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[Page Updated 07/13/2022] Did someone you love die or get hurt using a jackhammer? When we think of construction accidents, many think falling from scaffolding, or electroction. But there are many more unique scenarios.

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The Many Causes and Concerns

Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Jackhammer Accidents in LA County
Add electrocution or explosion burn from a mechanical malfunction due to a design defect or flaw, and a wrongful death lawsuit, disfigurement, or severe traumatic brain injury is sure to follow the struck down victim. Litigation may be necessary to protect the accident victims. We may be able to get the catastrophic injury or fatal accident victim their fair share under California tort law.

It’s important to consult with a lawyer who offers a free case review before giving official statements. Read this article to discover your rights as a jackhammer injury victim. If you were harmed, don’t ignore what we say as you try and navigate your case by yourself. In the end, we will share some secrets about getting compensation and how to find a qualified lawyer.

Construction Site Injuries and Jackhammers

Whether the proper provisions weren’t made or defective equipment is at play, it’s not uncommon to hear that a construction accident has taken place. This can leave the victim(s) in terrible condition, undergoing immense pain and suffering, and potentially unable to work. Injuries like lacerations, sprains, burns, and more. You could be killed.

Such personal injury cases in Los Angeles, especially when they leave a construction worker with catastrophic injuries, must be handled effectively to ensure that insurance companies provide the maximum compensation possible. This is what tort lawyers call “justice.”

Construction Accident Attorney-Client Relationship

This is where you need a Los Angeles construction accident attorney on your side. Ehline Law Firm is veteran-run and has an incredible team of lawyers who are versed in a host of personal injury cases from settlements to verdicts. We represent accident victims in cases such as deadly warehouse forklifts, motorcycle accidents, other vehicular accidents, and most importantly to this topic, construction accident claims.

We offer a free consultation to any Los Angeles construction site accident victim who may have suffered from a jackhammer and other equipment accidents. You could be entitled to significant compensation from the contractor or other business like the machinery manufacturer.

Cost, Risk-Free Consultation With A Jackhammer Injury Lawyer

To schedule your comprehensive, cost-free case examination, contact us to discuss your case. Dial (833) LETS-SUE! We have a combination of methods to contact us, so feel free to use our convenient online contact us form as well.

Construction Site Injuries from a Jackhammer

Any personal injury attorney who has dealt with enough cases stemming from construction site injuries is well aware of the common injuries that injured workers need help to seek compensation for. Here are some of these that our legal team is all too familiar with from jackhammer incidents. Since failure is not an option, it’s best for you to hire our winning team today, especially to handle deaths, falls and other serious injuries caused by using a jackhammer.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Contrary to what some may believe, these brain injuries are not only the result of an impact. A traumatic brain injury can also occur if there is forceful vibration that causes the brain to rattle in the skull. Employees may end up with lifetime brain injuries from day-to-day jackhammering.

Given how a piece of heavy machinery such as a jackhammer works, this is certainly a concern, especially since the results can be devastating and potentially permanent for the surviving family. That’s not what they deserve.

Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome

This is arguably the most popular jackhammer-based injury and many construction workers deal with it because of the repetitive motion that the machine generates. Even with anti-vibration gloves, the level of vibrations can lead to bone, nerve, and muscle damage as time passes. In extreme cases, amputation may ensue. Workplace cases like this happen. When they do, you need the strength of our proven, charismatic attorneys by your side.

Hearing Damage and Loss

As is the case with other types of heavy equipment, jackhammers happen to be quite loud. Consider that to the person operating the unit, a rock concert may be quieter. Again, even with the right safety equipment present, medical conditions such as hearing damage and loss are still very possible. You will need money to deal with your doctor and hearing aids for your newfound deafness. And you will need money for future worsening of conditions too!

Material-specific Injuries

Unfortunately, Los Angeles construction workers don’t always know what they’re digging into. There could be an electric conduit, gas lines, water pipes, etc. Severe injuries can result from a work-related accident involving dangerous chemical exposure, flying debris, etc. as a result.

Other Potential Injuries from Construction Sites

A Los Angeles construction project typically involves more than a jackhammer, which means a mild to severe injury could come from any other piece of heavy equipment or even a lack of proper safety measures. Here’s a look at some of the common ones.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit is typically an injury claim filed by a loved one of a construction site worker who passed away from a catastrophic injury. The financial compensation we seek in this case can extend economically, as the worker who died may have been the breadwinner in the home.

Falling Objects

Construction sites are notorious for falling objects, which also often result in severe and permanent injuries. This is a huge occupational safety consideration and it’s our duty as Los Angeles construction accident lawyers to assist our injured clients to file and successfully gain just compensation from a personal injury claim.

Broken Bones

Dealing with heavy equipment and debris can also lead to a need for medical care for fractures and bone breakage. Of course, any such injury sustained on a construction site could lead to an inability to work.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries in the construction industry are not particularly uncommon. Unfortunately, the injured party could experience partial or full temporary or permanent paralysis.

Establishing Liability for Construction Workers’ Injuries

After we finish your free consultation, we may determine that legal action needs to be taken so the relevant party can be held liable.

Determining fault is one of the most essential matters to any Los Angeles construction accident attorney, as doing so establishes which party is meant to handle compensation and which insurance company negotiations should be with.

The at-fault party is not always the employer, though it may seem so in the vast majority of cases. Here’s a look at a few potential fault candidates.

The Employer

Sometimes the employer also happens to be the property owner. Regardless, however, the employer must ensure that the relevant safety precautions are taken. Should a personal injury be the result of negligence in doing so,

Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Sometimes, the blame for injuries on construction sites lies with a heavy equipment manufacturer. General contractors use this kind of equipment in all sorts of construction jobs, so it’s paramount that everything functions as intended.

