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SR 60 Freeway Crash?

60 Freeway Accident Attorney
Moving from east to west, State Route 60 serves the Los Angeles metropolitan area and goes along the San Gabriel Valley.
Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Wrecks on the 60 San Gabriel Freeway

The Pomona Freeway and the Moreno Valley Freeway are parts of the SR-60.

The state highway starts at the Los Angeles interchange, where the Pomona Freeway begins, and travels east, where it intersects with the I-710. As it continues further east, the SR-60 goes through many different cities and communities before overlapping the Orange Freeway at Diamond Bar.

Car Accidents on SR-60 are Common, but Ehline Law can Help with a Free Consultation

For a short while, the SR-60 runs on the SR-57 as it heads northeast before splitting off, ascending, and then slowly cascading into the Pomona Valley. It intersects three more freeways in Pomona, Jurupa Valley, and Riverside.

It then carries the traffic onto the I-215 for a short while before splitting off further east and traversing to different communities in the Inland Empire. Soon after, the SR-60 transitions into an expressway and ends at Beaumont, where the road merges with the I-10.

Supply Chain Expansion Causes Congestion on the SR-60

The population in the region has grown rapidly as the roads see more traffic each day than ever before. It’s not just the residential traffic on the roads but also the industrial and commercial expansion in the region that has led to trucks, vans, carriers, and other large-bodied vehicles traversing the SR-60.

Los Angeles and Long Beach ports have served the area well economically by allowing for the movement of shipping containers into the state, and the SR-60 provides routes for the distribution of goods. As the Inland Empire started to grow exponentially in the 1980s, the need for a broader route saw construction work on the I-215 to improve traffic conditions. However, the expansion of the I-215 did not solve the problem, as there is still heavy congestion on the SR-60.

Recent Car Accidents on SR-60

A Rear-end Collision Turns Deadly

On October 19, 2021, the local police got an emergency call for an accident on the SR-60 between Jurupa Valley and Eastvale. The California Highway Patrol immediately dispatched their units to the accident scene, and as the officers arrived, they saw that it was a multi-vehicle collision between a tractor and a box truck.

A critically injured driver had gotten trapped in the box truck and couldn’t get out with the local authorities conducting a cut-and-rescue operation. Despite the efforts, the CHP could not rescue the driver in time, and, due to severe injuries, the driver died inside the box truck.

Upon further investigation, the footage revealed that the tractor was waiting at the traffic signal when the box truck hit it from behind at high speeds without any brakes. The impact of the accident was enough to cause serious fatal injuries to the box truck driver, who died a few minutes later.

Multi-vehicle Collision in Riverside

On November 11, 2021, a minivan and a box truck collided with each other on the I-215 freeway, part of the SR-60. The minivan got crushed by the impact and had seven occupants, while the box truck only contained 2. As the firefighters scrambled to rescue the seven occupants, they also provided medical aid to ensure their survive-ability.

After cutting through the roof of the minivan, the emergency services were able to remove all the occupants from the crushed vehicle. A woman in her mid-30s, although retrieved from the vehicle, did not make it alive as she succumbed to the fatal injuries she sustained in the accident. Other occupants got rushed to a nearby hospital immediately for medical treatment and care.

Accidents like this are pretty common on state highways, especially the SR-60, which is notorious for traffic congestion and overspeeding accidents. Distractions on the highway are a leading cause of accidents, and the impact of overspeeding further intensifies the crash energy, causing serious damage to the vehicles and fatal injuries to occupants inside of them.

Car Accident Injuries on the SR-60

Car accidents can range from minor injuries such as whiplash to major fatal injuries like traumatic brain injuries or broken bones. Whatever the case may be, it is important for a car accident victim to reach out to a qualified personal injury attorney. Treating injuries is expensive, and having the best legal representation can increase your chances of getting financial compensation to pay for your medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries on the SR-60:

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help You with Your Personal Injury Case?

Expedite the Claims Process

When filing a car accident claim against the negligent party, a lawyer can help you collect evidence, medical receipts, police reports, and other relevant information to support your case. Filing claims by yourself can lead to a rejection, which will only waste your time. This is something insurance companies enjoy doing.

Work with the Insurance Adjuster

While you take time off to recover, a professional, experienced lawyer will work with the insurance adjuster sent by the insurance company. Insurers almost always offer a low settlement in the hopes that the car accident victim will accept it.

However, with a legal expert by your side, you might get fair compensation, enough to cover your medical expenses and other damages. A lawyer can also help file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party in a car crash if there is no mutual agreement on a settlement.

Protecting Injured Victims

Besides working with insurance adjusters and expediting the claims process, a legal expert will ensure the protection of their client’s rights. The attorneys at Ehline Law are well equipped with the right resources and legal expertise to protect your rights, file an insurance claim, and get you maximum compensation for your loss following a car crash.

Contact Our Car Accident Lawyer Today

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