Sudden Stop Motorcycle Injuries

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Crash On Your Motorbike Due To A Sudden Stop?

One of our pet peeves over at Ehline Law is the rear-end collision. First off, an attentive rider with an excellent roadworthy bike should be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-ender/fender bender. If not, it sends the cyclist cartwheeling down the road.

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Second, a good cyclist should also be able to avoid being rear-ended in many cases. For example, only stay in the outer part of the lanes, and beware of traffic opposing the rider. Other times, providing your bike with a cushion of space can avoid "that guy."

Think about it, the car in front slamming on his brakes and veering right before he misses the freeway entrance; whammy, the motorist, hits the approaching rider.


A Very Common Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents - The Sudden Stop.

Sudden stop cases remain a very typical motorcycle accident fact pattern that, unfortunately, involves fatalities. Another example is the rear end strike by a passenger car, into the back of the motorcycle. Most of these accidents involve a rider getting cut off in the middle of traffic. Below, our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers will go into what a sudden stop entails for a rider exposed to the elements and equipped with little protection when compared to a motorcar.

Often, this happens if a car brakes quickly, such as when the motorcycle behind the car.  Mostly a vehicle will brake hard like this so that they can change lanes rapidly, and not miss a turn in or roadway ramp. So this leaves the oncoming biker colliding into the rear of the stopped or slow-moving car. Once that takes place, the rider goes into the air. Or the rider flips onto the pavement or into the car, smashing and crushing them with a devastating impact.

Flailing riders often nosedive, face-first into other vehicles. Brain injuries and loss of life are typically unavoidable, even at lower speeds. Other common ailments to riders are herniated discs, skull fractures, broken cheekbones. But the list does not end there. Snapped collar bones, busted jaws, knees, and arms are all part of the equation. So this remains serious business.

To add to the list of inconveniences, a cyclist remains more at risk for striking a broad range of physical obstructions as they cartwheel into the air. Once launched, a rider might land in the path of a nonfixed object, like another vehicle. So riders have to get it right 100% of the time, day in and day out.

Who Is Generally Liable For A Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accident?

In some countries, if you become struck from behind by another motorist, you can be held accountable. That is how it is down in Mexico. But fortunately, in California, if you're hit in the rear by another vehicle, rarely are you legally liable.

However, safe riding remains the key to a secure experience. So look behind you while stopped. Also, if necessary, accelerate off to the left or right to avoid being rear-ended.

Insurance companies and juries alike will want to analyze evidence of angle, damage, and impact. And this remains one of the easiest ways to show who hit you. And it helps understand the what, and where, as well as the severity of the jolt. And this is part of why post and pre-accident vehicle photos are so important in the preservation of evidence.

Contributory Negligence And Rear-End Accidents.

If you suddenly stopped and your brake lights were out, it's your fault unless you can sue for a motorcycle defect. Or let's say your lights worked fine. But then you decided to stop in moving traffic to grab something from a buddy. Or how about you pulled over to exchange a phone number with a hot girl.

But suddenly, after slowing, you're catapulted or spun out of control after being slammed in the rear. It turns out an inattentive car driver struck you. But since you should not have stopped, you could be comparatively at fault for the crash. After all, you could have pulled off to a safer location, and you elected not to do so.

These are all examples of where you could be wholly or partially negligent for your injuries. So in that case, damages are reduced based upon your degree of fault. In fact, you could be sued.

A Few Things Riders Can Do To Help Avoid A Sudden Stop Incident.

Being safe and sane should be a goal of all law-abiding riders. Below are a few tips for staying Safe While Traversing the Golden State.

  • The cushion of Space. This remains paramount. Pay close attention to approaching and departing vehicles. Use the space bubble from driver’s training and education. That way, you can give yourself reaction time. All vehicles, especially motorcycles, should use this as rule number one. Don’t get hit or clipped when you didn’t have to. Following a safe distance for the conditions gives time to ease the brakes. That way you can veer off the road, away from the traffic disaster, etc.
  • Allow for Size Contingencies. Be vigilant. Not all vehicles have the same weight or task. Big rigs and passenger cars, as well as a small truck, or SUV towing a boat, all have different characteristics. Your response time must be adjusted. Also, this allows for the chance of a trailer corralling you in a sudden turn. Also, beware that an object tied to the roof of a car could come loose and fly into your path. A rider must be like a Ninja. Develop that sixth sense to stay alive.
  • Always drive at a safe speed. Merely following the speed limit is not enough. If bad weather or some other hazard becomes an issue, the rider may have to drive slower. But other times a rider may have to accelerate beyond the speed limit to avoid an accident. But don’t try dangerous maneuvers.
  • Obey School Buses and School Zone Mandates. Always reduce speed in school zones and residential areas. Also, stop behind school buses when signaled or otherwise required to do so. Use common sense, if children are likely to be present. Always take it upon yourself to ease up on the accelerator.
  • Construction Zones. When nearing a freeway project, or construction area, even if there are no signs up, slow down and yield. Let heavy equipment, trucks, and workers do their jobs. Worry about what they did wrong later. Focus on staying alive and in one piece.
  • Make Yourself Noticeable. Don’t inadvertently cut off some other fellow traveler. Wear reflective and protected vests, pants, jackets, and boots. Ride with your headlights on. When all else fails, flash your headlights, turn on your emergency lights, tap your brake lights in frequency. All this is indicating, "hello, look at me."

Avoid Someone Else’s Wrongdoing.

A serious crash often leaves you with bills, jobless and on the verge of bankruptcy. When this happens, and you don’t know where to turn, the rider’s friend, Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys Los Angeles, can help. This law firm has an impressive record of results for the recovery of large monetary awards. Also, we have assisted numerous seriously injured riders who went down on motorcycles. Contact us for a free, no-obligation telephone interview. Let’s review your potential case. Call now at (213) 596-9642.