Not only should the machines work as the accompanying documentation indicates, but the components that are used to build heavy equipment should always be shipped in good working order.

Experienced lawyers know how to handle defective equipment cases to ensure that the creators are held responsible for the injuries they may have caused.

OSHA Requirements and Construction Accidents

Whether you’re in Southern California or another location in Los Angeles, the chances are that the number of accidents happening is greater than you realize. More severe injuries mean higher medical bills and, of course, the possibilities of long-term disability and even death are great.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a series of guidelines to help prevent construction site injuries from occurring. Unfortunately, these are not always followed as they should be.

Provided that a violation of one or more of the compliance areas leads to a construction accident, a claim of negligence can be made by your Los Angeles construction accident lawyer.

Note that the presence or absence of workers’ compensation benefits plays a part too. Your construction accident attorney from Ehline Law Firm will fight on your behalf to secure fair compensation on your behalf.

Getting Medical Attention Is the First Priority After an Accident on a Construction Site

Regardless of what else you do after a construction accident, getting medical treatment should be one of the first things you pursue. Even if you don’t have an entitlement to any special medical benefits, doing so achieves two very important things.

First, there’s the matter of taking care of your physical wellbeing. Construction accidents can have terrible implications on your ability to move, work, or complete other tasks. Allowing a medical team to attend to your injuries increases the likelihood that your physical outcome will be the best one given the situation.

The second benefit has more to do with your construction accident personal injury claim. A part of the settlement being sought is compensation for the medical expenses you incurred. Whenever heavy equipment accidents occur, negotiating the medical portion of your settlement requires proof that you needed treatment and of the associated cost.

Seeking medical attention makes it that much easier for our law firm to acquire that information and use it to help build your case against the negligent party.

When to Call Your Construction Accident Lawyer

As a rule of thumb, your attorney-client relationship should be one of the primary things you leverage throughout the process of seeking compensation for lost wages, brain damage, or whatever other personal injury damages may be applicable.

Not only does this mean being honest with your attorney about any part you may have had to play, but more importantly, it means reaching out as soon as possible for support.

You can get your important legal questions answered and we can begin to evaluate your case and work on a potential action plan. Additionally, we can advise you on what not to do after construction accidents. For example, you never want to engage an insurance company before speaking with your personal injury attorney. Los Angeles insurance firms will put you at a greater risk of getting no compensation for your construction site injuries, though they pretend to be on your side.

What Else to Do After a Construction Accident

Beyond getting treatment and contacting your personal injury attorney, you also want to collate any information or evidence that could potentially help your case. Some of the most common types include pictures of the scene and equipment, the contact information of any relevant parties including witnesses, etc.

The more information present to indicate what led to a jackhammer and other equipment accidents, the better we can serve you by negotiating for the maximum compensation possible.

The Third-party Consideration

This is where the waters can get a little muddy in Los Angeles, CA construction site accidents. Depending on employers and the proactive steps that may have been taken, injured workers could potentially be covered by workers’ compensation under certain scenarios.

If such coverage is afforded to injured construction site workers, then any employee involved who benefits loses the ability to bring forward any kind of personal injury claim.

However, even with this coverage present, construction accidents that involve third parties follow a different rule and may still be open to personal injury claim filing.

We would advise you to reach out to our construction site accident lawyers for a proper evaluation of your situation, so you have a proper understanding of what your legal options are.

How a Construction Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Helps After You’ve Been Injured on the Job

We’ve reiterated several times that you should contact Ehline Law Firm at the earliest possible convenience to ensure that injury cases involving equipment accidents or other construction site incidents are handled professionally and thoroughly.

To this end, you may be wondering how exactly our expert lawyers help you to avoid a worst-case scenario where you get no compensation and potentially cannot do your job.

Here’s some of what we do:

  • Formulating an action plan based on experience, knowledge of personal injury law, and your unique circumstances

  • Doing the required research to gain relevant insights on the parameters of your accident, including the equipment involved, adherence to OSHA guidelines, etc.

  • Assisting you in getting medical care after you have been injured

  • Negotiating on your behalf to seek an applicable settlement for your injuries on the job.

  • Representing you in court if your challenging case happens to go to trial. But we are committed to winning ad have recovered millions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Don’t Have Serious Injuries After My Jackhammer Accident?

Sometimes, the extent of an injury following construction equipment accidents is not immediately visible. Furthermore, only a medical assessment can provide an accurate indication of your physical situation.

In any case, you may still be entitled to a financial settlement. Therefore, we advise you to speak with us for definitive information.

How Much Do I Have to Set Aside for My Construction Accident Lawyer?

We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. In other words, we don’t charge you a penny unless we win your case. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to pay for the work we do following your equipment accident.

Am I Required to Get a Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyer?

You don’t legally have to retain the services of a lawyer after a jackhammer accident. However, if you want the best chance of getting a fair settlement, it’s recommended that you reach out to us.

Allow an Expert Los Angeles Jackhammer Accident-Injury Lawyer to Fight for Maximum Compensation on Your Behalf!

Construction sites are great sights, as they are typically indicators of development and a source of employment for those who work on them. Unfortunately, a construction accident can occur at any time with the use of jackhammers or other forms of heavy equipment.

If you have been at the center of any such equipment accidents, there’s no reason you should have to suffer on your own. Failing to take advantage of a free consultation with Ehline Law Firm could result in you signing away your rights! Schedule a free case analysis with Ehline Law Firm today! We will not stand for another party’s negligence messing up your life with no repercussions. Contact us at (833) LETS-SUE!

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