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Date Modified: June 17, 2023

This is the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Modoc County Fatal Injuries.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Personal injury lawyers in Modoc County, CA, wear many hats. Generally, they appear on the worst day of an individual’s life. Personal injury lawyers help injury victims to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Need a Lawyer?

Wrongful death claims are brought against a defendant when a death occurs due to negligence or intentional wrongdoings. Wrongful death claims allow the estate representative and those related to the deceased to file a lawsuit against the other driver, who is legally liable for the wrongful death.

A personal injury lawyer specializes in tort law, which deals with all civil ligation for injuries and wrongdoings due to negligence in California. Therefore, apart from a wrongful death case, a personal injury lawyer can represent a plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident, defective products, slip, and fall accident, workplace injuries, elder abuse, and medical malpractice, among other practice areas.

Each state has different wrongful death laws. Personal injury lawsuits are filed by the estate representative, often on behalf of surviving relatives affected by the death. Personal injury lawyers from Ehline Law Firm in areas like Modoc or even Los Angeles County can help plaintiffs secure a settlement. It’s, therefore, imperative to schedule a free consultation with these lawyers to determine how viable a personal injury case is to the insurance company of jury.

First Steps to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before getting a personal injury attorney, you must follow certain steps to ensure everything runs smoothly. This will help you gather the needed evidence for building a solid case and help your lawyer once you hire them. We can also help with your property damage claims.

What Is a Wrongful Death Case?

This civil case differs from a criminal case against homicide or murder. A criminal case pushes for punitive measures for a defendant who caused a death. On the other hand, a preventable death case seeks to hold the defendant liable financially for surviving relatives affected by the deceased’s death.

California law defines wrongful death as a fatality caused by someone else’s negligent actions. Generally, if the deceased were alive, then he would have been able to file for a personal injury lawsuit. However, since the injured person is deceased, an estate representative or close relatives can file a preventable death lawsuit on their behalf in California.

While using the Modoc County lawyer referral service, plaintiffs can get reputable lawyers from Ehline Law Firm. They’ll be able to highlight the plaintiff’s options regarding this particular case following the law during a free consultation.

When Is a Wrongful Death Claim Applicable?

A preventable death claim can occur when injury victims who would otherwise have a valid personal injury case are killed by a defendant’s negligence or wrongful actions.

This situation can occur in various ways, including:

  • When an injury victim is intentionally killed: This is where a defendant’s actions led to the victim’s death.
  • A victim dies due to medical malpractice: It occurs when a doctor fails to diagnose an illness or is careless with the care provided, leading to a patient’s death. The said doctor can be liable for the deceased’s death by law.
  • Motor vehicle accidents with fatalities: If a victim involved in a car accident caused by negligence dies, a wrongful death claim can suffice.

These are some of the personal injury cases that turn into wrongful death cases. It can stem from any personal injury situation. However, workers’ compensation lawsuits in California have worked out other workplace injuries that result in death. A personal injury lawyer in Modoc County can help you understand all these aspects during a victim’s free consultation.

What Must be Proven in Court?

In Los Angeles, CA, personal injury attorneys must prove various things to hold a defendant accountable in a personal injury claim. They include:

Duty of Care

A personal injury attorney has to prove that the defendant had the duty of care over the deceased. Everyone has some measure of care over others. A personal injury attorney in Modoc County sometimes has an uphill task of proving care of duty owed since there’s no fine print about it.

Breach of Duty Owed

Once a personal injury lawyer in Northern California has proven that the defendant owed the deceased care of duty, the lawyer must go ahead and prove that the defendant breached his duty.

Casual Link

After determining a defendant breached his care of duty in court, a lawyer has pretty much established legal responsibilities for the plaintiff’s injuries. A personal injury lawyer must then go ahead to prove by law that the negligent actions of a defendant caused fatal injuries.


The plaintiffs suffered these losses because of the defendant’s negligent actions. Usually, damages in wrongful deaths refer to funeral costs, loss of consortium, plus loss of the deceased income.

It’s not necessary to prove that the defendant intentionally or intended to kill the deceased. In such a civil case, proving that the defendant was negligent or careless is enough to hold them accountable.

While trying to locate a lawyer in Modoc County, plaintiffs must be vigilant and hire law firms only recommended by a lawyer referral service in California. A good example is Ehline Law Firm; contact them today at a toll-free number or at (833) LETS-SUE.

The burden of Proof

In any personal injury case, it’s the plaintiff’s burden to prove the case. The burden of proof is usually a preponderance of presented evidence. Clear evidence should convince the judge or jury that the defendant is more likely than not responsible for the death. The probability should stand at 50%.

