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How Many People Die in Car Accidents in Los Angeles?

One would imagine that the current pandemic would reduce the number of people on the road essentially eliminating traffic accidents. However, it’s surprising to know that the rate of people injured or killed on the LA streets remains the same while the number of car crashes has fallen.

Although there was a decrease in the number of car accidents across LA by 70% since 2019 due to the pandemic, this percentage did not translate on the roads of LA where the number of people died only dipped by a small 3%.

Such discrepancy points to the severe traffic violence going on in Los Angeles daily, a huge challenge for the government to tackle to save lives.

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  • Traffic Deaths in LA
  • The Speeding Pandemic Root Cause for Traffic Fatalities
  • Los Angeles Traffic Accidents Statistics
  • Los Angeles Traffic Accident Statistics on the Rise
  • What Is Being Done to Prevent Traffic Fatalities in the City?

Traffic Deaths in LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti, a huge supporter of the international safety program, stated that by redesigning roads to reduce speed and ensure safety, the city can look at eliminating fatal crashes by 2025. As ambitious as the program sounds, the reality of no deadly crashes is quite different.

Recent statistics suggest that the number of vehicles on the road has seen a decline, but the number of deaths has not changed. Dangerous driving by Los Angeles drivers is one of the main reasons for such a disparity.

The Speeding Pandemic Root Cause for Traffic Fatalities

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has stated that the city has made huge investments in public infrastructure to reduce traffic violence, however, this has only led to an increase in overspeeding causing fatal car accidents.

The Los Angeles Police Department connects the unchanged number of traffic deaths with more opportunities to speed. Vulnerable road users are the ones who become victims throughout Los Angeles County.

Since the pandemic, many have either stayed at home or resorted to more bicycling, which has led to reduced traffic on the roads. Such situations have created conditions for fewer car crashes but most of these were fatal car crashes.

Los Angeles Traffic Accidents Statistics

Although there was a dip of 3% in fatal traffic accidents across LA, the figures are on the rise for some communities in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles spreads across four geographic zones, the West, the South, the Valley, and Central LA.

Car accident fatalities may have fallen in one zone but risen in another.

Here are some key statistics to help understand the gravity of the situation:

  • Pedestrian deaths were reduced by 12% overall, however, some of the neighborhoods in LA experienced an increase in the number of pedestrians killed by drivers crossing traffic lanes.
  • The number of motorcycle accident deaths increased by 45%.
  • There was no change in the number of motor vehicle occupant deaths.
  • Fewer people died due to traffic collisions in the West and Valley divisions of LA compared to last year but there was an increase in traffic fatalities in the South and the Central areas by 27% and 17% respectively.

Initially, it made sense to blame traffic safety for the hike in the number of cases, however, upon further studies, it was found that racial equity played a huge role.

Los Angeles Traffic Accident Statistics on the Rise

By May 2021, 94 people died in fatal accidents across LA, which is almost 50% more than the number reported in the same period last year. That is nearly one life lost to a car crash every 27 hours. If such a rate continues to rise, the pandemic would be the least of the city’s worries.

The LAPD enacted new policies in 2021 whereby the police will only visit fatal crash sites for reporting purposes while minor collisions must get reported by drivers on their online portal.

This process has led many to believe that the vehicle accident statistics are heavily underreported, a grim reality for the city.

What Is Being Done to Prevent Traffic Fatalities in the City?

The LA Department of Transportation and other departments are trying their best to reduce the traffic violence in the city by taking up the right measures and introducing newer safety policies.

However, critics argue that the tools and resources provided are not enough to deliver a substantial change in neighborhoods facing generational underinvestment and poor transportation planning decisions.

The relevant bodies have made upgrades on crosswalks and traffic signals, introduced speed feedback signs, underwent lane reconfigurations, and other safety measures to curb speeding and reckless driving.

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