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How Long Should I Go to Physical Therapy After a Car Accident?

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Factors Affecting the Physical Therapy Process

Three factors directly impact how long a physical therapy process should last, and they are as follows:

  1. Type of injury
  2. The severity of the accident
  3. Any prior injuries

Minor injuries from car accidents are usually treated at home to manage pain symptoms.

However, a serious car accident injury can require physical therapy as part of the recovery process.

A car accident victim would want to know how long their physical therapy treatments will last in such situations.

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Type of Injury

The type of injury a car accident victim has directly affected the time needed for physical therapy during the recovery process. A whiplash injury stretches the muscles beyond their normal range when force jolts the neck and head violently forward and backward. It can even affect the spinal column or lead to disc injuries.

Depending on the type of injury, it can take up to a few months of physical therapy to restore normal functionality. Soft tissue injuries can take up to 8 weeks to recover from, but you would need a longer therapy time to recover from any major injuries.

The severity of the Accident

Although minor injuries may not seem like a concern, a car accident victim should visit professional doctors for an examination to see if there might be any hidden injuries. More serious accidents can deliver long-term injuries that require special medical attention. In cases of broken bones, a dislocated knee, or any other serious injury, the recovery time can stretch out over months.

Your doctor should be better able to assess your physical and internal conditions to determine the time required in therapy sessions.

Any Prior Injuries

Any previous injury like scar tissue, may affect the healing time needed for new injuries, especially if the recent injury is in the same area. Car accident victims would have to undergo physical therapy and any treatment for previous injuries to aid in quicker healing and recovery.

If your physical therapy has already started, a physical therapist will frequently assess your injuries and the healing process to determine when to stop the therapy.

How Physical Therapy Helps with Car Accident Injuries

Aids in the Recovery Process

Injuries that affect the range of motion or cause pain in your daily activities require physical therapy to help return body functionality back to normal. Such types of auto accident injuries can prolong the recovery period if the car accident victim does not undergo physical therapy as part of the healing process.

Helps Alleviate Pain

Developing your muscles and getting your strength back is important to gain movement, and lack of exercise can cause stiffness and more pain. Physical therapy is the support accident victims need to quickly get back to their everyday lives and manage chronic pain effectively.

Prevent Future Injuries

A recommended exercise routine by a physical therapist will not only heal your current accident injuries but also help strengthen the body to avoid any future injuries.

Prevent Surgeries

Undergoing surgery to fix a serious injury can prolong recovery times and take a toll on the body. Doctors often prescribe physical therapy to patients to help them recover naturally by strengthening their muscles and tendons.

A physical therapist will know when to stop physical therapy after a quick examination. This would require them to revisit prior medical tests, examine current medical reports, and assess any chances of re-injury.

Some injuries may require time to heal, but if the therapist feels that you can conduct those exercises at home, they will send you home while reducing the frequency of visits accordingly.

Pain and normal body functionality are the two main indicators a therapist will use to help determine when it is time to stop physical therapy. In cases where there might be a slight decrease in motion, the therapy can end if the victim has reached the treatment goals set by the therapist before the therapy.

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