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Date Modified: August 18, 2023

Because there is a misconception that motorcycle riders are dangerous and often disobey traffic laws, they are typically blamed for their own accidents. When a motor vehicle, SUV, or truck crashes into a motorcycle, there is often evidence to show that the passenger vehicle’s driver was to blame for the incident. But what if there is no contact because the rider was forced to take evasive action? You already know motorcyclists are often still subject to bias, which can prevent them from receiving fair compensation, especially if they are wrongfully accused of causing the crash.

Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of injury and death among people ages 1-65. Of those, accidents involving motorcycles are the most deadly. Riders should take every forethought to bypass potentially deadly road accidents. Essential behavior includes an imaginary cushion of space, taking a rider safety course, wearing protective gear, and group riding. Still, that may not be adequate.

Most Los Angeles, California motorcycle accident lawyers urge all motorcyclists to familiarize themselves with the main types of crashes, how they happen, and some important tips on how to avoid a motorcycle rider crash. When a motorcyclist wrecks as a direct consequence of a truck driver or passenger car driver’s behavior, but no physical touching or actual collision occurs between the motorcycle and the vehicle, proving that the crash was not the fault of the motorcycle rider becomes incredibly challenging.

Single-vehicle collisions with no contact, including a hit-and-run accident, can often leave the rider with no insurance coverage to pay for all their losses. If you were injured in a no-contact motorcycle accident resulting from driver negligence, you might be eligible to receive fair compensation. Ehline Law Firm has extensive experience dealing with motorcycle crashes and can help you hold the other driver liable for causing your injuries. Get in touch with a badass personal injury attorney for a free consultation to begin the litigation process as soon as possible.

Understanding a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident

A no-contact motorcycle crash occurs when the driver of a motor vehicle (the phantom driver) is careless or reckless and causes a motorcycle to collide with something other than that vehicle. This may include other vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, or trees. The most common cause of these collisions is a car driver failing to detect a nearby motorcycle rider.

In order to prevent an accident, a car may merge with a motorcycle if it is in his or her blind spot, forcing the rider to veer off the road in an attempt to avoid being crushed and colliding with something off-road. This is often an unintentional collision. Merges, lane changes, intersections, left-hand turns, and similar traffic conditions can all result in no-contact collisions.

Suppose you are wondering whether you are eligible to be compensated for your expenses after a no-contact accident has occurred. In that case, you can contact Ehline Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your unique case.

Driver Error Typically Causes No-Contact Accidents

No-contact collisions are typically caused by driver error. All drivers have a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care when traveling on public roads. Motorists may not pay much attention to the road to see nearby riders. Driver inattention can be caused by distractions such as talking to passengers and texting or talking to someone over the phone.

A careless driver in Los Angeles may also be intoxicated, speeding, or failing to yield the right-of-way. These reckless behaviors may result in unsafe actions that can have grave consequences for motorcyclists, forcing them off the road or causing them to crash into another vehicle. Performing an unsafe lane change, trying to cut off a motorcycle rider, exceeding the speed limit, running a red light, and trying to make an illegal pass are all acts that can cause a motorcycle to crash.

Negligence in No-Contact Accidents

Negligence occurs when a driver fails to take adequate precautions or fails to act with reasonable care. If a driver’s negligent actions cause harm to another person, the careless individual may be held accountable for the victim’s expenses. In legal terms, these expenses are known as “damages.” When a rational individual’s actions or omission to act reasonably cause harm to another individual or their possessions, this is known as negligence. An insurance company or jurors examine the facts surrounding the accident and all parties’ actions concerning the accident in order to determine whether a driver’s actions are considered negligent.

All motor vehicle drivers must have 360-degree awareness when driving a motor vehicle. Additionally, drivers have a fundamental responsibility to follow traffic laws and react appropriately to other vehicles on the road. They are always required to be cautious, observant, and use smart judgment when dealing with changing conditions.

What Damages Can an Injured Motorcyclist Claim in a No-contact Motorcycle Crash Claim?

Victims can claim special and general damages following a no-contact motorcycle accident. General damages refer to the financial losses that a victim suffered due to the accident.

These include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle repairs.