It’s quite different from the burden of proof exercised in a criminal case, where the burden of proof should be beyond a reasonable doubt. However, gathering evidence for such wrongful deaths can still be challenging. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Modoc County can come in handy while trying to attain evidence.

These lawyers have investigators that can swiftly gather the needed information like medical records, police reports, and pictures of the accident scene, among other things. The lawyer will help you build a viable case worth a settlement. It’s, therefore, important to schedule a free consultation with the lawyer today to understand how best they help clients settle cases.

Who Files Wrongful Death Claims?

The estate representative of the deceased usually files a preventable death claim on behalf of surviving relatives who had a relationship with him. Relatives allowed to file for this lawsuit vary from state to state. In Northern California, a spouse of the deceased subject can file this claim. Our business is also making sure to protect the statute of limitations deadline.

Moreover, parents of a deceased minor and minors of a deceased parent can file this lawsuit. Most states usually start to draw the line in a situation where parents of adult children can sue grown siblings or adult children to collect compensation over the deaths of their parents. Usually, the more distant the familial relationship, the harder it is to get a remedy through preventable death cases.

In some instances, a romantic partner (not necessarily married) can be compensated for the preventable death of a loved one.

A personal injury attorney in Modoc County will explain all this to a plaintiff during consultation.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

Damages for preventable death claims can be categorized into losses, where plaintiffs can acquire compensation after successfully winning a case. A personal injury lawyer in Northern California has excellent negotiation skills that ensure they attain a fair settlement. Here are some of them:

  • Medical bills: Plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for medical expenses the deceased incurred due to injuries caused by accident. Medical care for such injuries is usually high and can quickly strain the family financially.
  • Pain and suffering: It’s also referred to as a survival claim by law. Usually, it caters to pre-death pain and suffering of the deceased. Nursing bodily injuries must have been painful for the dead – this type of compensation shelters that.
  • Lost income: If the deceased were the breadwinner of his family, it would mean an abrupt loss of income, where the surviving relatives are left fending for themselves. With a personal injury attorney on board, these relatives can get a settlement to keep them going.
  • Other settlements: Apart from the damages mentioned above, plaintiffs can get additional settlements like funerals and burial costs, loss of inheritance due to death, loss of consortium, and loss of love and companionship, among others. How many cases like yours has your prospective layer handled? What is their success rate? It’s wise for a plaintiff to hire a lawyer in Modoc County that’ll settle cases with the best compensation they deserve.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Any plaintiff with various legal issues must hire a lawyer in Modoc County to help them with the case. An individual may want to take on this journey on their own; however, a lot is at stake if they don’t hire the services of an experienced injury attorney in California. Here are some reasons why plaintiffs should hire them:

Reaching a Settlement Agreement

Injury victims should seek the services of an attorney in Modoc’s county seat who can assist them to get them a fair settlement. Most lawsuits end up in a settlement; however, with years of experience, the attorney has garnered skills and knowledge in their practice areas, which helps them attain substantial compensation for their clients.

Moreover, they work on a contingency basis on these legal issues; therefore, they’ll strive twice as hard to get the best settlement for the attorneys to get paid.

Expedite a Plaintiff’s Claim

An attorney can expedite a plaintiff’s claim and stay on top. It’s a trying time for the plaintiffs who have to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. A reputed attorney can relieve a plaintiff from all these burdens and let them focus on nursing injuries or preparing for funeral and burial.

Represents a Plaintiff in Court

Plaintiffs should hire the services of an attorney in California when they want representation. It gives them a fighting chance of winning the case as injury attorneys have the law at their fingertips. They’ll look for loopholes to ensure that their clients win their cases.

Moreover, it’s a traumatizing period for plaintiffs, making it hard for them to maintain objectivity. Injury attorneys with an office location in California will come in and review everything on behalf of their clients.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Personal Injury Lawyers in Modoc County from Ehline Law Firm

Contact a Modoc County Injury Lawyer Finding the right legal services from reputable attorneys in Modoc County is essential to getting documents filed and bills paid for families. These experts will ensure a plaintiff has a higher chance of winning the case so they can shoulder their financial burden over the matter. Experienced injury attorneys understand how the law and claim process works. We have the resources to put our client’s interests at heart to get a fair settlement in California.

Moreover, attorneys from Ehline Law Firm in California know how to settle cases, gather facts and information, understand pertinent liability law, and deal with law enforcement, among other things. They give their clients who are around Modoc County a good chance of getting compensation. Plaintiffs should consider reaching out to them at (833) LETS-SUE when they need legal assistance, and questions answered swiftly as they deserve.

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