people have had issues, and you should keep that in mind before buying. If you were in a crash or need legal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Ehline Law Firm.

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