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View of ships in Long Beach Harbor from Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach, California.
View of ships in Long Beach Harbor from Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach, California.

Cruise tours are an increasingly popular way to get away. They remain a competitive, all-expenses covered, low-stress environment. Also, many stops allow vacationers to take in as many sites as possible for a relatively small cost (These are called “Shore Excursions.”)

Many couples, retirees, and young people enjoy the ability to hop on a cruise to Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and elsewhere. However, with issues like the Costa Concordia sinking, illness, and crime, all cruise lines have inherent problems that passengers may not realize.

Important: Staying alerted and vigilant drastically reduces the risks of onboard and off-board injuries. So when on an away party, always scan everything within sight or hearing.

By following some essential tips as follows, passengers can remain safe and enjoy their vacations:

  • Assume the Competence of the captain and crew are always sketchy?

The Costa Concordia’s Francesco Schettino acted irresponsibly. This caused the death of 32 passengers. Crew members unable to control their passengers or follow protocol could cause other safety issues.

Important: For example, take the 2008 drowning death of a Carnival Cruise Lines passenger. In that case, the crew did not have proper training. But cases like these happen all the time.

  • Make sure that you work through the cruise line reputation?

Having control over your trip’s details means that the operator can ensure that the ship is safe and the crew got proper training. The vessels are inspected and have to meet regulations before they can set sail.

So this can sharply reduce the chance of food poisoning, crash, or violence. If you decide to go with an independent tour, make sure that you choose a company that meets all the safety and consumer happiness protocols.

  • What is the Reputation of the Cruise Line for Safety Violations?

Necessary: Do research regarding the enterprise’s reputation. But also look at potential safety violations. You may be shocked at what you find.

  • Does the Cruise Line Even Have Liability Insurance?

Important: Also, find out if they have insurance coverage. Ships may be uninsured or underinsured.

  • Why Not Scan the News and Reviews Online?

Taking a look at press coverage and how recent travelers felt helps immensely. That way, you can learn about the company. Look at online reviews and see if the cruise line stands out for good or bad reasons. But in the end, you will know what you expect from their service.

  • Look Out To See if the Cruise Lines Cuts Corners?

If they commonly cut corners, you know they will fail to live up to their end of the bargain. So now you know to stay away. If you get propositioned as you are trying to leave a busy seaport, don’t just take someone’s word for it.

You may be tired and sweaty and want to book a trip. Last, you may be eager to get on a boat and relax. However, if you don’t have time to properly vet any company that you will place your and your family’s safety on, you should be extremely careful.

Also, many remain improperly staffed. Most of all, many are unable to give you a positive experience. So do your homework first.

Stay in a Safe Zone Or Risk Suffering, Disappearance, or Death?

  • Don’t try to do more than you can.

Important: If you hadn’t windsurfed before or dove in an underwater cave, don’t try to do so without proper training. Time after time, tourists feel compelled to show off or try new things without weighing the skills needed.

This trip can easily lead to death or injury. Also, most of the time, it is better to stay away from the big crowds. Many of the activities of these people are different than your interests. In general, the smaller the group of people in your group, the more flexibility you have. But it is key to create a safe zone, preferably using a buddy system.

So then you can do your activities on a more accessible schedule. But do your research about what might be the events you’ll take part in. This kind of system also allows crew members to look after a smaller group. In turn, that can reduce your chances of drowning or injury as you board and de-board the skiffs.

  • Example of a Recent Injury Shore Excursion in the News

San Diego 6 reported on a recent head injury to a woman on a cruise ship. She was airlifted away to care for her wounds. So think about that before you think it’s a risk-free vacation.

  • What About Bad Weather?

Important: Also, when the weather looks terrible, keep track of it as you go along. No need exists for planning a long day on the beach if it sounds like a thunderstorm approaches. A wind storm can cause havoc for windsurfers and even cause death. Lighting can hurt anyone in the water.

  • Don’t Be Superman.

You are probably not a Marine Recon Team by profession. The macho factor in thinking you can master the conditions outside in your immediate plans is a fool’s errand. No doubt, passengers must pay attention when given advice or training from the cruise’s crew. Most of all, this helps ensure safety.

Most of All, Trust Your Instinct

These protocols are in place for a reason. They give you a chance to learn techniques and tips. Bottom line, if you don’t know how to use scuba gear, pay attention. If you’re unfamiliar with an area, make sure you listen to the advice before you go hiking off unattended.

Important: One of the most significant issues passengers face is not trusting their instincts. If there is a weather condition, shady cruise practices, or other factors that don’t feel right, make sure to take all of these into consideration. It would help if you were safe on and off the cruise and use some of the advice above.

What About Care in Case of Accident or Injury?

So there are two types of care most relevant to a cruise victim.

What are the two most important types of care you need after a shoe excursion injury:

  • Get proper medical, and;
  • Legal care.

A skilled attorney specialized in cruise ship accidents and injuries can make sure that you are cared for properly. But they can also hold the offending party responsible. Such a firm will research the company’s legal and safety history.

Then they will see if similar violations took place in the past. The law firm can also interview other passengers on the ship. That way, we can see their perspective, as well as other staff.

Afterward, we can assess their level fully, if any, of training. We sometimes find that they got pressured into doing dangerous things.

Are Skilled Injury Attorneys The Key to Winning a Shore Excursion Case?

Yes! Like the ones from Ehline Law Firm, a set of skilled attorneys will be able to assess your medical bills accurately. So we will look at the past, present, and future expenses. Then we work to ensure you are covered. They can negotiate with the insurance company, the cruise line itself, and government agencies. 

Important: But only then can you ensure you become paid for lost wages, medical bills, and future expenses. The cruise line remains responsible. And this remains even truer if it violated government regulations.

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