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Electric Jaguar I-Pace Catches Fire! Ehline Law Can Help

Electric Batteries Kill?

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When you buy your brand new car, the last thing you expect is that one day it will spontaneously catch fire and be reduced to ashes before your very eyes.
Ultimate Guide to Understanding Electric Jag Car Fires

This is exactly what happened to Gonzalo Salazar in Florida. These days, most car manufacturers are beginning to venture into the electric vehicle business, and Jaguar is one of them. The new Jaguar I-Pace electric car has proved to be a big hit among US consumers.

This is all well and good and a step in the right direction regarding efforts to preserve the environment. However, the safety of the passengers has to be paramount. This means incidents of cars catching fire should not be allowed to happen.

If you have been involved in a similar situation where your car has been damaged or completely destroyed after catching fire, then Call Ehline Law at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation.

What Exactly Happened?

According to the report on this latest battery fire, Gonzalo Salazar reportedly parked his car in the garage after spending the day doing a few errands. The previous night he had plugged his car in before going to bed.

Salazar reported that he first noticed something wrong when he heard pops from the garage the following day. He decided to go see what was making the noise, and upon walking into the garage, he saw that it was full of smoke.

Acting quickly, he drove the car out of the garage and onto the street before calling Jaguar roadside assistance. The fire soon spread, and the car was engulfed in flames rapidly.

When he noticed that there were now flames rapidly developing underneath the car, he called 911 for help, and members of the fire department showed up and poured a special foam fire suppressant onto the vehicle.

When the fire department showed up at the scene, Gonzalo Salazar decided to keep a safe distance until the professionals had poured flame retardant foam on the car because there was now debris flying everywhere.

This Is Not the First Incident Involving Jaguar I-pace Electric Cars

There were other incidents involving a Jaguar I-Pace electric car, so what happened to Salazar is not an isolated one.

In one case, the Jaguar I-Pace caught fire in the Netherlands while parked in a driveway back in 2018. The same thing happened in Oregon, and yet another I-Pace, while charging, caught fire in Hungary last October.

This makes the latest incident the fourth such battery fire in which a Jaguar I-Pace caught fire while charging or parked in a driveway.

Can LG Pouch Battery Cells Be the Cause?

The recent rise in battery fires can be attributed to the use of LG battery cells as the main source of power. As with most electric vehicles, the Kona EV and Bolt EV from Hyundai and Chevy, and the Jaguar I-Pace electric car have LG pouch battery cells.

This is why Jaguar I-Pace manufacturers have begun looking deeper into battery fire risks recently.

Tips to Remember if Your Car Catches Fire

If your electric vehicle, such as the Bolt EV and Kona EV, uses LG battery cells like this, then keep the following tips in mind in the event of a battery fire:

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

Move everyone away from the electric vehicle to a safe distance in case there is debris flying everywhere from the battery fire.

Move the Vehicle to Safety if Possible

If you feel it is safe to do so, move the car to a safe place where the flames won’t spread to the rest of the house. Should you leave the garage door open? Yes, at a minimum, leave the garage door open to try to allow air flow.

Call 911 for Help

In previous cases, such as when Jaguar’s I-Pace caught fire and emergency personnel poured flame retardant foam on the vehicle, the owners were lucky they called 911 for help. If your car uses LG battery cells, you should always remember to call the fire department rather than fight a battery fire by yourself.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

LG battery cells, like the one on the Jaguar I-Pace involved in this latest battery fire, may have certain implications regarding your insurance policy. Therefore, you should call your insurer as soon as possible.

Call a Good Lawyer

With so many Jaguar I-Pace electric cars being recalled for battery fire risks, recently, now would be a good time to call an experienced lawyer to evaluate your options.

Ehline Law Firm Can Help

We are here to represent all-electric vehicle owners who have faced problems with their cars catching fire through no fault of their own. We offer:

  • Legal Advice

  • Help to get compensation for property damage

  • Assistance in suing the car manufacturer

  • Medical and lost wage benefits if required

Visit Ehline Law Firm Today

If you own a Jaguar I-Pace or any other electric vehicle for that matter, then we are speaking directly to you. Ehline Law is here to help fight for your rights if you ever find yourself in similar circumstances to those of I-Pace owner Gonzalo Salazar. Call our law offices today for a free consultation at (833) LETS-SUE.

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