Special damages are the emotional and mental damages that a victim suffers because of an accident. If you need help calculating the compensation that you are entitled to following a no-contact accident, contact an experienced Ehline Law motorcycle accident lawyer near you.

Liability in No-contact Motorcycle Accidents

As a survivor of a no-contact motorcycle crash, your life can be forever changed. Finding and prosecuting the at-fault driver may give you the financial support necessary to rebuild your life. As per California’s tort-based insurance legislation, if the negligence of another motorist caused your no-contact accident, that driver may be responsible for paying your damages. The onus is on you or your lawyer to track down the phantom driver, file a personal injury claim with their insurance company, and negotiate a reasonable payout for your personal injuries and property losses.

Hit-and-Run No-contact Motorcycle Crashes

The at-fault driver may flee the site of a no-contact motorcycle accident without providing you with their contact information. This is often to avoid the legal ramifications of their actions, but in some cases, drivers may not realize that they have caused harm to a motorcyclist. Therefore, the at-fault driver becomes a phantom driver, causing a no-contact collision and fleeing the scene.

Phantom drivers are not held responsible for causing the no-contact crash in most no-contact cases. The police may not be able to conduct an investigation without any personal information, such as the name of the driver or a description of the vehicle. An investigator may determine who the reckless driver is if a witness had seen the car or witnessed the accident. The victim can file a personal injury claim with the driver’s insurance company in such cases.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Talk to your personal injury lawyer if you cannot find the phantom driver who caused your no-contact motorcycle crash. Your lawyer can help you track down the at-fault driver, and if this isn’t successful, your lawyer can explain the other options you have. You can check with your own auto insurance company to determine if you have sufficient coverage for no-contact accidents. Often, insurance companies cover your damages if you have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Your damages may also be covered by accident, comprehensive, or medical pay insurance coverage.

If your insurance company does not cover your damages, an attorney can look into the negligence of a third party for a dangerous highway. He or she may pursue as a third driver or the relevant traffic authority for unsafe road conditions.

What Victims Should Do After a No-contact Motorcycle Accident

Victims who were involved in an accident with his or her motorcycle can strengthen their case and improve their chances of receiving maximum compensation by following a few essential steps.

Contact the Police

If you have been involved in a no-contact crash, you first need to contact the police. A police report is an essential piece of evidence in personal injury claims and can help to prove that the other driver caused the accident. The police can also help you by obtaining the other driver’s contact information, which is useful, especially for victims who have been seriously injured in the accident.

Seek Medical Care

Typically, the police call emergency medical services before arriving at an accident scene. However, if this is not the case, you should seek immediate medical attention to treat any wounds or injuries you may have sustained in the no-contact crash. Seeing a medical professional for treatment of your injuries is essential because medical bills serve as proof of your injuries, forming a vital piece of evidence in personal injury cases.

Hire a Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer Immediately

The final important step following no-contact crashes is contacting a reliable attorney. You must do this as soon as possible, as it becomes a lot harder to track down witnesses who can help identify the other driver after weeks or months have passed. California motorcycle accident attorneys wish for you to feel safe and enjoy your motorcycling.  Knowing that all rod users and vehicle operators assume some risks, accident lawyers know that riders are particularly vulnerable.

Need a Reliable Motorcycle Lawyer?

At our vigilant, committed law firm, we understand that accidents where two vehicles collide aren’t the only type of accidents on U.S. roads. We are dedicated to achieving insurance claim settlement awards for our clients, even when the at-fault driver flees. When you lose control in an accident that was not your fault, we won’t hesitate to stand by your side and guide you through the litigation process. We can help ensure that liable parties are held responsible for reckless driving and unsafe road conditions.

Schedule a Free Consultation With No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you or your loved one has been injured in a Los Angeles motorcycle riding accident, it’s vital you contact an accomplished motorcycle attorney. Fortunately, you are authorized to receive the same excellent representation and opportunity to receive compensation as any other taxpayer sharing roads. You deserve to receive a full, fair, complete assessment of a single-vehicle accident case. Contact our local law office today to learn about justice and financial compensation at (213) 596-9642 or use our risk-free website contact form today

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