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    A Car in Griffith Park Tumbles Down a Cliff

A Car in Griffith Park Tumbles Down a Cliff

Griffith Park Car Crash

Griffith Park Accident lawyer, M. Ehline. A Car in Griffith Park Tumbles Down a Cliff
Image of the park ground where you could be injured.

Very tragic news has come from Southern California park rangers surrounding an accident that has taken place at Griffith Park Wednesday morning, April 13, 2022, necessitating an extensive rescue operation. The news is about a tragedy at Griffith Park, where a car fell off a cliff. According to the Los Angeles fire department and park rangers, the vehicle plunged 300 feet off the side of a cliff and fell its side at Griffith Park in Southern California. The morning of Wednesday was the initial report that the car crashed several hundred feet off in Griffith Park.

Details Surrounding the Crash

These details come partly from the Los Angeles Fire Department rescue operation after an auto rolled down a cliff in Griffith Park. The sources have confirmed that the crash took place on Wednesday at 7:13 am. The particular area where the car plunged off the side of a cliff, Griffith Park, was near West Observatory Drive at the 2800 block. According to the investigation team of park rangers and others, the car plunged deep. To be precise, it fell 300 feet below the cliff into the canyon. The Fire Department has confirmed the report from their end.

Old Woman Found at the Site of the Crash

The Fire Department reportedly carried out the rescue operation at the site and removed one old woman from the crash site. The operatives at the Fire Department confirmed that the old woman had been taken to the nearest hospital in an emergency. The sources are familiar with the rescue operation claim that it was a 68-year-old woman who was hoisted through a rescue helicopter by the Fire Department and was alert and talking at least.

For now, it cannot be said as to how many passengers were inside when the car fell off the cliff in Griffith Park. So far, details of the driver being a 68-year-old woman have been shared by the firefighters who went for the car rescue operation.

The firefighters who went down the cliff in Griffith Park for the rescue mission told the local news channels that they were still searching around. They were trying to find out if there were more passengers in the car when the car fell off the cliff in Griffith Park. They are searching in all the nearest locations and going deeper into the canyon to find traces of other passengers in the car. They revealed that the old man was passed out when they found the car.

They confirmed that the old lady was seemingly in a very critical condition. Therefore, they wasted no time and hoisted her to safety and for intensive care to see if her life could be saved. The Firefighters also found a 16-year-old Girl. During the rescue mission, the firefighters were also able to rescue a teenage girl from the site of the crash where the car fell off a cliff in Griffith Park. They recovered the 16-year-old girl in a very active condition. When rescued, the girl was talking, and she was active.

More Information Surrounding the Crash is Underway

The officials have revealed that they are currently trying to get to the bottom of the case. The search operation is still ongoing, and they do not have the exact details of what could have led to the accident.

They are making sure that the girl is entirely normal and out of the trauma before they ask her about the incident. They will try the girl to see if she can tell them precisely what led to the accident.

There is currently no update from the hospital about the older woman. With more investigation, the teams hope to find more information and details surrounding the crash.

Details about Griffith Park

Griffith Park is found very close to the mountain area of Santa Monica. The mountain area is considered to be neighboring the city of LA, California, near West Observatory Drive. It is known for being a Southern California municipal park comparably larger than many parks. The place car fell off a cliff in Griffith Park is spread out over thousands of acres, making it one of the largest parks in the entire North American region. On an annual basis, more than 10 million visitors/tourists visit the urban Park to witness its beauty.

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